How To Use Bed Bug Bombs: A Friendly Guide for Pest Control

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Bed Bug Blues

This is how to use bed bug bombs, a short introductory guide for everyone who may need it!

As we try to relax after having a stressful day, you try to recharge our body with sleep and sometimes play a little something that helps us feel relaxed. But the universe does not seem to want us to rest and we wake up with rashes all over our skin, not knowing where it came from.  These rashes can be so itchy that it annoys us to death, so instead of feeling like we are in the clouds feeling heaven, it feels irritating.

We try to check your lotion, if we are allergic to it, or maybe blame the mosquitos and even buy one of those mosquito killers. But the itch still happens. We try to look for reasons and would think that the fleas caused this since they look like round and red like flea bites and can’t help but notice that it only happens when we’re asleep and find these red ones on uncovered skin. These may be caused by bed bugs.

Bed bugs are like unseen forces that pester you. They even disturb your peaceful sleep after a long day. As you close your eyes and try to relax, you wake up feeling itchy and reddish all over, wondering what you have done wrong to be punished for just relaxing. You would chant “Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite,” but still wake up with itchy skin still looking for the reason why this unfortunate thing is happening.

Bed Bug Bites: What Are They?

Eventually, you try to look for solutions or treatments to get rid of these critters and be safe from more itchy feeling. It is annoying and would sometimes result in wounds and rashes because you can’t stop scratching. You’re not sure where they come from and why they keep on bothering you.

These small brownish round bugs live on human and animal blood. Their lifeline is our blood, so they try to bite suck our blood, leaving us with red spots that are itchy. They are small and may grow up to the size of an apple seed. After dinnertime, they swell and bloat like us when having a feast. Unlike mosquitos, they don’t fly, so you won’t hear buzzing around your face. They do however move quickly and would live in our beds. Hence the name bed bugs.

They are great on hitchhiking on our clothes and other things we own. They spread easily because of this, as they are transferred from our things to other places. They sure do love travelling, even on long-distance, just to look for something to suck on. Bed bugs are great at disguising since we often identify then as other insects like fleas. They move around unnoticed, making it difficult to identify and find the correct solution to their pestering.

Bed Bug Needs –

These small ones need to eat regularly that is why they feed on us and other warm-blooded animals like poultry and our fur babies. They look brown, round and flat when they are hungry and turn swollen and red after eating. They can be identified easily when they are adults and may reside on our mattresses and headboards, giving them easy access to our body, their food supply. After feeding for about 3 to 10 minutes they crawl away unnoticed until you feel itchy and think that you have been bitten. Their bites are not necessarily painful at first, but you can feel itchy welts later.

Needs Post-Symptoms

These bed bugs can be eradicated. We just have to identify them first in order to make sure that we are dealing with these small things. Some of the signs of bed bugs infestation are the following:

  1. Red/blood stains – these stains could be from your blood or bites or from dead bed bugs that are squished.
  2. Black spots – sometimes, these are the discharges of these bed bugs. Or the skin that was shed by nymphs (baby bed bugs).
  3. You can also find the eggshells of bed bug families
  4. And of course, if you see these bed bugs. They don’t have a nest, but they live in groups.

After we identify them, then we can start looking on remedies on how to say goodbye to bed bugs.

Bed Bug Bye

There are a lot of do-it-yourself home remedies that we can search on the internet. You can suck them through your vacuum, steam or wash your beddings, spray them with alcohol and other cheap DIY’s to get rid of them. We can call a professional exterminator but it could be expensive, so we opt for cheaper options that will give us satisfying results. There are tools and insecticides available to use. One of them is the bed bug bombs or also known as insecticide foggers.

Bed bug bombs are one of the cheap DIY treatment to fend of bed bugs. They look like aerosol canisters. When you purchase one, make sure to read the label and warnings before use. Prepare your protective equipment if needed and read and understand the directions carefully. Here are the steps on how to use these bed bug bombs and to start your own DIY insect fogging at home:

  1. To start it off, identify the “hot spots” in your home. This where the bed bugs are.
  2. Remove plugged appliances, these things are highly flammable and there are potential dangers when you use it.
  3. Clean up the room,  remove the clutter to make sure that the insecticide reaches the areas where the bed bugs are.
  4. Read the labels. Not all foggers are for bed bugs so make sure that you purchase the one that will be p3rfect for your situation.
  5. There are pesticides designed to emit a fog-like mist or spray and would usually come with the fog spray or bomb itself.
  6. Choose an appropriate location on where to start the fogging. Leave the canister or bomb in the room. These are flammable so be careful.
  7. Activate the canister. It will be spreading a mist-like fog. Since it will spread like a fog, it will cover a wide area of space.
  8. Wait for the appropriate time before entering the room. Read the label as to the time you should wait before entering. It may let you wait for two hours or even more, depending on the directions
  9. Air out the room after and clean it.

