Altriset Review – UPDATED 2020 – Altriset Termiticide & How To Apply

A termite infestation can be one of the biggest challenges for any homeowner. As these creatures are hard to notice, many people find the infestation when it is too late. Treating the infestation on time is really important to ensure no further damage is caused to your property.

There are many options when it comes to controlling the termite infestation. A professional pest control company may suggest using a combination of methods to eliminate termites and keep your home safe from this nuisance in the future.

One of the best termiticides known to deliver efficient, quick-acting termite control is Altriset which has recently gained a lot of fame for its effects and features. Today, we talk about this product in detail and look at its applications and effects to help you understand what you can expect from it.

Altriset Review – UPDATED 2020

One of the latest termiticide products in the market, Altriset is aimed at offering effective termite control without affecting humans, pets or the environment in a negative way. Altriset has an active ingredient called Chlorantraniliprole which makes it so powerful and effective at termite infestation.

This product provides immediate relief by stopping the damage to your items soon after applying. It also keeps working for a long time to ensure that your home stays free of any danger from termites. As soon as the termites come in contact with the formula, they stop feeding on wood and die in some time.

Altriset spreads to the entire colony by contact, grooming and feeding and results in total elimination within hours. It works on termites only and does not affect humans or pets negatively. To deliver long-lasting protection, the product leaves residual effect in the soil so that termites don’t return. Studies suggest that when done according to the instructions, a single use of Altriset keeps the home safe and protected from termites for years.

Altriset contains a powerful formula that provides a fast-acting, long-lasting termite control. It is safe for pets, plants and humans. It is classified as a reduced-risk formula and does not harm the environment, needs no safety equipment and poses no health risks to humans or pets. It is an effective treatment for drywood as well as subterranean termites.

Altriset can be used for pest control prior and post construction of residential, industrial and commercial structures. It serves as an ideal solution for termite treatment in construction walls, crawl spaces, basement, foundation elements and other elements like trees and landscape.

Altriset Termiticide – How It Works?

Altriset termiticide starts acting on the infestation soon after application on the infested areas. The first batch of termites coming in contact with the product would pass through it, ingest and get it inside their bodies. As the termites cannot taste or smell it, they ingest it unknowingly. In a few hours, the formula works to paralyze the mouths of termites so that they stop feeding.

These termites then experience more grooming and interacting thereby spreading Altriset to other termites. With time, these termites get more paralyzed and eventually die. Altriset is highly effective at termite control and can eliminate the infestation within three months if used in the right way.

How Is Altriset Applied?

Altriset is a highly effective termite control product that stops the termites from feeding within hours of application. It controls the infestation totally in three months. To use Altriset, a professional digs a deep trench around the home. The termiticide is applied in this 6-inches deep trench. The product is diluted according to instructions mentioned on the label and poured into the trench.

Most specialists consider using a 100-gallon spray rig to apply the termiticide. When such an equipment is not available, one can mix 1.3 ounces of the product with 4 gallons of water. This solution can be applied every 10 feet of trench around the property. Once the application gets covered with soil, there is no visible sign of treatment.

While most homes can be treated easily, some areas such as basements, garage and porches may require drilling to get access to the ground if concrete slabs exist.

Altriset Vs Termidor

Both Termidor and Altriset are popular and trusted termite control treatments in the United States. Homeowners have been relying on Termidor for over a decade as an effective treatment for drywood and subterranean termites.

This product is a low-risk formula that does not impact the nearby plants and pets. Its active ingredient is ‘Fipronil’ usually found in pet products to control flea. Termidor has no color, taste, odor or fumes and is easily transmitted through feeding and grooming from termite to termite.

Altriset is very similar to Termidor and is a new termiticide with lesser toxicity. The active component ‘Chlorantraniliprole’ does not affect pets or humans negatively. It also does not prove to be harmful to plants surrounding the home. It is known to be highly effective at treating termites and shows a transfer effect for better termite control.

Currently, the product is approved for subterranean termites but also works for all the types of termites and other pests. Altriset is more effective than many other termiticides and is highly popular for its safe and low-toxic attributes.

Altriset Vs Orange Oil

Natural alternatives for termite treatment are recently getting increasingly popular. Orange Oil is one such safe treatment for drywood termites. The D-Limonene contained in orange oil is effective at repelling termites, pests and insects.

While this method is preferred for its non-toxicity, safety and environment friendliness, there are questions about its effectiveness. It is not fully effective at controlling termite infestation. This is because it works through contact and does not eliminate termites that fly away. The leftover termites and their eggs can quickly build new colonies.

In addition to this, orange oil is less effective at subterranean termites because they live inside the soil and come to wood only for feeding. Considering these limitations, Altriset is a better alternative because it is a quick-acting termiticide that effectively kills both the types of termites and prevents infestation. This product can quickly eradicate the entire termite colonies and the treatment remains active for years without causing any harm to the nearby pets or plants.

Altriset is colorless, odorless and tasteless and works on a transfer effect through grooming and feeding. While orange oil fails to eliminate colonies and prevent reinfestation, Altriset is a highly effective termite control treatment. Orange oil has a shorter life and lasts only for a few days after application. It has a strong smell that pests may detect and does not show a transfer effect. It is advisable to use orange oil in conjunction with a powerful termite treatment like Altriset for effective results.