How to Repel Mosquitoes While Sleeping – Tips and Product Suggestions

If you’re a notorious mosquito magnet, you know the feeling of seeing red dots all over your body. As you sleep, these bloodsuckers are throwing a feeding party on your skin. The next day, you’ll wake up to itchy bites and red spots that will take days to fade away. Knowing how to repel mosquitoes while sleeping is the key to prevent this from happening.

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Why do mosquitoes love biting me and not others?

Personally, I’m a mosquito magnet. And of all the members of the household, I’m the one that mosquitoes find the most attractive. Within one night, mosquitoes can leave dozens of bites all over my arms, legs, and even my knuckles. If you also experience the same, there are many possible explanations behind this.

*Humans produce different scents

Each human has a unique scent to which insects and animals get attracted to. This is one of the leading reasons why you seem to be the favorite meal of mosquitoes instead of other family members.

The same scent could also be the reason why you’re also the main target of bed bugs, fleas, and other bloodsucking pests.

According to Dr. Jonathan Day, an entomologist at the University of Florida, some people have higher lactic acid on the skin. This tends to attract mosquitoes. Nevertheless, lactic acid is good for the skin.

*It‘s on your blood

Did anyone ever tell you that your blood is sweeter that’s why mosquitoes prefer biting you? Dr. Day said that there might be some truth to it.

Basically, your blood is not sweet, per se. However, those with Blood Type O seem to be ‘tastier’ for mosquitoes. In fact, there’s evidence that mosquitoes will bite individuals with Blood Type O twice as much than those with Blood Type A.

Since your DNA dictates your blood type, there’s nothing you can do to fix it. All you can manage is to use some repellents and to guard yourself before going to bed.

*You sweat a lot

Yes, sweat attracts mosquitoes. The main reason here is that sweat contains lactic acid, the same substance we’ve mentioned earlier.

It’s also the same reason why mosquitoes are attracted to smelly feet and armpits.

Still, this will depend on the substances that the sweat contains. This will vary from person to person and is a matter of in-depth biochemical analysis.

*You produce more carbon dioxide

Another thing that Dr. Day mentioned is that CO2 attracts mosquitoes. The insects use carbon dioxide to track a host. It’s like their cue in the dark.

Take note that carbon dioxide is the by-product of our body’s metabolic processes. So obese and pregnant people – who happen to have higher metabolic rates – will be the ideal pickings for mosquitoes.

Also, you sweat a lot and produce more CO2 when you’re drunk. And if you have Blood Type O, you’re inviting trouble to creep into your skin.

*You have a higher body temperature

It’s a fact that people with higher body temperatures are mosquito magnets. Since heat is associated with sweat, this attractant doubles its appeal to the insects.

Aside from these mentioned attractants, there are more possible explanations why mosquitoes love your skin so much. Take note that dark and red-colored clothes are also appealing to mosquitoes.

Why mosquitoes tend to bite at night?

Not all mosquitoes bite at night since some species are active during the day. One thing that makes you think that mosquitoes bite at night is because that’s the time when your skin is more vulnerable to the blood-suckers.

While sleeping, you create less movement which allows the mosquitoes to flow in and feed on your blood.

In the U.S., there are about 176 mosquito species. Most of these species are active at dusk or early hours of the night when they get out of their harborage to feed.

The Culex pipiens or common household mosquito tends to bite at night or in the early hours of the morning.

Another reason why some species prefer feeding at night is the cooler temperature. During the day, when the sun is up, they will hide on cooler places to avoid dehydration.

If any of the mosquitoes get inside your home, it will desperately look for a host. Take note that a single mosquito can drink blood up to three times its size. That’s equivalent to several bites a night. Just imagine if many mosquitoes are attracted to your skin.

How to repel mosquitoes while sleeping

To have a more peaceful slumber, you can perform the following measures to reduce the mosquito bites. These aren’t guaranteed to work 100%, but it will help in keeping the insects at bay:

-Wear long pajamas and a long-sleeved top

The first thing that you have to do is to limit the mosquitoes’ access to your skin. Hide as much skin as possible. Wear long pajamas, long-sleeved shirt, and socks. However, we recognize that this is only possible if the weather is cool. Anyway, you can turn the AC on so you can still be comfortable.

Opt for a baggier fit so the mosquitoes will bite air if they try to dig their suckers on your clothing.

