Best No See Mouse Traps- Top 3 Products for 2020

Once mice have invaded your home, getting rid of them can be an uncomfortable experience. You may either be completely disgusted by them or feel that killing any kind of animal is abhorrent. However, whichever way you look at it, you must rid your home of mice, or they will make it their castle. Mice will destroy the structures inside your home, such as electrical wirings and will even steal your food. Mice can breed profusely, and before you know it, you have a serious infestation to deal with. Best no see mouse traps are a great option if you have misgivings about killing a mouse or are totally repelled by them. The following is a discussion about the top best no see mouse traps on the market as well as mouse trapping tips.

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Best no see mouse traps–7 Mouse Trap Mistakes You’re Making

Best no see mouse traps

Catching mice should be simple, jut set the trap and wait for time to pass until the trap catches mice. This process may be right, but it may not be the most effective or quickest way. To increase your chances of trapping mice, you should apply some common sense and foolproof strategies. The following are tips on how to trap mice more efficiently.

Keep Your Hands Off

It is crucial to keep your hands off the bait since mice can detect your scent in traps. The scent may scare them off, and they will stay away. To prevent this from happening wear gloves when touching mouse trap baits and placing it on the trap. Ordinary gloves used for healthcare and washing dishes are sufficient. It is also crucial to wear gloves when removing pests from a trap to avoid diseases

Pick Bait Mice Crave

Don’t use the wrong type of food when luring mice. Mice being attracted to cheese is an old assumption. Instead, mice are attracted to peanut butter like a magnet. They also have a high need for calories, so chocolates will be attractive as well. When temperatures drop outdoors during the winter season, mouse builds their nests indoors and slow down. You can lure mice to your trap by placing nesting materials such as cotton balls, and fabric yarn and twine. If you are using snap traps, you can wrap the fibers on the trigger. When the mouse chews on the bait, the trap will set off.

Only Use a Tiny Amount

Use only enough bait to attract mice. If you use too much bait mice may be able to steal some without setting off the trap. An amount which is about pea-size is just enough. It will lure the mice in, but it won’t be so much that they can just run off without setting off the trap.

Make Them Comfortable First

You can’t expect instant results. Mice tend to be shy and wary of new situations and objects in the places they frequent. You can make them comfortable by putting bait on a mousetrap that hasn’t been set for a few days. You can use this strategy for any type of mousetrap. Once you see the mice being lured to the mousetrap, you can be assured that the mouse traps have been placed in a good spot and the mice will return. This is the time when you should set the mouse trap and put on your bait.

Place traps near the walls

Don’t set the mousetrap in the wrong place. Mice have a basic fear of wide-open spaces so they keep to the dark and sides and perimeters of the room. They go to the dark crevices and areas of your home, which is near the walls. The walls also help them navigate since it ouches their whiskers. To catch active rodents, place the traps near the walls where they travel. The trigger and the bait should be facing the wall directly on their path so the mouse will be lured to get near it rather than simply avoid it or walk pass through it. If it’s possible, place the mouse traps in hidden areas such as behind cabinets or under your stove.

Set Many Mouse Traps Close Together

Best no see mouse traps

Don’t use just one or two mouse traps set a lot of traps. Mice breed at a fast rate, and they can give birth of up to seven babies in less than a month. You may not realize that there are already a lot of them in your house. However, you can be certain that there will be more than one mouse. To stop the infestation of mice, you need more than just a handful of mouse traps. One good strategy is to put a mouse trap every three feet along the wall where mice are seen to travel. In areas where there is a lot of mouse activity, you can even put mouse traps inches apart.

Don’t start slow

Set your mouse traps on the first night. More mice are caught on the first night more than any other time, make sure to use a lot of mouse traps where you see signs of heightened mouse activity. Use different types of bait to make sure that your first attempt at baiting mice will be a huge success.

Best no see mouse traps–Comparative Review of Different Mouse Traps Types

There are at least four major types of mouse traps that are widely available on the market.

Snap Trap

The snap trap is the most basic mouse trap most people will be familiar with from cartoons. Snap traps are wooden traps which use an iron trap. The bait is set on the iron rod, and the mouse locates it there. Once the mouse tries to wriggle away some of the food, the iron clamp suddenly shuts and crushes the mice. The rod can be very forceful and strong enough to kill a small animal or even to harm a person who is not taking precautions when handling it. Nowadays there are plastic and metal iterations in the market aside from the classic wood material. Its exterior appearance may be different from the classical ones, but the method it uses is the same.

Live Catch Traps

These types of traps don’t kill mice. Instead, the mouse is trapped in a small aviary like space. This best no see mouse traps is perfect for those who find that killing an animal is abhorrent even if it is a pest. The mouse that has been trapped by this device is then set free in an area away from the home such as a forest.

