How To Use 960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap? A Complete Guide

Fruit flies are a total nuisance in the kitchen, finding their way into your food items before you even enjoy it. And it takes no time for them to take over your kitchen. By the time you spot one, there are already thousands of them to battle with. However, it is possible to get rid of such infestation with simple and effective methods available.

Fruit fly traps are one of the best solutions to tackle these creatures in the first place. Today, we talk about 960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap and try to understand how the product can be used to keep the kitchen and foods protected against fruit flies and other infestations.

960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap Review – UPDATED 2020

Fruit flies are easily attracted to ripe and decaying fruits and vegetables as well as fermented food items. They grow quickly in number and often get impossible to control. While you can always take preventive measures to prevent them from entering the house, a solid solution is essential to get rid of an infestation when it occurs.

The 960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap is a product developed to help homeowners deal with fruit fly infestations effectively. It is a solution that allows locating the source of fruit flies in the home and eliminate the infestation. Designed to help you pinpoint breeding sites of these nasty flies, the 960 Vector fruit fly traps make it easy to get rid of the entire infestation.

This product has a scientific design that locates the source of a fruit fly infestation by keeping track of the count of caught flies in the trap. It features a 10-hole venting lid that maximizes the exposure of flies to vapors emitted from its attractant. The food-grade attractant is capable of attracting different species of fruit fly from short distances.

The 960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap is a versatile product that can be used in different areas with ease. It is an economical solution that does not expose you to any poison as the attractant is non-toxic and food-grade. The efficiency of the trap is enhanced with the use of orange-colored plastic with a chemical composition for the lid and base. The lid is removable to facilitate monitoring and identification of fruit flies caught.

Fly Trap Sheets – What You Should Know?

Fly traps come in a wide variety in the market and work effectively to attract flying insects and trap them. However, they vary in their action and results. The first and the most effective type is a liquid-based trap that attracts flies by targeting their love for sweets and fruits. These products contain a vinegar-based bait that attracts fruit flies and traps them.

Another type of fly trap consists of sticky sheets that suit outdoors and garden. These traps can be easily set inside pots so that flying insects, as well as insects hiding in the fruits and flowers, can stick to the tape. Fruit fly trap sheets are highly rated as they can remove infestations quickly. They often come with a liquid non-toxic material that attracts the flies into the jar to trap them. They don’t contain any poison and can be used anywhere in the house without any danger.

How To Use 960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap? A Complete Guide

The 960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap comes as a ready-to-use, convenient solution that needs no preparation or equipment to start using. The trap is effective at trapping and mapping infestation when placed close to breeding sites in the house or food-handling areas. You can place it near the dishwasher, sink, food preparation table, food display, behind and under bars, oven, vending machine or supply racks. It should be used when you notice a fruit fly activity in or around the area.

To activate the fruit fly trap, simply pull off the cellophane wrapper from its base to expose the attractant. See that you don’t spill the liquid. Then, snap the venting cap onto the base and the trap is ready to be positioned. Place the traps wherever you see fruit flies and make sure they are not prone to disturbance.

Avoid placing the traps near food preparation areas to minimize fly activity. Such areas are also likely to disturb the trap as human traffic is high. You can also use the glue dots included with the trap to secure it in place. Monitor the level of infestation by counting the number of adult flies caught in the trap. Discard the trap after 30 days of usage and replace it with a new one.

BASF Fruit Fly Trap

BASF is an American company that offers solutions across materials, chemicals, agriculture, surface technologies, nutrition and care. The Fruity Fly Trap is a part of its agricultural solutions division that includes a wide range of customer segments like pest control, public health and others. The low-profile, ready-to-use fruit fly trap is a versatile solution that contains a patented food-grade attractant developed in the Iowa State University to lure Drosophila and other flies to the trap.

The BASF fruit fly trap is designed to be highly effective at trapping fruit flies. It is engineered with a venting lid that increases the exposure of flies to vapors coming out of the attractant liquid. Removable lid allows monitoring and identifying catches. Spill-resistant rings present on the inside and outside avoid any accidental spillage of the liquid.

The 960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap provides an easy, effective, non-toxic way to get rid of fruit flies in different parts of the home. It is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid spraying poison and chemicals in the household while keeping these nasty insects away.