Still, make sure that the hems are closed tight so the mosquitoes won’t gain entry. Also, always wear fresh clothes before bedtime so you wouldn’t attract mosquitoes with dried sweat.

-Keep the fan on

Aside from keeping some white noise on your bedroom, turning the fan on is also an excellent way to mess with the flying abilities of mosquitoes.

You may not know it yet, but mosquitoes are weak fliers. Most of them will avoid places that have wind strength of around 0.9 to 3.6 mph.

Aside from disrupting the mosquitoes’ flight, the electric fan will also dissipate your carbon dioxide emissions. This will make it hard for the mosquitoes to spot the host.

-Shut the windows

No matter how humid it feels, cracking a window at night isn’t a great decision. By doing so, you’re letting the mosquitoes enter your home and feed on your blood. This is more disastrous if there’s a large mosquito harborage near your window.

If you really want to keep a window open for some reasons, place screens to block the entry of the mosquitoes. This will let the breeze in while keeping the bugs out.

-Take a shower before bedtime

Taking a shower before bedtime will rinse off your sweat and other substances on your skin which mosquitoes find appealing. Aside from cleaning your body, it will also cool you off, thus less sweat and attractant for the insects.

If you had a night out and had a few drinks, it’s also helpful to take a shower before dozing off. It will save you from the itchy bites.

-Skip the perfume

Some scents are attractive to mosquitoes so it would be better to skip the fragrances before going to bed. If you want a nice whiff in your room, you can use essential oils instead.

Aside from deodorizing your sleeping quarters, the essential oils will also impair the senses of mosquitoes.

Repellents you can try

If you’re not into pesticides and zappers, you can try the following repellents to drive the mosquitoes away:

-Apply DEET lotion

The first and most popular solution on how to repel mosquitoes while sleeping is slathering your skin with DEET products. I personally use this every night and it’s guaranteed to keep the bloodsuckers away for a few hours.

If possible, look for 30% DEET lotions. A single application will last for up to 8 hours or more. However, make sure that you apply it on every inch of your arms and legs as mosquitoes can spot an untreated area.

There are many concerns about the toxicity of DEET. However, personally, I’ve used DEET products for years without experiencing any issues.

The only downside with DEET lotions is the sticky feeling. Other than that, it’s a very efficient repellent for mosquitoes, bugs, fleas, and other insects.

-Use essential oils

One of my favorite solutions for any insect pest is using essential oils. The likes of lavender oil, citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, and more are effective in impairing the senses of the pests. In addition, you will be saved from the bites as the scent masks your CO2 and skin odor.

If you want a more potent solution, use a combination of lemongrass oil and cinnamon oil. This isn’t just annoying for mosquitoes. Direct contact will also lead to their death.

Below, we reviewed the UpNature Citronella Essential Oil that you can use against insects. It’s potent but safe to use on the skin and other surfaces.

-Mosquito coils

Most Asian homes will use mosquito coils to ward off the pesky mosquitoes. Most of these coils have pyrethroids that mosquitoes and other insects don’t like.

Although this is an effective solution, there are many concerns about the use of mosquito coils. First of all, these coils produce smoke which can trigger respiratory problems. Also, if your room isn’t well-ventilated, lighting up a mosquito coil is like smoking a few cigarette sticks in one night.

If possible, opt for plug-in, smokeless coils. These products don’t produce smoke and less invasive than lighting up a traditional coil.

In addition, you should use traditional mosquito coils sparingly.

-Garlic oil

Low concentration of garlic oil can be rubbed into the skin to prevent mosquitoes from biting. However, you should proceed with caution since garlic may sting and burn the skin.

If possible, just dab it around using cotton balls. However, you have to endure the strong smell brought by the garlic. Anyway, you can always blend with more aromatic oils to mask the pungent smell.

Some people swear by swallowing garlic gloves to ward off mosquitoes before sleeping. However, there’s no scientific evidence for this and it could piss your stomach if done every day.

 If possible, blend garlic oil with other essential oils to dilute its potency.

-Eucalyptus oil

Like citronella oil, eucalyptus oil is a strong mosquito repellent. Aside from driving the pesky insects, it will also give your room a nice scent.

If you want to increase the efficacy of eucalyptus oil, you should blend it with a small amount of citronella oil.

This make some people think that planting lemongrass and eucalyptus trees on their yard would solve the problem. The answer is no.

