Stedfast Termite Chemical – UPDATED 2020 – BASF Stedfast Termiticide

Using chemicals for termite control treatment is an age-old tradition. Applying a termiticide to the soil relies on the creation of a chemical barrier to block all the routes of termite entry. Any pest trying to proceed through treated soil would either be repelled or killed.

Today, there are numerous insecticides used by pest control professionals for termite treatments. All these products are effective and safe when used according to their label directions. One such termiticide is introduced by an industry giant, BASF, to give homeowners a proven method to stay safe against termite infestation.

In this review, we take a closer look at Stedfast Termite chemical and learn more about its effects and usage to help you understand what you can expect from this product.

Stedfast Termite Chemical Review – UPDATED 2020

Termites are one of the biggest issues for homeowners across the world, causing billions of dollars of damage to structures every year. New and new products are being introduced every day in the pest control industry to provide options for effective termite control. BASF is the largest chemical producing company in the world and offers innovative termite control and prevention solutions for different types of structures and infestations.

BASF has introduced an effective, affordable, long-lasting termite control solution to help pest control professionals and homeowners deal with termite infestations and safeguard properties against future infestations. Stedfast is a suspension concentrate used to treat soil to get rid of subterranean termites feeding on wood. It contains the active ingredient alphacypermethrin which is an environment friendly pyrethroid safe to use around plants.

Being a suspension concentrate, Stedfast promises long-lasting results, requires less quantity to treat target pests and does not have any odor. It is quite easy to use and versatile and can be mixed with the instructed amount of water before using. 1 litre of the concentrate diluted in 100 litres of water can provide up to 5 years of termite protection while 2 litres per 100 litres can keep your property safe from infestation for up to 10 years.

BASF Stedfast Termiticide – What You Should Know?

Stedfast is one of the leading pesticide products from BASF today and serves as an effective pre-construction soil and wood treatment termiticide that delivers peace of mind to homeowners. It offers a continuous chemical barrier in the soil and under structures. Termites trying to penetrate through the treated soil are repelled or killed. Stedfast can control termite infestation successfully without poisoning the land permanently.

Stedfast is a green-labeled termiticide which means it belongs to the safest category of chemicals. Other termiticides are often labelled blue, yellow or red and are more toxic. BASF Stedfast termiticide is also aimed at being an affordable and effective treatment against termites. One litre of the chemical can be diluted in 250 litres of water to treat a larger area while other termiticides can be diluted in only up to 50 litres.

This termiticide is the only product to be licensed and approved by the FPA (Fertilizer & Pesticide Authority) for safe use in soil and wood. It is also priced reasonably, just a little higher than half that of the second leading termiticide. Stedfast is also biodegradable and produces no adverse effects on the environment. It contains a pyrethroid that is toxic to termites but is not toxic to humans and pets and can be used safely around properties.

Stedfast Termiticide Concentrate

Stedfast termiticide solution is formulated using a synthetic pyrethroid named alphacypermethrin in a water-based concentrate suspension which acts on surfaces like bricks, mortar and cement. It is odorless and stain-free as well as biodegradable. It is a reliable and fast-acting concentrate that delivers quick results and stays active for two years after the application.

Stedfast suits pre and post construction termite treatments and can be applied at a rate of 4-8 litres per sq. metre of area. It is also suitable for wood treatments where 0.1% of concentrate is applied to wood for 3 minutes. It can be applied with a paint brush or spray for a point-on application. When you treat a structure for termite infestation, a chemical barrier should be created to treat the current infestation and prevent any future infestation. It is important to take precautions to make sure no gaps are left in the chemical barrier.

Stedfast Termite Poison

Stedfast is a contact and stomach insecticide that contains a synthetic pyrethroid that creates a termite poison in the treated soil to kill these insects before they can enter the property. When termites ingest the poison or come in contact with it, Stedfast acts on the peripheral and central nervous systems of termites to cause a rapid knockdown effect and lead to instant death.

Stedfast termite poison, when entering the body of the termite, attacks their nervous systems to paralyze their bodies and cause death within 24 hours. This mechanism ensures you get effective, long-lasting, quick termite control with this chemical.

Fipronil Dosage For Termites

Fipronil is another effective chemical treatment for termite infestation. It is an active ingredient that belongs to a powerful class of insecticides to deliver quick knockdown effects and long-lasting results. Fipronil acts on termites through blocking the receptors in their bodies to cause hyper-excitation of their nervous system leading to immediate death.

It can be easily used in combination with other insecticides for effective results. It is undetectable and non-repellent and works through ‘transfer effect’ which means affected termites transfer the chemical to other termites to eliminate an entire infestation in a short time. Fipronil can be used as an effective termite control as well as preventative treatment. It can be used in low doses to cause a minimum harm to the environment.

The recommended dosage for Fipronil is 275ml per 100 litres of water. This diluted mixture can be sprayed or applied to the soil or wood to create a barrier that prevents any infestation while killing any termites that pass through the treated areas.