Actisol Treatment For Roaches – UPDATED 2020 – A Complete Guide

Roaches are one of the most common pests that create a real menace in homes. Not only do they damage items but also spread diseases. It is really important to control them quickly because their population rises fast from a single female to an entire infestation.

It is best to hire a professional pest control service to eliminate the whole population of roaches in the house at once. Professionals use various methods to treat the infestation in your property including the use of various insecticides. One of the most popular is the Actisol treatment for roaches.

In this post, we take a closer look at this product and see how effective it is at treating roaches. We also discuss how homeowners should prepare for the treatment to make it effective and safe.

Actisol Treatment For Roaches – UPDATED 2020

Actisol offers a professional quality aerosol sprayer unit for controlling pests like roaches in the house. It is a compact, lightweight, portable spray unit intended for use in residential as well as small commercial properties that require treatment with insecticide. It is designed to kill household pests fast and effectively.

Actisol treatment uses a high-quality tool that professional technicians can use to kill roaches hiding in various areas of the house. The unit works with low volume of insecticide and constant pressure of air. The mixture gets atomized in a special nozzle at the end of the wand which makes spraying easy and convenient.

The unit features a 18 inches wand with a low-maintenance, durable design to provide cost savings with efficiency. The nozzle allows precise and continuous spraying. Aerosol released through the nozzle penetrates further to reach roaches hidden in cracks, crevices and voids. The Actisol aerosol sprayer can be used to kill and control a variety of other insects and pests like bees, bedbugs, ants, termites and more in addition to cockroaches.

Ideal for light to large-sized infestation in a residential or commercial property, Actisol treatment suits deep harborage applications inside kitchens and other areas like cabinets, ceiling, switch plates, baseboards and wall voids where infestation is common.

Actisol Treatment Preparation

To perform Actisol treatment, you just have to load the insecticide of your choice into the compact portable aerosol unit. There are some preparation steps you should follow before making actisol treatment.

Once you unload the Actisol compact unit, fill the tank with water and mix the insecticide solution according to the instruction on the label. Plug the unit into the electric outlet and switch it on to pressurize the tank. It is necessary to purge air bubbles to prevent cutoff of flow. This can be done by turning the unit off and pointing the tip into the tank of your insecticide. The trigger should be pulled until a stream flows for about 30 seconds. The unit should be switched on again for using.

The pressure regulator knob on the top of the unit can be adjusted by lifting the lock ring and turning it clockwise. It can be increased to reach desired levels, though the normal pressure is 15 PSI. You can position the applicator tip against the area to be treated to attack hiding roaches. Depressing the trigger sprays the insecticide. Releasing the trigger allows a constant flow to spray insecticide into crevices where pests are hiding.

For safety, it is necessary to wear protective equipment before operating the unit. Ornamental plants should be covered and aquariums should be sealed and filters to be turned off. All the pets should be kept away and not allowed before 24 hours of treatment. Computers and other electrical items should be removed or covered. All the sources of flame, fans, ventilation and air moving systems should be turned off.

How To Prepare For Exterminator Roaches?

There are some essential steps that should be followed before any DIY or professional treatment of roaches.

Clean the home and maintain neatness for long-lasting results. Cleaning can eliminate food sources for roaches and attract them to treatment products. Any open food should be covered. All the appliances, items and foods should be removed from the countertop.

Clean kitchen and other floors and wood with the right cleaner. Vacuum carpeted floors thoroughly. Cover supplies, crib mattresses, baby toys, changing tables and other kids items. Store the garbage in closed containers. Make sure pest control professionals have access to everywhere roaches are found.

Any visible roaches and eggs should be cleaned before the visit. Remove all the items from the top of the stove, refrigerator and other appliances. Move the appliances away from walls and clean the area around them. Discard all the trash and paper products as they can become harborages for roaches.

What To Do After Pest Control Sprays For Roaches?

Once the pest control spray treatment for roaches has been performed, the following tips should be followed to ensure a safe and effective service.

You should wait until the recommended period before re-entering the premise if it was vacated. See that no pets or humans enter before the advised time elapses. If, by chance, any food was left outside, avoid using it and discard it. Wear disposable gloves when you handle sprayed areas for the first time. When you unwrap the items, see that you don’t touch anything with naked hands.

There is no need to clean the place immediately after the treatment. If you sweep and mop the area too soon, treated areas can be wiped off and effectiveness is reduced. Avoid deep cleaning for at least one week after the treatment for roaches.

After the pest control sprays, you are likely to find dead roaches here and there. Keep checking the spots regularly and clean the areas as dead pests can invite other pests. To avoid future infestation, you should get leaking taps and pipes repaired as leaking water can become entry points. You should also avoid newspapers, magazines, paper bags and other paper material in the house as it can be a source of food for roaches.