For the mosquito-repelling properties of these trees to unleash, you have to activate it by extracting its oil and juices.

-Mosquito net

If all else fails, a mosquito net is a foolproof solution to keeping the mosquitoes at bay. Opt for one with the dense netting. Also, choose a large one so you can cover more ground.

Don’t forget to tuck the hems of the mosquito net so the insects won’t gain entry. Also, make sure that the net is large enough to keep still even if you toss and turn around the bed.

Commercial solutions we recommend:

OUR TOP PICK: REPEL Lemon & Eucalyptus Insect Repellent Spray
how to repel mosquitoes while sleeping

Product Name: REPEL Lemon & Eucalyptus Insect Repellent Spray

Product Description: The REPEL Lemon & Eucalyptus Insect Repellent Spray is made of lemon eucalyptus oil. Every application of this spray will last for up to 6 hours. Aside from the protection, this spray also smells refreshing. If you don’t like DEET, this is the best alternative, be it for outdoor or indoor use. The REPEL spray is non-sticky and a great choice if you’re not a fan of greasy lotion products. Aside from applying it on your skin, you can also spray it on your bedding to keep bugs away.

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  • Repellency
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Also, we like that its applicator works well and it doesn’t have any chemical smell. And if you want to get the best value for your family, we recommend that you purchase the two-pack set of 4 oz. bottles.

We just want to warn about using this spray on pets. This is only rated for humans and the strong smell may irritate the senses of cats and dogs.

If you’re a mosquito magnet at night, this REPEL Repellent Spray will be your go-to solution.


✔️Every application lasts for up to 6 hours

✔️Non-sticky and non-greasy

✔️Doesn’t have a chemical smell


❌Take note that spills can make floors very slippery


3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion

how to repel mosquitoes while sleeping

If you’re used to lotion repellents, we recommend that you try the 3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion. It contains 34.34% DEET, which delivers superb protection against mosquitoes, bed bugs, ticks, fleas, and other biting insects.

The best thing here is that the 3M Ultrathon repellent lotion lasts for up to 12 hours for every application. Thanks to its time-releasee technology, this repellent lotion will protect you from bites for hours.

Take note that this repellent is developed for military use on outdoor conditions. That’s a guarantee that you will have a mosquito shield beyond bedtime.

Also, if you’re camping or hiking, the 3M Ultrathon repellent lotion is a must-have. It will drive away chiggers, gnats, deer flies, and other insects that carry communicable diseases.

Aside from all these benefits, the 3M Ultrathon repellent lotion is also splash and sweat-proof. So even on the hottest nights, you are protected from mosquitoes.

The only issue that some complained about is the sticky feeling when applying lotion repellents. Personally, it’s not a deal-breaker considering the efficacy of this product.

✔️Every application lasts for up 12 hours
✔️Splash and sweat-proof
✔️Contains 34.34% DEET for utmost protection
❌A bit sticky (not a biggie)

UpNature Citronella Essential Oil

how to repel mosquitoes while sleeping

If you prefer essential oils, we recommend the UpNature Citronella Essential Oil. It’s made of pure and gentle citronella extracted from high-quality lemongrass. This is steam-distilled and guaranteed to have a therapeutic grade.

You can use this oil on a regular diffuser for ease of application. This will help impair the mosquitoes’ senses and it also gives your room a nice scent. If you want the topical application, this oil is safe to use on the skin and can be used for massages as well.

What we love the most about UpNature is its 100% guarantee. If you’re not happy with the effects or quality of the product, the seller will issue a refund of your entire purchase.

The bottle has a dropper cap for ease of use. Aside from repelling insects, citronella oil is also a relaxant, stress reducer, and disinfectant for wounds. One bottle of UpNature’s citronella oil will offer you a myriad of purposes.

Take note that this is so strong so a drop will go a long way. And if you have sensitive skin or respiratory problems, you should consult a doctor first.

✔️Steam-distilled with therapeutic grade
✔️100% pure citronella oil
✔️100% refund policy if you’re not happy with the product
❌The rubber stopper isn’t very durable

Final words

Knowing how to repel mosquitoes while sleeping is easy with some household hacks. Also, using the right product like the REPEL Insect Repellent Spray will do wonders in keeping the insects away.

Do you have suggestions or comments? Let us know below!