Glue Traps

These types of traps use glue boards, trays or slats. They can be effective in trapping rodents, but there is a high chance of trapped pests escaping, and they may not stay glued down for long. The downside to this kind of trap is the rodent will tend to wiggle and emit squeaks while escaping. The glue contains no poison, but if a rodent gets trapped at night it will be very noisy, and you will have wake up and do something. It should also be pointed out that mice tend to urinate and defecate when they are trying to escape from glue boards so there is a big chance that they will be spreading infection and diseases around the area of these traps. If you are dealing with deer mice, your chances of contracting hantavirus are doubled when using this method.

Electronic Traps

Electronic traps are an efficient and clean way of trapping mice. The method with this device is simple. A rodent scurries inside the trap, hunting for food. Thereafter, they will die of electrocution in a quick and painless manner. This type of trap helps keep you from having to handle crushed bodies and blood. Electric mouse traps are great for big rooms, and these devices don’t have to be charged often.

Best no see mouse traps –How to lure mice into your traps so that they do not avoid them?

Best no see mouse traps

It is crucial to do some pre-baiting first for several nights in a row before setting on the trap. Mice can get trap shy if they see the traps as threatening or dangerous. Get mice to feel comfortable around the traps.

Mice have been observed in studies, and it shows that they have striking behavior. If obstructions are placed before the trap where mice are travelling the mouse will commit the pathway to memory and will follow the same circuitous route even if the obstacles have been removed. They will behave in such a way as if the objects are still present.

Top 3 best no see mouse traps

Our Top Pick


Product Name: Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap

Product Description: Victor M250S No Touch best no see mouse traps is built with state-of-the-art technology to sense when a mouse has entered the compartment. A high voltage shock is released to knock down and kill the mouse quickly. The Victor electronic mouse trap is the best no see mouse traps, and it is easy to use for baiting mice. It is easy to empty and clean. Four AA batteries are needed to power this device and Victor claims that it can kill 100 mice per set of batteries.

Availability: InStock


This best no see mouse traps use innovative technology to deliver an electronic shock that will kill mice in seconds. This device can kill up to 100 mice per set of 4 AA batteries. It is great value for money and is easy to use as well. Place a tantalizing bait in the trap and place it on a location with high rodent traffic and power on the trap. The state-of-the-art circuit technology can sense mice that have entered the compartment. The system will trigger an electronic and humane shock to the mouse knocking ‘em dead.


  • Kills mice instantly
  • Kills up to 100 mice per set of batteries
  • Chamber is removable for easy cleaning


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

2 Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap

2 Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap

This best no see mouse traps mouse live and come in 2 units making it a cost-effective option. It is also reusable being made of plastic. The Catcha model best no see mouse traps uses a spring triggered door which snaps shut once the mouse is inside the compartment. The door won’t open unless you open it to set the mouse free. This trap is easy to use for baiting. It can be easily reset and cleaned.


The 2 Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap best no see mouse traps is the humane way to catch mice. It is a great alternative to messy snap traps and noxious pesticides. The bait in the trap attracts mice to enter the tunnel and once inside a fulcrum is activated triggering the doors to shut. Once you have trapped your mouse, you can take them outside to free them. If the mouse has been left for too long inside the trap, they can suffocate and dehydrate so check the trap frequently.


  • Easy to use
  • Mice can be removed easily
  • Clean up is easy


  • Trapped mice begin chewing on plastic parts


Victor Kill & Seal Mouse Trap 2 Pack – No Touch No See Trap

Victor Kill & Seal Mouse Trap 2 Pack – No Touch No See Trap

Victor Kill & Seal Mouse Trap 2 Pack best no see mouse traps is a hygienic mouse trap considered to be a world’s first. The company claims that the seal will prevent insects and fluids from getting out of the trap. Because this trap is hygienic, it is not reusable and needs to be thrown away once it had caught an animal. Two of these will cost you ten dollars which is still a good price point. However, many customers complain that this trap is not easy to use, and it doesn’t trap mice effectively.


This best no see mouse traps uses clean innovation in rodent control. It is considered to be the world’s first hygienic mouse trap. There are many harmful parasites in mice such as ticks and fleas, which may carry various diseases. These parasites can hop to another host which includes you. Classic mouse traps kill the animal but do not protect against pathogens. This trap kills the mouse quickly while sealing in the harmful parasites, and fluids.


  • Hygienic trap
  • Each package gets you two traps
  • Value for money


  • May not be effective in catching mice



Final thoughts

Mice infestations can cause disruptions in the home that can be a real headache. If you loathe the idea of catching mice and handling them best no see mouse traps are a good option to rid your house of mice. It is crucial to control the population of mice in your home, and you should choose a trap that is not only effective but also keeps you from handling potentially disease-infested bodies.