Do Sticky Mouse Traps Work: A Little Understanding in Pest Control

So, do sticky mouse traps work? It’s time to put the question from theory down the facts.

In the hit American cartoon show Tom and Jerry, Tom the cat would look for ways just to catch Jerry the mouse. This kitty would even resort to doing the craziest things just to catch Jerry. Some of these are, creating baits, using snap traps, luring mice with cheese and Tom even makes his own trap. Tom, just like any other family would do anything just to get rid of this mess. Homeowners would type question such as “How to get rid of mouse”, “cheap ways to remove rats”, “home remedies for rats” on the internet just to look for answers.

These pests are one of the most troublesome worries in the house. Families would try a lot of products just to get rid of these problems. Rodents such as mice and rats are just some of these infestations that would destroy some of our household items. You would often hear squeaking noises and wonder why the internet is slow, only to find your wires chewed. Not only that, but you also have to share the food you’ve stored in your pantry to these little screechy things because if you don’t, be ready for infestation.

They don’t just enter and invade our homes; these may destroy some of our belongings. The pests may gnaw on papers and you never know, Jerry the mouse might be eating your homework when you’re fast asleep, he might even call his friends for a feast in your pantry. He may even start a family in your home and even create his own community and chooses your home as their supply store and they are not even paying you.

The Problem Solution

Of course, you would love to look for solutions to get rid of these pests without spending a huge amount of money. There are a lot of cheap options for you to try out. Brands would advertise fast answers without the trouble in dealing with these squeaky squeaks. One of them is the sticky mouse trap. But the question is, do these stuff work or are you just wasting time, effort and money?

Less Cost, Less Effort?

Do sticky mouse traps work? Again that begs the question.

The moment people find out that their house has been infested by rats; they would usually run by the store and look for the cheapest product to get rid of these rodents. There are a lot of types in the market; some of these are the snap trap, which is the most common one and the sticky mouse trap or glue board. As advertised, sticky mouse traps offer a no effort type of getting rid of rats, and who wants to be stressed with choosing and deciding on what bait you should use and with setting up traps and making sure you won’t get snapped. The stick board offers you a stress-free rodent trap. Is it too good to be true? A product that ensures an effortless way to shoo rats and mice away?

Less Effort, Less Stress

Sticky mouse boards are also easy to find. They are available in groceries and even online. These are equipped with an adhesive that rats stick to and eventually die. The devices have strong adhesives that make sure your rodent does not escape. You can put it on common places around the house so that when a rat runs, it gets caught up. Unlike rat poisons, they are not toxic so they are safer to use.

The rats stick to these boards and die eventually. They can either die of a heart attack because they panicked, or they get suffocated because their nose got stuck so there is no way for them to breathe, they could get hypothermia from not moving their body around so there is no body heat and they could even break their necks and other bones just from trying to escape. When they get stuck onto this sticky situation, it would be hard for them to escape, run and eat your secret stash so they could also starve to death.

Proof of Cost-Effectiveness

Usually, these sticky mouse traps are cheap so they are one of the commonly used traps. Because, who wants to spend a lot of money when you can just solve your problem for an inexpensive mouse trap that can guarantee that rats don’t get into your food storage. Snap traps also require skill and your finger might get caught up in the trap and we don’t want that, we just want gain, not pain. That’s where sticky mouse boards come in, just peel it off and let the rodents come in.

Snap traps give you a fast and instant kill. This kind of trap may or may not use bait. As the rodent takes the bait, they trigger the trap and it snaps the rat as they pass by. They are positioned across the wall. They are also reusable and is good to reduce the rodent population. Some rodents may be cautious and may not pass by the trap. Now to tell more qualifications: do sticky mouse traps work?

Baits are not needed when you use sticky mouse traps since you just open them and put them on spots around the house and when a mouse or rat dashes in, they get stuck on the trap. Put it strategically for best use and to ensure that you do catch them. It is indeed a convenient way to say goodbye to squeaks. So, do we have an answer to: do sticky mouse traps work?

Initial Case

Sticky mouse boards offer easy clean up since you can pinpoint the location of the dead rodent. Unlike dealing with poison which is sometimes in chalk form, it is harmful when it is not handled well. You’re not a rat; you don’t need the poison, so you have to handle it well. With the use of poison, they may die elsewhere and it might be tricky to look for them and may give off a pungent smell. That is the problem when you try to use rat poison. It is a little bit messy and when it is not handled properly, may be a potential danger to human. With sticky mouse traps, it is easy to clean up and you don’t have to touch the dead rodent, you got rid of the squeak with no mess.