These bugs haves its way to hide and escape from your wrath. They may jump from your house to another or may come back to pester you more. They may play hide and seek with you and come out even after the treatment that you have done. That is why you really need to clean up space as they may be hiding. The insecticide needs to cone contact with the bed bugs, otherwise, they may come back for you when you are relaxing. To really get rid of them, you have to kill them all, otherwise, they will just reproduce more.

Next Steps

Take note that everything in the room will be covered in pesticide. That is one of the reasons why you have to prepare and let everyone, including our pets out of the house. Clean them after so that it will not be toxic to you and your family. Cover plugs and appliances, to ensure that there will be no electrocution happening since everything will be covered with the pesticide

Wear protective gear when dealing with this. These pesticides are highly flammable. Use the appropriate amount of bombs and pesticides for your space.  They may cause an explosion. Take note, that it is a bed bug BOMB. If you put and use too much, you might have literally installed a bomb in your house. There are a lot of accidents reported because of the use of bed bug bombs, so be careful in using it.

These bed bug bombs are equipped with pesticides formulated to kill bed bugs. Not every pesticide in the market can kill bed bugs, what nay work on cockroaches may not work on bed bugs. If you don’t purchase the right one, that is a win on them.

Bed bug bombs can cover the house in minutes, that is what makes it convenient to house owners and opting for bed bug bombs But they don’t really work like magic. Bed bugs don’t really leave or die in a snap especially if you don’t prepare properly or use the bombs properly. Have a routine on checking and clearing your house from bed bugs. It is not that simple to get rid of the bugs in an instant especially since these small ones are hiding. You can use the strongest pesticide to kill them but it will be ineffective if you don’t prepare and use them properly. It will also be ineffective if the bed bugs lay eggs on cracks as the pesticide may not reach those small areas.

The use of these bed bug bombs can be harmful when not handled properly. There are several reports of people encountering accidents such as burns from using bed bug bombs. But you can prevent that by:

  1. Getting out of the room when you activate the canister. Let your family go outside when the treatment is ongoing.
  2. Cover plugs and appliances.
  3. Do not lit the room as there is still insecticide around the room.
  4. Warn others not to go inside the room while treatment is going on.
  5. Do not use too much of the insecticide.

Bed bugs are not safe for our babies and pets, so be careful in using them. When inhaled, you may experience coughing, shortness of breath, irritation, nausea and burning sensation in your eyes. Make sure to protect yourself.

Some say that bed bugs have grown immune to insecticides. It is also highly unlikely that they kill the eggs of bed bugs.

If you are unable to purchase bed bug bombs, there are other alternatives to try. Of course, there will still be factors that may affect the effectivity of this treatment. There are other options to try if can’t use bed bug bombs such as:

  1. You can try vacuuming and steaming. They die from the heat so suck those bugs out or steam them.
  2. Wash your clothes, beddings, curtains and other things where the bed bugs may be in warm water to kill them using heat.
  3. There are available bed bug sprays. Identify where they are staying and spray them. For example, your mattress. You need to spray it repeatedly for it to work.
  4. There are essentials oils available to make them leave your home. Lavenders can make them feel nauseous, therefore leave, peppermint has the same effect as lavenders, bean leaves can act as a trap and other more essential oils.
  5. Call a professional exterminator. They can assess the situation and use what is best for your home. Although they are a little be more expensive than DIY treatments and remedies, they can help you with your problem.

To ensure the effectivity of methods in trying to get rid of bed bugs, you can try multiple remedies to get rid of them. You can then to say goodbye to bed bugs. It is not just a one-time thing. You have to repeat your home treatments to make sure that the bed bugs won’t bother you.

Final Word

Everyone wants the easiest solutions to their problems. No one wants to use a lot of money just to get rid of troubles. That is where bed bug bombs come in.

They are cheap and are convenient to use but when you don’t follow the directions properly, it will be a waste of time, money and effort. Some may say that is an ineffective way to get rid of bed bugs, but there is no harm in trying. As long as you use insecticides with caution.

Read the directions properly, before using the bed bug bombs. Keep them out of reach of children and it is better to call a professional if you can. But if you are unable to call one, make sure that when you use these kinds of chemicals, you use a piece of protective equipment. Good night, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.