Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent For Cars- Top 3 Choices for 2020

Cars are a haven for mice. It is warm cozy and filled with parts that are wonderful for their little jaws to gnaw at. If you have been particularly neglectful of the cleanliness of your car, you can expect a rat infestation in it. Mice are particularly drawn to the machine engine and vents of the car where they chew through wiring. They will eventually die and leave a strong stench in the process. Rats and mice will leave your car stinky and damaged. However, you can stop all this from happening if you have ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars. This device creates sound waves that pests can hear and which drive them crazy. If rats or mice are thinking of invading your vehicle, ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars can effectively stop them in their tracks.

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Ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars–how do mice get in cars?

Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent For Cars

You may think your car is already protected when you lock it and turn on the alarm. However, little rodents have a way of sneaking into all types of cars. Their small size allows them to pass through cracks and crevices that may just be a dime size. In some cases, they will trace a path from the engine and make their way through other parts of the car. They will gain entry through air vents and cable holes. They also make their way through pedal shafts and the steering column. 

Mice can also get in if you leave just a tiny crack of your window open. It is crucial to keep a car unattractive to mice. 

Mice are Likeliest to Nest in your Car in the Winter

Mice are active throughout the year, but their habits change with every season. During the warmer months, they will be scouring buildings and indoor structures to find food supplies, water, and nesting. In the cold winter months, they will be more inclined to stay indoors. As night creatures, mice are active in the late afternoon until the early mornings. They choose hours when people and other animals won’t see them. 

Mice want to be protected from the cold and rain; hence, they will likely make your car their home during winter. Cars which are parked and exposed in open areas are vulnerable to mice infestation. Rats can also get in cars parked in garages. Ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars are an effective way to make sure your cars will be rodent-free. 

How to Prevent Mice from Coming into Your Car–Ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars

When you open compartments in your car to look for important items such as a map, pen, or sunglasses, the least you expect to see is a mouse dead or alive. Circumstances don’t guarantee that your car will be 100% rodent free, but doing the following can minimize your chances of getting rats and mice into your car. 

Keep your car clean

Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent For Cars

If your car is filled with clutter such as paper, tissues, and fast food crumbs, it can be highly attractive to mice. If the state of your car is like a dumpster, it will be a magnet for mice which will use your car for hiding, nesting, sleeping, and finding food. 

Don’t allow moisture to build up inside your vehicle

Mice need a water source and love damp, moist areas. You should keep condensation low on your car. The accumulation of moisture can be due to several reasons from a leak in the heater to blockages in the filter. If you have damp clothing in your car, it will also contribute to the problem. If condensation occurs in your car regularly get it checked by professionals to find the root of the problem. 

Keep foliage away from your car

During the fall, there is a profusion of falling leaves which mice use to hide from the rain. However, a warm vehicle is an even more pleasant place for mice. When there are a lot of leaves on your car, it forms a path that will lead them straight inside. In contrast, if a mouse can’t come anywhere near your car, they will be unlikely to enter it. 

Don’t leave openings into your vehicle

Keep your vehicle securely closed. If there are gaps in the opening of your car, such as a door that is left ajar or a sunroof and window that won’t close completely, mice can easily come in and out and make your car their haven. 

These tips can greatly reduce rodent infestation in your car. Any car or vehicle is always at risk for mice unless ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars are put to use. 

Ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars –What to Check in Your Car for Rodent Damage

Rats and mice cause undue damage to car parts. Your ignition wires and air vents, upholstery and insulation are all vulnerable to the gnawing and chewing of rodents. Mice especially have strong teeth and can chew through all vehicle components, even through tough metal. There are signs that rodents have been in your car if:

  • Wires around the engine have been gnawed 
  • Gauze has been shredded in the air vent
  • Insulation and upholstery that has been chewed on
  • Presence of holes in non-metal parts of the vehicle
  • Presence of droppings and claw marks

There are cases wherein damage is so severe that it will stop the car from starting. Even if mice haven’t yet invaded the passenger space, flashing engine warning lights signal that damage has already occurred in the hood area of a car. Getting rodents out of your car is not just an issue of sanitation. The proper operation of your vehicle is affected so protect it from mice infestations. 

How to Keep Mice Out of Your Car Engine

Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent For Cars

The best way to stop mice from coming into your car is by parking it indoors. The garage will serve as a buffer between the vehicle and the rodents outdoors. You can do more precautions in ensuring your car will be safe. If you have pet cats, put their little box in your garage and let the cat hang out in your garage at night. Cats can be very helpful in this case since they are mice’s natural predators. Another alternative is to put a rubber snake under the car to scare rodents away. 

If parking your car indoors in a safe rodent-free zone is impossible, mice will likely come to invade your car. If you can’t provide the external protection of an indoor garage, it is vital to protect the car by making it rodent repellent. When placed inside your vehicle, an ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars can scare these pests away. 

Ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars –Is There a Mouse in Your Car Vent or Air Conditioner?

There are plenty of odors but none as smelly as a dead rodent inside an enclosed vehicle. When a rodent expires in a car, it will usually be near the air vents. It becomes even stronger and distinct once the car is switched on and the heaters are activated. In these instances, mice are often located near the windshield. Mice get to this area by passing through the cracks between the gutter and the fender. In these cases, the mice should be removed by professional auto maintenance. The possibility of this occurring can be lessened by putting ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars. 

Ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars –How to Dispose of a Dead Mouse in Your Car

There may be instances when a mouse will go through several obstacles only to have its final destination in your car’s interiors. When you have to dispose of a dead mouse found inside your car, you must follow sanitation guidelines since rodents leave bacteria and diseases behind. 

It is crucial to remember that you must never use your bare hands to handle a mouse. Protect your hands with rubber gloves and follow these steps for removing rodents:

  • Place the rodent’s body in two Ziploc bags, seal it and dispose of the remains in the outdoor dumpster
  • Use towels to clean the area where there has been mouse activity, dispose of the towels immediately
  • Dilute 1.5 cups bleach with a gallon of water
  • Apply the mixture using a sponge in areas around your car where there has been mouse activity. 
  • Get rid of the sponges and gloves 

When you have finished sanitizing your car, scrub your hands including your forearms and nails with a soap that has antibacterial properties. Do this process for five minutes and rinse everything away with warm water. 

Keep Rodents Away

There is no surefire way on how to keep mice from your vehicle. However, you can reduce the chances of them from ever entering your car by keeping the interior space clean and sanitized. Keep the vehicle away from rodent-infested areas. Additionally, an ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars can keep rodents away and seek out alternative, and more inviting havens. 

Top 3 Ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars

Our Top Pick


Product Name: MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Product Description: MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars is one of the best-reviewed products on the market. It has been proven to repel pests from rodents to mosquitoes and spiders. The ultrasonic wave has a coverage of more than a thousand feet. It can be put in most areas such as the attic or garage. Many users have said that it is an effective repellent for pests and they have had zero pest activity since using it.

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This ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars has a patented system that is guaranteed to drive pests crazy by causing disorientation. They can’t feed or build bests in areas where this device is installed. You can effectively get rid of rodents and all other kinds of pests. It is also 100% kid-safe since the sound waves are inaudible to humans and your non-target animal pets. Using ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars is environmentally friendly and a healthier option from chemicals, and poisons. Plus, it emits no noxious smells.


  • Has a lot of positive feedback
  • Has coverage of 1200 square feet
  • Repels all types of pests


  • The success rate varies depending on infestation levels

Runners Up

TBI Pro – Ultrasonic Pest ​​Repeller

TBI Pro - Ultrasonic Pest ​​Repeller

The TBI Pro Pest Repeller ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars is created to eliminate mice and other common pests that may invade your vehicle

There are a lot of good reviews for this product, and it takes pride in its 2000 feet coverage. Users have said that this device effectively drives away pests. The two-pack especially gives value for money. One reviewer commented that keeping TBI Pro – Ultrasonic Pest ​​Repeller activated near her sink drove ants away, a pest which has been plaguing her every year. 


This ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars’ Electromagnetic & Variable Ultrasonic technology drives pests away. You have the option of choosing from two ultrasonic frequencies to drive away most pests and rodents depending on your needs. This device uses multi-frequency waves to ensure that pests won’t become immune to the soundwaves. The frequencies will drive them out of your home. The coverage of one device is up to 2000 square feet. 


  • Has coverage of up to 2000 square feet
  • Two unite come with each package
  • The air is purified with negative ions released


  • More expensive than other brands


Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars can effectively eliminate pests from rodents to spiders. You can plug it in an electrical outlet and let it do its work. This product is great for people who want an environmentally friendly option that doesn’t require pesticides and chemicals. This product also comes with a warranty and the option for a refund. 


This ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars drives pests away. Bionic waves are unleashed and disorient pests driving them away from your home for good. Pests from rodents to mosquitoes and spiders are not immune to the electromagnetic wave and ultrasonic wave technology. Pests are driven away completely with just a few weeks of use. 


  • Gives up to 1200 square feet repellent coverage
  • Repels all types of pests
  • Has three different light intensities


  • The range is limited compared to other brands


Final thoughts

Your car or vehicle is an expensive investment that should be protected from all kinds of pests most of all, rodents. These small creatures can do actual harm to your engine and may even cause it to stop functioning well. If you want a hassle-free pest repellent, you can use within your car that emits no noxious smells ultrasonic mouse repellent for cars is your best option. Simply plug it in and enjoy a clean and pest free vehicle.