Orange Oil Termite Treatment Reviews – How Effective Is It?

Termite control is a confusing topic for homeowners with a plethora of options available. Though there are numerous treatment methods available, not all of them are equally safe. There is an increasing demand for environment-friendly products which are safe, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Recently, there is a buzz about the use of orange oil for termite treatment. It is getting increasingly popular as an eco-friendly and safe way to get rid of termites in the house. Some natural plants and herbs are known to contain substances which repel and even kill insects including termites.

Today, we see what exactly orange oil is, how effective it is on termite control and whether it works. We also talk about some of the most popular orange oil products for termite treatment.

Orange Oil Termite Treatment Reviews – UPDATED 2020

A highly popular eco-friendly option for termite treatment, orange oil is a natural product that is derived from oranges. It contains an active ingredient called D-Limonene which is effective at killing pests like termites while being non-toxic for humans and pets. Orange oil is much safer as compared to other traditional termite control products used to get rid of these pests.

Unlike other termite control treatments, orange oil requires no prior preparation or arrangement. You can stay in the house during the treatment as it is non-toxic and safe. Orange oil products can be easily found at stores at reasonable prices. Moreover, the treatment is really easy and quick. It also has a pleasant, natural orange smell. It has no negative effects on the environment, humans and pets.

Orange oil is effective at treating drywood as well as subterranean termites. A study indicates that 70 to 95 percent termites are eliminated within five days of orange oil treatment.


  • Less toxic and more eco-friendly as compared to other treatments
  • Does not need moving out of the house
  • Effective against a variety of insects
  • No risk of damage to roof tiles
  • No need to protect pets or plants during treatment


  • May not work for subterranean termites
  • Kills termites on contact and does not treat undetected infestations
  • Treatment does not protect against future infestation
  • Long-term exposure can cause irritation of eyes and skin
  • Can lead to lung irritation, nausea and vomiting if ingested

How Effective Is Orange Oil Treatment For Termites?

Orange oil is highly potent at repelling drywood termites and other insects. This natural treatment repels termites through its strong smell. It can effectively control termites if the wood is treated to eliminate the pests. Talking about the effectiveness, orange oil helps save the wood that is currently infested by termites.

Though orange oil has a moderate killing rate for termites, the acidity of the oil creates disruptions in the nervous system of the termites, thereby forcing them to leave the current structure. This treatment is not recommended as a sole termite killer because of the uncertainty of effectiveness as compared to the efficiency of other treatments that kill a large number of termites together.

Toxic termite control products guarantee killing the pests but a natural product like orange oil does not offer such guarantees. However, those who want a natural, safe and eco-friendly option for termite control would find orange oil highly useful. It has D-Limonene as an active ingredient which is quite acidic. While harmless in bigger animals and humans, this acidity is potent to smaller creatures like termites and can effectively get you rid of them.

XT2000 Orange Oil Reviews

A green alternative to traditional termite control treatments, the XT-2000 orange oil contains 95% d-Limonene and treats insects and pests naturally and safely. It is aimed at minimizing the use of harmful pesticides to control drywood termites, carpenter ants and beetles. It is an essential oil, ready to use products which can be injected into any wood you want to treat for termites.

XT-2000 works like gas and moves through wood to kill termites and pests as well as their eggs and larvae by vapours. It has unique characteristics that make it work like wick through the wood in different directions. It can treat various areas of infestation and there is no need to leave the house for treatment. It is better than other treatments that require you to pack your bags and move out of the house. XT-2000 can be used to get rid of termites while living in the comfort of your home.

With this orange oil product, you can also save yourself from expensive fumigation methods and the cost associated with tenting, potential damages, pet boarding, packing and unpacking and hotel charges. Moreover, it is an environment friendly product made out of citrus rinds. Reviews from real users suggest how effective it is at treating drywood termites and ants naturally and safely.

How Much Does Orange Oil Termite Treatment Cost?

The exact cost of orange oil termite treatment can vary depending on the size of your infestation, type of termites and other factors. Any termite control method should not be implemented without professional assistance. A professional pest control company can suggest the best combination of methods for termite control and estimate the cost on the basis of your requirements. Depending on the level of infestation and your location, an orange oil termite treatment can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to up to thousands.

Orange Oil Vs Tenting

Orange oil based termite treatment should not be used as an alternative to tenting as the two are totally different methods with their own pros and cons. Due to the low toxicity of d-limonene found in orange oil, it has become a popular method for termite control for homeowners.

An orange oil treatment is a localized application and kills termites only in the areas treated. On the other hand, tenting and fumigation guarantees the treatment of the entire structure at once. However, tenting is hazardous and requires moving out of the house for treatment.

Localized treatment with orange oil would control the infestation only where termites are identified. If termites spread by flying, they can create new infestations. Tenting ensures that all the areas inside the property are covered and treated. This does not mean every house needs tenting. The right method for termite control depends on the areas infested, size of colonies, level of infestation and type of termites. A professional termite control company can suggest the right method for your needs.