Best Mouse Baits to Quickly Catch Mice and Rats

Did you buy yourself the perfect mousetrap and now need the best mouse bait to use it? That’s great as that is the first step you need to take to get rid of those pesky critters. While mice and rats are tiny creatures, they can turn your home into their playground if you don’t take any action immediately.

What’s worse is that they multiply extremely quickly, that is after every three weeks and they have a litter of nearly seven babies. They tend to chew on anything and everything leaving your precious belongings completely damaged. Furthermore, they will wreak havoc in your house and make it uncomfortable for you to live in it.

To ensure that you nip this issue in the bud, we will be reviewing some highly effective mouse baits. Let’s shed some light on these mouse baits’ features.

Best Mouse Bait Reviews

We painstakingly tried many mouse baits on the market. After testing them out for a while and noting how each of them performed, we decided to briefly review three mouse baits that worked the best.

1. JT Eaton 709-AP

JT Eaton is a company that is headquartered in Ohio and was founded in 1932. Their mission is to manufacture and sell products that will eradicate rodents. They constantly seek newer ways to give their customers products that they will need to create a healthy and safe environment for themselves.

All of this company’s products are safe for humans. Their products are made with recycled materials and the packaging for the manufacturing processes is landfill-friendly.


The JT Eaton 709-AP is a rodenticide that does a great job eradicating rat infestation. This rodenticide comes in an anticoagulant block.

It has been specially formulated with an apple flavor. This will instantly attract mice and rats and effectively eliminate them.

This product comes in a nine-pound box in 144 blocks of one-ounce rodenticide in a tamper-evident resealable pail. The pail measures at 10.5 x 10.5 x 10.25 inches.

Diphacinone which is at 0.005% is the active ingredient in this rodenticide. It does a great job at efficiently eliminating all the smaller rodents.

This rodenticide is quite easy to use and is quite convenient. All you need to do is place the chunks where you observe any activity from the rodents.

Thanks to its palatable flavor you can be assured that this bait works well. It is important to note though that this bait works well when there is a continuous replenishment.


  • Meant for long-term use
  • Comes in an apple flavor
  • Ample quantity
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Works effectively on rats and mice


  • There needs to be a continuous replenishment

2. Motomco Tomcat with Bromethalin Meal Bait

Motomco is one of the market leaders in agricultural rodent control. They offer their products to home and farm owners, crop growers, hobby or backyard farmers, and swine and poultry producers.

This company offers a full line of rodenticide baits, bait stations, glue and mechanical traps, and more. They come with over 40 years of experience and have dedicated themselves to the research, development, and manufacture of superior quality products.


The Motomco Tomcat with Bromethalin Meal Bait is one of the most effective rat killers on the market. Not only is it ideal for home but even for outdoor space like farms.

The great thing about this rodenticide is that the rodent requires only a single feeding for them to suffocate to death. This is all due to the lethal and toxic ingredient present in this bait called the bromethalin. This five-pound box is more than sufficient to get rid of rodents in your compound.

This is a powerful rodenticide that is capable of killing even the anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice. Since this is an all-weather rodenticide, you can use it in the barn, farm, or even in the attic.

That said, this is a highly toxic rodenticide and must be kept as far away as possible for any other living being. It is extremely poisonous for pet animals and humans.


  • Works highly effectively to get rid of rodents
  • Contains a highly toxic ingredient
  • Requires only a single feeding to kill the rodent
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Extremely dangerous for humans and pets

3. Fastrac Bromethalin Pellets by Bell Laboratories

Bell Laboratories is an exclusive manufacturer of rodent control products. The company was founded by Malcolm Stack in 1974 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Stack was an entrepreneur who began this company with a single product called the Rodent Cake. At present, this company manufactures a complete line of rodent control products which include tamper-resistant bait stations, rodenticides, mechanical traps, and non-poisonous glue boards.


Fastrac Pellets by Bell Laboratories is a fast-acting and acute rodenticide that contains bromethalin as its active ingredient. This is a strong and toxic ingredient that can kill rats and mice in two days after they consume this.

The scientists at this laboratory developed a unique method of synthesizing the active ingredient that removed the impurities and by-products; thus, yielding a consistent and effective product. This powerful and active ingredient along with the company’s highly palatable formulation gets the job done highly effectively and efficiently.

The pelleted bait is made using an advanced formulation that produces a fresh-tasting and durable pellet. This also has a long shelf life and its hardness satisfies the rodent’s desire to gnaw. Best of all, these pellets can be used in moist places.

These pellets are available in a 15-gram polyglassine place pacs that keep the bait fresh and free from all contaminating odors.


  • Hard pellets that satisfy the rodents urge to gnaw
  • Comes in a pellet form
  • Pellet holds up in moist conditions too
  • Highly effective on rodents


  • On the pricier side


These three best mouse baits work well to get rid of those pesky rodents. We can assure you that choosing any one of them will do a satisfactory job. However, between the three, we personally liked the Fastrac Bromethalin Pellets by Bell Laboratories.

The well-formulated pellets work even in moist conditions and attract rodents towards it. Thanks to the bromethalin, it does a great job of killing the rodent quickly.