Wow, is it really that easy? Do sticky mouse traps work? Really? Just open up a sticky trap, put it wherever it is already a problem solved? Sticky mouse traps are seen as a convenient way to catch rodents. You don’t need to buy separate bait so it will cost less. But you also have to take note that although these traps are effective they may lose effectiveness when they get covered in dust. It is not as effective as it was first bought and opened and it would be hard for the rodent to get trapped. They go like a “dine and dash” situation and your trap gets wasted. Then it is best used indoors than outdoors.

The Cons-iderations

Back to the highs and the lows, do sticky mouse traps work? Here’s the back row to the deal, sadly.

If not properly placed, these traps will just go to waste. It is best to place it along the walls. You can place it where you can see these squeaks running. If you put more traps, you will have a higher chance of catching them. The more traps you put, the more the traps will be effective. Sticky traps are best used indoors; it is also not good if you put it on dusty spots since the glue won’t work effectively when it contacts clouds of dust. When it contacts oil and water, the adhesive will be less sticky. It also does not do well on extremely hot or cold temperatures and may melt when it is too hot, thus ineffective. Sticky traps are also a one-time use trap; they cannot be used again after they trapped a rodent. So, it is best to check up on traps often.

Although the glue is not toxic, it is still harmful to children and pets. It is not a toy, so keep it out of the reach of children and your fur babies. The sticky board may strike the curiosity of a child and they may touch and play with it. Some animals may also get caught with the trap. They are the nontarget animals such as your pets and may chew off their own legs to escape. It might be a struggle to remove them from the skin, but with the use of oil, it can be removed easily.

Cons-idered Again?

Even if this is an easy cleanup trap, don’t forget to wear gloves when handling dead rodents as you may contact viruses and diseases. The trapped squeaky don’t usually die quickly; they struggle to get out of the trap and get suffocated. While the rodent is struggling for life and struggling to get out of the trap, they may get stressed and may urinate or even defecate and when in contact might be harmful to you. One example is the Hantavirus (transmitted by feces and urine from rodents and causes serious pulmonary disease or hemorrhagic fever).

Double Cons-eqences

Even if this method is an inexpensive do it yourself pest control, sticky traps are also considered as an inhumane way to get rid of these rodents. It is best to use live bait traps and just release them in the wild. There are other alternatives to get rid of them. It is also not advisable to use poisons, snap traps and the like. These will likely kill the rodents, and may also be a reason to spread of viruses and diseases so it is advisable to use live-catching traps.

Live traps are designed for a homeowner who doesn’t wish to kill the mice. They are mostly designed as metal. This type of trap requires you to use bait. Usually, food is used for bait and some of the bait you can use is nuts and also peanut butter. Choose bait that has a powerful scent. When the rodent takes the bait and enters the trap, the metal door will close and you have to release what you have caught.

So, is the sticky mouse board an effective way to get rid of rodents? The answer depends on the situation and on how you would use it. It is an effective band-aid solution for rodent infestation. It is also a convenient way to trap and dispose of rodents. If you don’t like to get rid of rodents without the rodent suffering, there are other options for baits and traps. Some people would still prefer to use sticky boards since it is an easy cleanup. You have to take note of what works best for your home.

End of Days Verdict

There are pro and cons for each type of trap. Using live bait on a rat-infested home might not be advisable. Snap traps are good for an easy kill especially if there are a lot of squeaks in your home. Sticky mouse boards are not as nearly effective as the other 2 traps but it also has its own use.

Getting rid of these rodents won’t just require you to buy and set up traps. You also have to look for other ways to solve your rodent trouble. You have to look where they enter into your home. It is very important to shut and close off where these rodents enter.

Small Healthy Alternatives

These rodents also love cardboard and paper. That is why you should keep your homework away from them. Properly throw food packaging and make sure to seal your trash can well. They would love to feast with your leftover food in the trash. Also, make sure that your food is properly stored in airtight containers. Even your new and unopened food! These rodents will surely want to have a taste of your food first. So seal them properly.

At the end of the day, it is still your responsibility on how you will use these traps to control pests in your home. Mice and rats reproduce fast so may need to call a professional. Since they know what they are doing and will guarantee you a rodent-free home.

Remember that you have to choose a type of trap that will fit best for your situation at home, close pathways where these rodents can enter your home, keep your trash can closed, keep extra papers and cardboard away. Along with other alternatives, that you might want to see and how to deal with the aftermath. Also, best to chime in to check on other pests, yes?