How To Apply Bifen IT? A Complete Guide To Bifen IT Mix Ratio & More!

A powerful liquid concentrate, Bifen IT features bifenthrin – its hero active. Bifenthrin is a synthetic pyrethroid which disturbs the insect’s nervous system and physically weakens them, eventually leading to death. 

Over the years, Bifen IT has gathered popularity due to its longest residual power which is 180 days indoors and 30 days outdoors. Such a potent formula can be tricky to use as well. Hence we have got the lowdown – the usage, the precaution, the quantity and everything else in between.


How To Apply Bifen IT? A Complete Guide

Bifen IT can be simply applied using a sprayer. It is a highly concentrated formula which should be diluted with water. It is highly recommended to read the product label before spraying it anywhere. Having said that, there are a few general rules to be followed while applying Bifen IT.


  • Anyone working with the product should wear safety gears such as protective gloves, face masks and glasses to cover their eyes. Direct exposure can cause skin irritation, so be extremely cautious while diluting the chemical.
  • In order to determine how much Bifen IT you need to use, calculate the square footage area. The formula will be (length x width = square footage).
  • Use a pump sprayer and water to blend the mixture.
  • Fill the sprayer with half a gallon of water first before adding in the product.
  • Carefully measure one ounce of Bifen IT and then add IT into the pump filled with water.
  • After adding Bifen IT, fill the sprayer again with another half a gallon of water. Which makes the total of one gallon of liquid.
  • Leave the liquid to rest as it is for 5 to 10 minutes so the water and the concentrate and mix in properly. Now you are ready to spray.
  • Shake the pump periodically to ensure the spray doesn’t get clogged and you get an uniform application.
  • Do not touch the sprayed surface until the spray has completely dried.


If you are using the formula indoors, make sure to cover all food processing surfaces and utensils during treatment. Apply where pests most likely hide. Look for cracks, crevices, storage units, attics, drawers, water pipes, corners, behind refrigerator and water pipes.


Bifen IT Mix Ratio – How IT Works?

Along with being an affordable product, Bifen IT is pretty simple to use. The mix ratio generally depends on the target insect and the area you are treating. Although, the ideal ratio for most insects is about 1 oz. of the Bifen IT formula to be mixed with a gallon of water to create a liquid spray. Each ounce of 1 oz. per gallon of water works on a 1,000 square feet of area.

Bifen IT can be used to control a wide range of insects which includes ants, bees, beetles, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, moths, scorpions, spiders, ticks, fruit flies and wasps.

Ants – Spray around ant trails around the doors and windows, or wherever needed.

Bedbugs – Apply inside cracks and crevices around bed frames, closets, carpet, vanity and wall moldings. Make sure to keep pillows, mattresses, linens and clothes away from the formula.

Bees and wasps – Apply to bee nests late in the evening when pests are resting. Spray at the nest entrance and around the areas thoroughly. Spray liberally and try to reach as many insects as possible. Stop spraying if movement is detected.

Fleas – Bifen IT provides protection against fleas for upto 3 months. It is important to vacuum the area before treatment. To control fleas, you can spray Bifen IT as a low pressure, spot treatment to areas frequented by fleas such as the rugs, furniture and bedding.

Cockroaches, mosquitoes, silverfish, spiders, and ticks – Bifen IT usually provides 1 month of residual control for these insects, however do keep in mind that the length of residual control will depend on the rate and surface area treated. For these pests, use a coarse, low pressure spot spray and target hidden regions like shelves, drawers, furnaces, sinks, stoves etc.


Bifen IT Mix Ratio For Mosquitoes

Bifen IT can be fogged for long-lasting mosquito control. Mosquitoes usually hang out in cold and damp regions and they are most active during sunset and early morning when the temperature drops. When mosquitoes come in contact with Bifen IT, it weakens their central nervous system and paralyzes them. 

Bifen IT in a liquid spray form can be sprayed on shrubs and lower tree limbs where mosquitoes can be usually found. Damp undersides of the leaves on trees and bushes are great target regions to spray Bifen IT for mosquitoes.

Mix 1/2 – 2 ounces of Bifen IT per gallon for mosquitoes. You can use 1-3 gallons per 1,000 square feet. The final quantity will obviously depend on the density of vegetation you are treating.

If you want maximum control against mosquitoes, you can mix Nyguard with Bifen IT. Nyguard is a powerful birth control measure for pests. As for the ratio, mix 1 ounce of Bifen IT and 4-8 ml of NyGuard per gallon of water. Target areas that are dense in foliage and also areas that are moist and shaded.


How Much Bifen IT Per Gallon?

Use the chart below to determine how much quantity of Bifen IT and water you will need to create the required quantity of emulsion.

Final emulsion Amount of Bifen IT Amount of water
1 gallon 1 oz. 127 oz.
5 gallons 5 oz. 4.9 gallons
10 gallons 10 oz. 9.9 gallons
25 gallons 25 oz. 24.8 gallons
50 gallons 1.5 quart 49.6 gallons


Unit of measure –

1 quart = 4 cups = 32 fluid ounces (oz.)

When used in the recommended ratio, Bifen IT proves to be a powerful insecticide to be used for prevention and control against termites and other pests of structure. You can safely use it to control pests in and around homes, commercial and industrial buildings, lawns, backyard, poultry houses and more.