Suspend Polyzone Review – UPDATED 2020 – A Complete Guide!

While there are numerous broad-spectrum insecticides that control a variety of indoor and outdoor nuisances, it is desirable to have a long-lasting protection. Bayer has taken a scientific approach to improve residual protection by introducing a new product in the range of suspension concentrate.

This product has a coating of polymer onto the active ingredient to offer a controlled release system that delivers up to 90 days of residual protection from a wide range of household insects and pests. Suspend Polyzone is developed to save on costs with less frequent applications.

In this review, we see how this product works, what pests it targets and how effective it is. We also compare it with other effective insecticides to see how it performs.

Suspend Polyzone Review – UPDATED 2020

Suitable for residual surface treatment, Suspend Polyzone is a polymer-enhanced suspension concentrate which can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It contains a proprietary polymer coating that protects the active ingredient from irrigation, weather, abrasion and other effects. Such an innovative formulation makes sure the treatment delivers a continual, long-lasting control over target pests.

This new controlled release system developed by Bayer provides a residual protection of over 3 months from more than 50 types of pests. It also offers a better distribution of the active ingredient with the microcap solution making sure the treated area is protected well against any intruders. The formula is safe for application on fabrics, plants, paints and other surfaces. The long-lasting residual formula controls all the common pests including ants, roaches, flies, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, gnats, wasps, ticks, scorpions, beetles and more.

This water based suspension concentrate insecticide contains the active ingredient called Deltamethrin. It works on the insects by poisoning their central nervous system, leading to paralysis and ultimately death. This component is a well-known insecticide not just for its effectiveness but also safety. It is safe to use around pets and humans but is toxic to aquatic animals.

Suspend Polyzone is known to start acting in just minutes and remains active for upto 90 days after application. It leaves no stains, odor or residue and can be used in indoor areas like kitchen and food handling settings. It can be used in commercial as well as residential buildings, both indoors and outdoors, restaurants, hospitals, lawns, landscapes and other areas where common pests are encountered.

Suspend Polyzone For Fleas

Suspend Polyzone is a broad-spectrum insecticide that uses powerful active ingredient and controlled exposure to provide up to 90 days of protection from over 50 different types of pests and insects including spiders, ants, flies, wasps, roaches, mosquitoes, hornets, bedbugs, beetles and more. This suspended concentrate also helps control fleas. It can be applied indoors and outdoors and even in food handling and storage areas.

For indoor use, the product can be applied on cracks and crevices and also used as surface treatment by spraying on carpets, mattresses, furniture and others directly. This increases the chance of insects coming in contact with the insecticide and killing them fast. For outdoor application, Polyzone can be sprayed as a residual treatment around residential and non-residential areas and can even be used as perimeter treatment to prevent future infestations.

A handheld sprayer can be used to apply the diluted concentrate on the target treatment area. To control fleas, you can mix 0.75 to 1.5 fl oz of the liquid per gallon of water. Apply the insecticide thoroughly to carpets, rugs, pet beds, upholstered furniture, pet resting areas, floor coverings and other infested areas. Effective flea control requires controlling the source of infestation and may need treatment of pets using dedicated products.

Suspend Polyzone can be used outdoors for effective flea control. It is not recommended to treat pets with this insecticide. Pets should also not be allowed to enter treated spaces until the product dries completely.

Suspend Polyzone Vs Talstar – How They Compare?

Both Suspend Polyzone and Talstar are broad-spectrum insecticides containing synthetic pyrethroids to deliver effective control over a wide range of pests. They provide similar knockdown effects and residual protection. They can be used indoors as well as outside and are safe to use around pets and children. They are also safe for use in food storage and handling areas and can treat mild to severe infestations including roaches, bugs, fleas, ants, termites, spiders, scorpions and more.

Suspend Polyzone is a suspended concentrate and has a polymer coating to offer a controlled release system which gives up to 90 days of residual protection and even distribution of the active ingredient. Talstar also offers a residual effect for long-lasting protection but does not use suspension technology. While both these insecticides are known to be safe for plants, Talstar is particularly gentle. It is also completely odorless while Suspend Polyzone can leave a slight odor after drying.

Suspend Polyzone Vs Demand CS

Both Suspend Polyzone and Demand CS are professional concentrate insecticides containing synthetic pyrethroids in a unique encapsulated suspension formula for extraordinary long-term protection against a variety of pests including mosquitoes, flies, bugs, roaches and more. The two products also feature advanced microcap technology for even distribution of the active ingredients.

The two products are different in terms of their active components responsible for the quick knockdown effect. Suspend Polyzone contains deltamethrin while Demand CS employs the power of lambda cyhalothrin in capsule form to provide controlled release. Demand CS shields the active ingredient from surface absorption, UV rays and PH extremes while Suspend Polyzone stays active against moisture, irrigation, weather and mechanical abrasion.

Suspend Polyzone is known to deliver a longer residual effect than Demand CS and works on a wider variety of insects and pests. It can also be used as a perimeter treatment to stop any future infestation in the property. While both these insecticides are powerful, the right choice depends on the type and level of infestation and the areas to be treated.