Vendetta Roach Gel Review – UPDATED 2020 – Ingredients, Bait & More

Pests like cockroaches can give a hard time to homeowners by damaging things and spreading diseases. Once they enter, they are everywhere. They infest kitchens, cupboards, pantries, garages and leave no area safe. While there are numerous methods to control these infestations, it is important to make sure that the one you use is effective.

Roach killers are available in various forms including roach baits which come as tablets and gels. While tablets are common for outdoor use, gels work great when used indoors. Roach baits contain a scent that attracts roaches to feed on them. They kill roaches with delayed poisoning and can kill hundreds of pests with a single dose.

In this post, we talk about one of the most powerful and effective roach bait products, Vendetta Roach Gel and see how well it performs for roach control.

Vendetta Roach Gel Review – UPDATED 2020

A newly introduced, high performance gel roach bait technology, Vendetta is a roach gel bait that uses a special formula to combat the toughest cockroach populations.

Used for indoor roach control, Vendetta combines a distinct bait matrix with active ingredient Abamectin B1 to kill indoor roaches effectively. It has a smell that appeals to roaches. They find it attractive and get killed within a short time.

Vendetta roach gel has a balanced and palatable formulation for averse and non-averse infestations. It is quite easy to use, stable at high temperatures and not messy or runny. It can be used for any indoor roach infestation that requires a bait.

Its active component is great for bait rotation and it has a longer shelf life as compared to many other bait products. Vendetta also has a broad usage label and can be used in special situations where sprays cannot be used.

Here are the main features of Vendetta Roach Gel:

  • Effective for up to 30 days after application
  • Shelf life of up to 3 years
  • Easy to use and dispense
  • Safe for use in food areas and food-handling establishments
  • Works for bait averse as well as non-averse roaches
  • Safe for sensitive areas
  • Dispenses smoothly without any mess

Vendetta roach gel can be used in and around residential, commercial and industrial buildings including hospitals, homes, garages, hotels, restaurants, schools, supermarkets, warehouses, ships, trains, aircraft, food establishments and more.

Vendetta Roach Bait – What You Should Know?

Specially designed to attract hard-to-kill cockroaches inside residential, commercial and industrial properties, Vendetta roach gel bait features a high-performance bait technology to control stubborn populations. It contains a special formula proven to deliver fast results and higher levels of kills.

The proven active ingredient Abamectin is combined with a greatly effective bait formula to work on bait-averse and non-averse roach infestation.

Vendetta roach bait has an easy to dispense formula that does not get messy or runny. It is free of common allergens. It can be used in combination with other insect regulators to get highly effective results.

This roach gel can also be used with other cockroach gels for an efficient bait rotation program. Rotating gel baits from different brands and ingredients can provide a complete roach control for a long period of time.

It should also be noted that gel roach baits should not be used for preventative measures because they can attract roaches not already present in the area. It is advisable to remove any food and water sources for roaches to get desired and fast results.

For indoor use, applications should be made on cracks and crevices near appliances, water pipes, water sources, under counters, along baseboards and door frames where insect activity is common.

Vendetta Roach Bait Ingredients

Proven to be highly effective at roach control, Vendetta Roach Bait combines a unique bait matrix that contains Abamectin B1 s the active ingredient along with other components aimed at combating roach infestation.

When a cockroach consumes the bait, the Abamectin interacts with the nervous system of the insect as a GABA inhibitor and starts showing results in 24 hours. It targets the transmission in the neural system of the insects to cause a nervous break-down in the body. The affected insect then becomes paralyzed, stops feeding and ultimately dies in some time.

Vendetta roach contains ingredients that cause a delayed-action. The active component works gradually to let roaches reach their harborage sites before killing. This way, the affected roaches transfer the ingredient throughout the colony through contact, feeding or faeces. The ingredients are safe for humans and animals and non-toxic to birds. They degrade fast and can be used on plants and crops.

Vendetta Cockroach Bait – Getting Started

Vendetta cockroach bait is ideal for use in cracks and crevices and as a spot treatment to control roach infestations indoors. It comes as a pre-filled plastic reservoir intended for convenient use with bait injector devices generally used in the pest control industry.

It can be easily injected into void spaces, cracks and crevices and any other areas where insects can live, hide and feed. The bait placement can be done with concentrate for spot treatment at insect activity sites.

The product comes as a pack of four tubes that can make over 120 bait placements. To apply to desired locations, you can remove the cap from the nozzle and push down the plunger touching the surface to be treated.

The bait can be applied to cracks and crevices and it adheres easily to non-dusty, non-greasy surfaces. It also remains active as long as it is visible. All the areas can be covered with the product, except those accessed by pets and kids.

It is recommended to use multiple, small placements of Vendetta bait than fewer, bigger ones. You can perform a visual inspection of the treated area after one month of application. If the product is not visible, you can reapply the bait depending on the severity of the infestation.

For light infestations, the recommended application rate is 4-6 bait points per 100 square feet of area. 12-24 bait points per 100 square feet is recommended for heavy infestation.