Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7 Review – UPDATED 2020 – How To Use?

Home and business owners often look for easy-to-use, convenient insecticides to control a variety of insects in and around their properties. While there are thousands of options available, not all of them are created equal. Most of them target a specific variety of pests and application. It is desirable to have broad-spectrum insecticides that handle a wide range of insects and pests effectively.

One of the most popular and safest choices for killing a variety of bugs is offered by Rockwell Labs. Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7 is a powerful formulation preferred by homeowners and professional pest control specialists due to its unique nature and features. In this review, we take a closer look at the product’s offerings and learn how to use it efficiently and safely.

Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7 Review – UPDATED 2020

An excellent choice for a broad-spectrum insecticide, Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7 is a micro-encapsulated concentrate with proven potency. It contains 9.7% lambda-cyhalothrin active ingredient that enables it to provide a quick knockdown effect. This insecticide works on a controlled release mechanism to deliver effective pest management.

Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7 is introduced by Rockwell Labs as an improvement over previous concentrates. It features a unique, new formula based on vegetable oil instead of petroleum products to control a variety of bugs without causing harm to the environment. This new formulation makes it a preferred option for those who look for less chemical action.

The microencapsulated formulation makes the concentrate easy to measure and mix. This encapsulation also increases its effectiveness as it adheres readily to the surface. It features a long-lasting residual protection to deliver effective results for several months after application. Its unique formulation makes it ideal for perimeter treatments around properties.

The product comes with a squeeze and measure bottle that makes it easy to mix the formula in a desired concentration. It also has a low odor profile that makes sure insects don’t escape smelling the insecticide. One can spray the product easily around windows and doors, perimeter of the house and other outdoor spaces to treat a variety of insects including scorpions, spiders, roaches and more. It also treats carpenter bees and carpenter ants effectively.

Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7 is also meant to be used in indoor areas for the control of various pests infesting the house. It can be easily sprayed on the cracks and crevices of furniture and appliances to kill hiding pests. It can even be used in food areas to control different types of insects and pests including ants, cockroaches, beetles, millipedes, centipedes, ticks, wasps and more.

How To Use Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7?

It is extremely easy and convenient to use Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7 for indoor and outdoor pest control. It comes in a special design that makes it easy to measure the formula and mix with required water for quick application. You can use tools like handheld pump sprayer, hose-end sprayer, spray rig or backpack sprayer for applying this insecticide.

Firstly, determine the amount of formula required by calculating the area of the space you want to treat. You can mix 0.2 to 0.8 ounces of the product per gallon of water to treat 1000 square feet of area. Refer to the label instructions to get an idea of the recommended concentration of product for various infestations.

Fill the sprayer tank half with water and mix the right amount of solution. Next, fill the remaining half of the water and mix well. Depending on the application area, apply the product with the use of sprayer. Use it as a premise and perimeter pest control treatment by applying to cracks and crevices and spot treatment in and around buildings.

This insecticide can also be used in the form of foam to treat structural voids in order to prevent and control pests like ants, wasps, termites, bees and others residing in walls and voids. You can consider applying a wide band of 10 feet around the perimeter and up to 3 feet high on foundations. The application should show visible results in 1-2 days and it stays active for up to three months.

Lambdastar Ultracap Safety

Lambdastar Ultracap can be used in and around places like food areas, poultry structures, gardens, lawns and yards. It can be sprayed around doors and windows to keep the pests from entering the buildings. To use indoors, you can use a low pressure spray to apply it where pests hide including storage areas, corners, baseboards, closets, windows, doors, around water pipes and behind furniture and appliances.

This product is safe to use when applied according to labelled instructions. It has a low toxicity and does not cause irritation. However, it is recommended that children and pets should be kept away from its reach. Once applied, all the members should be kept away from the treated area until the product dries. Ingesting the product can cause some serious health effects. Once dry, the product is odorless and safe to touch.

While Lambdastar Ultracap is a low-toxicity insecticide and can be used by DIY homeowners looking to control pests in their yards and homes, the person applying the product should wear personal              protective equipment to avoid any direct contact with eyes, skin, nose and mouth.

Where To Buy Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7?

Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7 is a powerful, high-quality insecticide available easily in a convenient bottle. It can be found at your nearby home improvement stores for purchase. You can also buy this insecticide at all the major online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and others. Moreover, most home improvement and pest control websites stock this product for convenient purchase.

You can find it at,,,,,,, and other stores selling pest control products online. You can even buy Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7 from the official website of Rockwell Labs company.