The Best Product to Kill Bed Bugs- Top 3 Products

Bed bugs are a nightmare. A vermin infestation of bed bugs can cause you sleepless nights. Bed bugs suck blood so expect to have sore and itchy bite marks come morning. Bed bugs invade your space and your body and are the ultimate pest. They multiply fast and can be hard to find and eradicate. It is crucial to get your hands on the best product to kill bed bugs so you can regain your sanity and control. Don’t let bed bugs rule your life and do the necessary measures so you can be sleeping on cloud nine once again.

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The best product to kill bed bugs–bed bug control – how to get rid of bed bugs

Reduce Clutter

Best Product to Kill Bed Bugs

Remove all items in a room such as stuff animals, blankets and electronics. Be careful since these items may be infested with bugs as well so when you transfer them to another area, enclose them in plastic.

Dismantle Bed Frames

It is crucial to pull apart bed frames in affected areas to expose where bugs are hiding. You should have easy access to their nests when cleaning. Put the box spring in an upright position and examine it with a flashlight through the gauze fabric. Search for the bugs. Torn fabric suggest hiding places, and you must remove the fabric and prepare it for spraying. You may consider covering your mattress with an encasement later on if they have been infested with bed bugs. Encasements stop bed bugs from entering or exiting. With these encasements, your mattresses will be protected.

Remove Dresser Drawers

Remove drawers from desks and closets since bed bugs love to hide in these dark areas. Turn furniture upside down and clean all possible hiding spots. Remove furniture from the walls.

Clean the Area

Best Product to Kill Bed Bugs

Brush infected areas thoroughly with a firm brush to remove eggs. The room should be thoroughly vacuumed. Use the vacuum hose and run it through cracks and crevices on furniture as well as the walls’ baseboards. Vacuum through every detail in the room including furniture, carpets, bed seams and floors.

A good vacuum is necessary to remove any particle blocking cracks and holes to allow better insecticide penetration. Bed bugs have strong claws that allow them to cling to surfaces so you should vacuum in such a way that you are scraping the infested areas to remove the bed bugs. Do no use a bristle attachment because it may cause you to transfer the bed bugs to other areas since they will be sticking to the brush. Vacuum cleaner bags should be disposed of outside in a sealed bag.

Caulk and Seal

Holes should be sealed with caulk and sealant to reduce areas where bed bugs may enter or use as nesting spots. Seal the holes where pipe and wires run through the walls and block the cracks of baseboards and mouldings.

The best product to kill bed bugs–bed bug inspection checklist

The Mattress and Box Spring

Check the mattress, especially at the seams and tuft in the ends. Turn the mattress over and inspect the bottom part thoroughly. Pay attention to telltale tears on the fabric. View the fabric from the bottom and shine a flashlight on it. Make sure that bed bugs have not gotten inside the interior of the springs.

Bed Frame and Head and Foot Boards

Dismantle the mattress and box frame from the bed frame and observe the area with a flashlight. Check potential hiding places on the bedframe. It is crucial to note that bed bugs are tiny and can slip through very tiny cracks.

Other Furniture

Remove all drawers and cushions from furniture in the infected area. Carefully check seams and crevices using a flashlight. Be thorough in your inspection and take your time. Bed bugs are commonly found in cracks in an infested room

Walls and Carpet

Inspect the walls by removing electrical switches and wall hangings. Check possible areas, such as baseboards. Use a flashlight to inspect cracks and seams in the plaster on the wallpaper.

Electronics and Other Appliances

Electronics and appliances are also perfect hiding spots for bed bugs. Closely check them with a flashlight and use a magnifier. Check the interior of these gadgets if possible. Put these items in a sealed bag if there is an infestation.

Additional Bed Bug Inspection Notes

When bed bugs are crushed, they leave behind remnants of fecal blood spots that look like rust on mattress and pillowcases. Seeing these marks is a sure sign of infestation. Bed bugs love cracks and crevices during the day. They are nocturnal and feed at night, usually while the host is asleep.

Bed bugs have the ability to flatten their bodies so they can slip through tiny crevices in the areas around the bed. They are found in the usual hiding spots that are close to a blood source. Even though it is more convenient to be close to their blood meal, they can travel several feet to get to their host.

At first, infestations may happen in the bed area, but the bed bugs will eventually infiltrate an entire room making their nests in crevices. Eventually, they will spread to nearby rooms and apartments.

The best product to kill bed bugs–six facts you didn’t know about bed bugs

Bed bugs can live anywhere

Bed bugs aren’t just hotel dwellers they can live anywhere. They can be in apartments, hospitals, dorm rooms and anywhere you can think of. Where there are humans, bed bugs will follow.

According to statistics, eighty-nine per cent of pest professionals treat bed bug infestations in family homes, while eighty-eight per cent treat apartments and condos. Public areas such as hotels and motels also get treated. Transportation systems, laundry facilities, and movie theatres also get treated but at a smaller percentage.

