Nuvan ProStrips Review – UPDATED 2020 – Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

Battling the tiny and elusive creatures called bed bugs can be quite frustrating because of their hiding skills, small stature and living practices. The most concerning thing about bed bugs is that they can go unnoticed for a long time. Most homeowners realize the presence of bed bugs by the time it has turned into a serious problem.

Generally, people panic when they first discover bed bugs and start looking for effective ways to get rid of them quickly. Powders and pesticides available in the market are powerful enough to eliminate the pests from the place. However, bed bugs tend to hide in crevices and cracks with the smallest width. They often hide in objects with crevices and go unaffected by these methods.

This characteristic of bed bugs makes it difficult to remove them from luggage, electronic items, books, ornaments and other household items. One of the most innovative products for bed bug removal is Nuvan ProStrips that claims to get you rid of bed bugs even in the most challenging conditions. In this review, we take a closer look at the product, its features and effectiveness to help you find whether it really works.

Nuvan ProStrips Review – UPDATED 2020

An insecticide that uses Dichlorvos poison to kill pests and insects, Nuvan ProStrips is aimed at eliminating a wide range of infestations and bed bugs using specialized control release technology. Dichlorvos (DDVP) belongs to a class of insecticides that show effects similar to the powerful and dangerous pesticide DDT.

They are easy to use in the form of strips which can be used directly without any mixing or preparation. These strips work through vapour action and are quite effective at bed bug control. Nuvan ProStrips, when applied to the infested area, slowly diffuse a deep penetrating vapour in an enclosed space for months together to control infestation.

Nuvan ProStrips emits an odorless gas that gets evenly distributed in the infestation area to eliminate visible as well as hiding bed bugs along with other insects. It also works to prevent any new infestation for up to months after application.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective at controlling bed bugs and other insects
  • Works through vapour and involves no chemical residue
  • Provides protection for up to four months
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use


  • The active ingredient can lead to various illnesses if not used with safety precautions
  • It cannot be used in areas where people spend long hours

Nuvan ProStrips Safety

Nuvan ProStrips is a highly effective solution to kill bed bugs and other insects and pests. However, it contains Dichlorvos as the main ingredient which makes it necessary to take care of safety while using the product. DDV is powerful enough to eliminate bed bugs but can cause harm to humans and pets if proper safety measures are not exercised.

Below are some of the most important safety tips to consider when using Nuvan ProStrips for bed bug control.

  • Don’t over-apply the product. One strip of 16-gram is enough to treat 100-200 cubic feet of area. Determine the number of strips you may need to treat your space and make sure you don’t use more than the estimate.
  • Avoid using the product in the kitchen or other areas where food items can get exposed. Also, make sure that utensils don’t come in contact with the strips.
  • Keep the product away from the kids area or where the pets sleep and play. ProStrips should not be used in the space where family members spend a long time during the day.
  • Consider wearing hand gloves while applying the strips in the house or garage.
  • ProStrips should be used in places such as garages, closets, wardrobes, storage units and cupboards.

There are instances of illnesses caused by using the product in occupied areas like bedrooms and kitchens. It is necessary to follow the label instructions and safety precautions for effective and safe use of this product.

Nuvan ProStrips – Where To Buy?

Nuvan ProStrips is a professional grade bed bug control product and cannot be generally found at over the counter stores. However, you can buy this insecticide at major online stores like eBay and Amazon. It is also available at home maintenance stores such as,,, and more.

The product comes in a package of 12 strips of 16 grams each. The pack also includes 12 cages for easy usage. This pack costs about $45 and provides a cost-effective solution to controlling bed bugs in the house. It can be easily purchased online from any website selling products related to pest control.

How Effective Are Nuvan ProStrips?

Nuvan ProStrips is a highly effective bed bug control product aimed at treating hard to reach areas which are difficult to treat with other methods. This product makes it easy to treat electronics, shoes, handbags and other items. You just have to remove the strips from the sealed package and place inside a cage and it starts emitting an odorless vapour.

This product effectively kills bed bugs that come in contact with the slowly released vapour of the powerful insecticide. It is effective at controlling bugs that have entered areas like footwear, mattresses, computers, electronics, appliances, furniture, books and other items. It proves to be useful at treating closets and stuff placed inside sealed bags.

The strip is designed to start working as you remove it out of the packet and works within a specified area. The strips start killing bugs immediately after application and you can see the results within hours. Apart from bed bugs, the product can treat unhatched eggs that the infested area may contain. To treat effectively, you should seal the application area for at least seven days to destroy bed bug eggs. Sealing for 48 hours will make sure all the bed bugs are effectively destroyed.

Tips to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

Getting rid of bed bugs quickly is possible with a powerful insecticide like Nuvan ProStrips that works by spreading a vapour of dichlorvos in the enclosed space to kill insects and their eggs. These strips come sealed in a package and can be pulled and placed in a cage in an enclosed area of infestation. It is crucial to seal the space to keep the pests enclosed without any way to escape.

You can seal the doors and windows of a room and hang the strip in closets to kill bed bugs hiding in crevices and cracks in less than 72 hours. For effective use of this product, it is advisable to seal infested items like luggage, containers and bags and leave them outside the home with the strip for 3-14 days. The dangerous gas works on the nervous system of bed bugs to paralyse them eventually leading to their death.

Nuvan ProStrips can be used inside closets and rooms and the gas penetrates through cracks, crevices and walls to reach the insects and their eggs. It kills the bed bugs within three days of application and would destroy all eggs if left for 2-3 weeks. It can last for up to four months and results can be seen in 72 hours if bed bugs are exposed without any chance to escape.