Nyguard IGR Review – UPDATED 2021 – Is Nyguard Safe?

An army of mosquitoes swamped in your backyard? Bed bugs ruining your good night’s sleep? Are you noticing never-ending ant trails all around your house? Nyguard insect growth concentrate can come to your rescue.

When we talk about insecticides like these, we think of harmful chemicals. Yes, they are chemicals but not harmful when used in the right measure as per directions. What’s the right measure you ask? We have got the answer.


Nyguard IGR Review – UPDATED 2021

Nyguard is an insect growth regulator that reaches the root cause of insect growth – the eggs, nymphs and larvae. The active ingredient in Nyguard prevents these insects in their early stages from maturing into reproductive adults. Nyguard causes physiological and functional anomalies in the bodies of these insects and disrupts their normal development. This leads to infertility and sometimes death thus controlling future infestations. Depending on which stage the insect is at the time of exposure, the following changes can be seen –

  • Reduced egg viability.
  • Sterile insects incapable of reproducing.
  • Interrupting insects in their immature life stages.
  • Decreased fitness levels of insects.
  • Reduced egg production.
  • Reduced egg hatch rates.
  • Disruption of normal molting process.
  • Deformed insects and death.
  • Behavioural changes.

Nyguard IGR concentrate affects both juvenile and adult insects. For insects in their early stages of development, Nyguard can be used alone. For adult insects, Nyguard is used in combination with another non-IGR pesticide to kill the existing adult population. Reduction of the adult population will be seen in 3 to 4 weeks after treatment, once previously hatched insects have died naturally, As a preventative measure, Nyguard can be sprayed in and around home even before an infestation breaks out. Maintaining an year round treatment will prevent insects that are lurking in the background to become a full-fledged, problematic infestation.

For an even stronger attack, tank mix Nyguard IGR along with an adulticide to immediately control insects in adult stages and also inhibit growth in immature stages. Review insect population and repeat treatment every 2 to 4 weeks depending on how severe the infestation is.


Nyguard IGR – Benefits

  • Proudly carries the broadest range of insects on its label.
  • Works 10 times more actively than another popular IGR, Gentrol.
  • Versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Safe to use in food and non-food areas.
  • Provides residual protection for upto 7 months.
  • Works on more stages of pests than its counterparts like Methoprene, Hydroprene and Archer.


Target pests

Ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, crickets, moths, mosquitoes, fruit flies, house flies, roaches (German, Asian, Brown-banded).


Target usage areas

Apartments, attics, backyards, basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, appliances, bookshelves, buses, cabinets, hotels, schools, poultry houses and more.


Nyguard IGR Label – Ingredients, Instructions & More

Active Ingredients

2-[ 1-Methyl-2-(4-phenoxyphenoxy) ethoxy ] pyridine – 10.00%

Other ingredients – 90.00%


General application instructions

Nyguard IGR concentrate can be used as a general surface spray, both indoors and outdoors. It can be applied using a hand pump spray, a paintbrush, rollers, foam applicators and the likes.

You can apply the Nyguard diluted solution as a spot treatment to cracks and crevices paying special attention to hidden areas that support the growth of insect population and create a habitable environment for their reproduction.

Nyguard IGR concentrate can also be applied as a fog at a low volume using equipment like foggers, misting and aerosol sprayers. For fogging, mix 1 ml of Nyguard concentrate per 1,000 square feet. Close down the area to be treated. Spray the solution in the air and target most of the fog towards areas that breed pests. Leave the treated area once the fogging is complete. Allow air circulation in the area before entering back in.


General mixing instructions

Amount of Nyguard IGR per gallon of water Amount of Nyguard per unit area (1,000 sq. feet) Amount of per unit area 

(1,500 sq. feet)

4 ml 3.0 ml 4.0 ml
8 ml  5.5 ml 8.0 ml
12 ml  8.0 ml 12.0 ml


Nyguard IGR Mixing Instructions

Nyguard IGR concentrate is supposed to be mixed with water and applied using a low pressure spray, especially for indoor applications. To prepare a diluted spray solution, start by partially filling your container with water. Then, add the recommended amount of Nyguard IGR concentrate (refer to the chart below). Stir the mixture and fill water to the final volume. Stir before each spray.


Type of insect Spray solution Coverage area
Flea (indoor & outdoor) 4 ml of Nyguard per gallon of water 1,500 sq. feet
Cockroaches (indoor & outdoor) 11 ml of Nyguard per gallon of water 1,500 sq. feet
Ants (indoor & outdoor) 11 ml of Nyguard in sufficient water to thoroughly wet the surface area being treated 1,500 sq. feet
Flying insects 4 ml of Nyguard in sufficient water to thoroughly wet the surface area being treated 1,500 sq. feet
Pests in food areas 11 ml of Nyguard per gallon of water 1,500 sq. feet
Litter beetle in poultry houses 4 ml of Nyguard in sufficient water to thoroughly wet the surface area being treated 1,000 sq. feet


Is Nyguard Safe?

Nyguard is generally safe for homes when used according to the instructions on the product label. However, it is important to take the necessary precautions. Anyone who is not the applicator of the product should be kept outside the area of treatment, especially pets and pregnant women. People are free to return to the area of treatment as soon as the spray has dried out. The drying period should take around 30 minutes to 1 hour.


The residual chemical of the Nyguard concentrate works roughly for the next 7 months to provide continuous flea protection. That doesn’t mean it stays on your carpets and rugs and is harmful for your kids. As long as you keep kids and pets away from the treated area until the formula has completely dried, Nyguard causes no harm at all.