Stryker 54 Review – UPDATED 2021 – Insecticide, Aerosol & More!

Contact kill insecticides are great products for those who want to get rid of bugs quickly. Aerosols are non-residual and kill on contact. They don’t continue killing additional bugs coming in contact with the infected bug. One such powerful aerosol is the Stryker 54 with effective active ingredients that kill desired bugs on contact.

In this review, we take a closer look at this product and try to understand how it works. This review aims to help readers learn what they can expect from this insecticide.

Stryker 54 Review – UPDATED 2021

Stryker 54 is a contact insecticide aerosol spray that quickly knocks down insects and pests coming in contact. It dissipates quickly without leaving any residue. It is powerful pest identification and inspection tool which can be used indoors as well as outdoors to flush out a wide variety of creatures from their hiding places.

The product comes as a 15-ounce can with a convenient sprayer. It contains Pyrethrins and other active ingredients to provide powerful contact kill without leaving any pesticide residue. The aerosol spray can treat a variety of pests including bed bugs, ants, flies, fleas, moths, carpet beetles, cockroaches, wasps, ticks, house flies, spiders, fruit flies, hornets, mosquitos and other insects.

Stryker 54 can be used as either a direct spray or crack and crevice treatment to get rid of unwanted pests in the household and outdoors. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas, food handling areas, mattresses and space treatment. It is useful for homes, restaurants, offices, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, schools, vehicles, supermarkets and industrial settings.

To use Stryker 54 as a direct spray, you can direct the spray where insects are located. The most common areas are under and behind equipment and furniture, corners of rooms and others. See that you spray it from a distance of 18-24 inches from the surface and let the product drift to the area you want to treat. When spraying the product, switch off fans and air conditioners and close windows and doors. The quantity should not exceed 10 seconds per room for residential spaces and 10 seconds per 100 sq. feet for commercial areas.

For crack and crevice treatment with Stryker 54, use the special tip of the bottle to inject the product into the cracks and crevices as well as void spaces where you think the insects are breeding or feeding. Apply the product for one second into the cracks, holes and openings. For light infestation, move the injector tip along the cracks at a rate of 3 feet per second while heavy infestation need application at a rate of 1 foot per second.

Stryker 54 Insecticide & Contact Aerosol

Stryker 54 is a quick-acting contact aerosol that gets you rid of insects and pests without leaving any pesticide residue. While the product is ideal for use around pets and humans, care should be taken to make sure it is not inhaled or swallowed. It is advisable to wear personal protective equipment while applying the insecticide. The applicator should wash the hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the product.

When using the aerosol as a space spray in an indoor area, the applicator should wear a respirator or mask. The product is also toxic to aquatic animals and bees when exposed directly. It should also not be applied directly to water or areas where water is present. All the humans and pets should stay away from the space during application. It is advisable to remove the aquariums and birds before application. When used as a spray treatment, no animals or humans should be allowed to enter until the spray has dried.

Stryker 54 & Tempo Dust

While Stryker 54 is a non-residual quick-action contact aerosol that works on a variety of insects and pests, Tempo Dust is a ready-to-use dust that provides effective residual control of different pests, indoors and outdoors. Tempo Dust contains 1% of active ingredient cyfluthrin that kills bees, bedbugs, ants, carpet beetles, moths, wasps, termites, cockroaches and other insects.

Tempo Dust is a non-staining, low odor product with broad label use and delivers powerful pest control through residual action. A combination of Stryker 54 and Tempo Dust is used to treat a variety of low to heavy infestations both indoors and outdoors. The contact aerosol provides a quick knockdown effect to kill the insects and pests inside crevices and cracks. When it dries, Tempo Dust can be applied to leave a residue that keeps killing the pests and destroy the larvae to make sure there is no chance of future infestation from left-behind larvae and insects.

Such a combination use is suitable for different places and infestations. It provides a powerful way to get rid of stubborn insects and helps kill insects and pests in hard-to-reach areas. These products are also suitable for nest treatments for heavy infestations. When used as directed, both these insecticides help eliminate any type of unwanted pests from the facility safely.


Stryker 54 is one of the best options for those who want an effective and fast way to get rid of a wide variety of insects and pests. It can be used for space treatment, cracks and crevices treatment as well as direct spray application to eliminate infestations safely and effectively. It suits indoor as well as outdoor areas and even food handling areas for a quick knockdown on contact without any residue.