T3R Triple High Impact Review – Best Outdoor Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

A rodent infestation is one of the biggest problems homeowners can encounter. While mouse traps and other solutions help alleviate the issue, they don’t prevent these nasty creatures in the first place. One of the most appealing way to get rid of rodents and mice is an ultrasonic rodent repeller known to be capable of keeping them away. These devices are easy and safe to use and can be easily obtained.

Today, we review one such product, T3R Triple High Impact rodent repeller and try to understand how effective it is at dealing with outdoor rodent infestations.

T3R Triple High Impact Review – UPDATED 2020

There are numerous ultrasonic rodent repeller devices available in the market to offer a safe and convenient solution to pest control. These small devices are a great alternative to mouse traps and poisonous pesticides. One of the best options is the T3R Triple High Impact rodent repeller. This device is designed with three different speakers, each transmitting a different frequency of sound and interval.

Such a design means you have three different repeller products working at the same time in the form of a single, easy to use device. The frequency of sound waves this device emits is rated at 135 decibels, making it one of the loudest sounding products available. However, these frequencies remain inaudible to human beings and pets though they are effective for rodents.

The T3R Triple High Impact is rated to be safe for use around pets. Cats, dogs and birds cannot hear the sound it emits and they are not likely to get disturbed or affected by the frequencies. What makes this product more desirable over pesticides and traps is the safety of use. It can be easily used in areas where humans and pets live without having to vacate the place for action.

T3R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat & Rodent Repeller

The T3R Triple High Impact rodent repeller is designed to drive away rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents with repulsive ultrasonic sounds. This device is so powerful and effective at pest control because it comes equipped with a triple attack system. It features three speakers that emit different frequencies which is key to ultrasonic sound repulsion.

The device is built to be a sturdy piece of equipment that lasts for a long time and stands on its own. It is also easy to work with. You just need to plug the device into an electrical outlet in a space where you need rodent repulsion. The T3R device also has an extension cord of 6 feet which adds to the convenience. This unique feature allows users to find the best location to place the device and gives you the much-needed flexibility to target pests. In most cases, rodents evacuate the place in a period of 12-16 days.

T3R Pest Control – What You Should Know?

T3R is a pest control technology introduced by TMC Pest Repeller that has been in the industry for over 14 years. They have been serving home and business owners with high-quality customer service with their state-of-the-art pest control products. They have acquired the expertise and experience, with a proven track record, to produce and support effective pest repellents.

T3R is one of the best options for those who encounter rodent infestation in their residence or business place. The company stands by the products and offers customer service that helps when you need extra assistance for pest control. These products are designed to be completely safe for the environment, pets, kids and adults. They don’t use any chemicals or poison.

Outdoor Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers – Do They Work?

Ultrasonic rodent repellers are tiny devices that emit high-frequency sound waves known to be intolerable to unwanted pests. These sound waves are, however, not audible to humans and pets. Rodents have a highly adapted hearing sense. They can perceive sounds outside the range the human ear can sense. They use this skill to find food and escape predators trying to attack them.

Ultrasonic repellers are designed to work based on this capability of rodents. They emit a high-frequency sound that confuses and disorients them. The constant sound waves coming from these devices disturb their ability to hunt and identify threats. Rodents ultimately lose their ability to stay safe. This means repellers are effective at driving away these creatures and prevent them from entering household and other areas of risk.

Ultrasonic rodent repellers are effective devices because rodents, mice and rats can be difficult to deal with once they enter the space. They tend to make homes in places away from human activity, like basements, attics and even between walls. Such hiding places can be difficult to spot using traditional methods and ultrasonic devices can effectively reach such locations to drive away rodents without disturbing homeowners who don’t even hear the sound.

What Frequency Repels Mice & Rats?

Ultrasonic rodent repellers available in the market emit high-frequency sounds that induce distress in rats and mice, forcing them to move to a more favorable location. There is a huge range of frequencies that rats and mice are capable of hearing. These sounds are inaudible to humans and some pets.

Repeller devices produce high decibel ultrasonic sounds in pulsating frequencies in a range higher than 20kHz to disorient the rodents and drive them away. Though these frequencies are enough for repelling mice and rats, they are audible to some animals like dogs and cats. To be able to repel mice and rats without affecting pets, the best frequency choice is between 64 kHz and 90 kHz.


T3R Triple High Impact is one of the best solutions for homeowners looking for a safe and convenient way to keep mice and rats away. It is designed to be powerful and effective with triple action to make sure you can get rid of outdoor rodents as quickly as possible. It is also safe to be used around kids and pets and doesn’t involve any chemicals or poison.