Bed bugs aren’t just city dwellers

Bed bugs don choose a location. They are found all over in the US. However, there is a higher incidence of bed bugs in urban areas than in rural areas due to the higher population, living conditions and better mobility which are contributing factors to the spread of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are hardy

Best Product to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can live for months without a host or blood meal. They can stay embedded in furniture, bags and suitcases for weeks and months until an unfortunate human comes along. Bed bugs can also survive extremes of temperatures and can withstand the cold of up to 122 degrees. Bed bugs, as a result, are beyond the scope of DIY measures. The only surefire way to eradicate them is through professional pest services.

Bed bugs are smart

Bed bugs have great survival instincts. They are elusive. They can stay out of view during the daytime and can hide in places from mattress cervices to baseboards. At night time, however, the carbon dioxide exhaled by humans lures them out of their hiding spots, and they crawl out to feed.

Bed bugs are methodical

You can predict a bed bug’s feeding pattern. Once they have found the perfect host, they will often feed for five to ten minutes until they are engorged. The pattern of their feeding resembles the breakfast, lunch and dinner of humans. However, you know you’ve been made a meal of due to the tell-tale signs of clusters of exposed skin on the chest arms and legs.

Bed bugs apply anesthesia

Best Product to Kill Bed Bugs

It is a cause of wonder why bed bugs feeding don’t wake up humans. The reason behind this is bed bugs’ bites are painless. The enzyme in bed bug saliva function like an anesthetic and promote increased blood flow to the area of the bite. The feeding process is thus quick and painless.

After they have fully satisfied their appetite, they will come out of their hiding spot and stay there for up to ten days. In this period, they will not feed but instead digest their food, mate and lay eggs.

If a bed bug infestation occurs in your home, don’t try to eradicate it by yourself. Get professional help who is trained to know the habits of bed bugs. They will survey your home and recommend effective solutions.

Top 3 Best product to kill bed bugs

Our Top Pick


Product Name: Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Spray

Product Description: Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Spray best product to kill bed bugs is the brand many professional exterminators rely on. It is safe, water-soluble and has a non-staining formula making it safe for all surfaces and types of fabric. The formulation is specially made for pesticide-resistant bed bugs that are unscathed by other formulations. It may be difficult to find this product in your local store or over the counter, so purchasing it online may be your only option. Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Spray the best product to kill bed bugs is natural and has been know to work as well as easy to use, so it is easily a top pick.

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The aerosol formulation of Bedlam plus gives dual bed bugs killing action. This best product to kill bed bugs kills on contact even the most stubborn pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs. It has the dual-mode of instant kill and residual protection, which allows its killing formula to stay two weeks after application.


  • Kills bugs in contact
  • Kills the adult bed bugs as well as their eggs
  • The odour is tolerable compared to other brands
  • Can protect sprayed areas for up to two weeks


  • Can irritate the skin on contact

Runners Up

FenvaStar EcoCap

FenvaStar EcoCap

The main ingredient of this best product to kill bed bugs is Esfenvalerate. It is a synthetic human-made insecticide. It doesn’t give quick kills but instead uses microencapsulation which delivers lethal doses to the bug.

You will need to utilize a pump sprayer to apply the chemical to the hiding places of bugs in your home.


Can be used indoors, including areas where food is prepared. Can be used outdoors near turf and ornamental as well as housing for livestock and poultry.


  • Uses a unique microencapsulation technology to kill bed bugs
  • Has a protective effect that continually kills bugs and their eggs
  • Affordable price


  • Does not immediately kill bed bugs upon contact


Proof Bed Bug Spray

Proof Bed Bug Spray

Proof Bed Bug Spray Best product to kill bed bugs has a formulation of about five per cent neem oil. Neem is a natural pesticide harvested from the seeds of the neem tree. Natural is something that shouldn’t fool you in this case because this is a potent formula that knocks down bed bugs for sure.

Also, if you happen to inhale or ingest this bug spray, it can still harm you. You can spray this bug spray anywhere in your home, and it can protect areas for up to a week. Many users have claimed that it helps them eradicate their bed bug problems.

Although this product is environmentally friendly. It is still crucial to wear a fumigation mask when spraying it. Open your windows and doors to promote air circulation.


This Best product to kill bed bugs targets and attacks bed bugs and dust mites micropore using a non-toxic mode of action. Neem oil is a power ingredient that has been lab-tested to knock out bed bugs and other insect pests. It is safe and effective and can be used on surfaces such as mattresses, curtains, carpets, furniture, and more. It offers two weeks of protection and continued killing action that eliminates bed bugs and their nests.


  • Entirely organic insecticide
  • Can be used with furniture and other belongings
  • Easy to use


  • Fumes are noxious
  • Constant reapplication is needed to be effective


Final Thoughts

Bed bugs are a terrible pest that invades your home and can even be a potential health risk. They feed on human blood and leave a trail of bite marks and itchy skin. Getting a good night’s sleep is impossible when the bed bugs are underneath your pillow, getting ready to leap up at you at the first sign you have fallen asleep. They attack when you least expect. Getting rid of bed bugs infestation is expensive and require professionals’ services. However, in case help is not yet available, you can depend on the best product to kill bed bugs to eliminate a huge number. Get a good night’s rest for now until the superhero pest control services arrive.