Homemade Spotted Lanternfly Spray – A Complete Guide

The Spotted Lanternfly is one of the most destructive pests that eat up flowers, vegetable plants, crops, fruits and almost any plant that comes its way. Though they don’t bite, they can make it difficult for people to stay in infested outdoor areas. There are several ways to prevent and control the spread of spotted lanternfly. However, most people look for natural remedies to get rid of such pests.

In this guide, we talk about using a homemade spray for Spotted Lanternfly. We also discuss other natural methods to control these pests safely and keep your outdoors protected against damage.

Homemade Spotted Lanternfly Spray – A Complete Guide

Considering the damage these nasty pests cause, there are plenty of options for insecticide solutions in the market targeted at lanternflies. However, they exist and attack in huge numbers, making it difficult to control them. A homemade spotted lanternfly spray offers an effective way to get rid of these creatures naturally.

You can make a homemade spotted lanternfly spray using any combination of natural ingredients effective at repelling these pests. Some of the best sprays are made with rubbing alcohol, vinegar and water. You can also use dish soap and apple cider vinegar to make an effective combination that deals with lanternflies.

These sprays help you eliminate these infestations without coming in contact with any harmful chemicals that are unsafe for pets and kids. Sticking to homemade solutions ensure you always know what you are spraying.

What Kills Lantern Flies On Contact?

There are many natural remedies that effectively kill lanternflies on contact. One of the best ways to get quick control on lanternflies is vinegar. You can use white vinegar filled in a spray bottle to kill lanternflies almost instantly. Another effective ingredient is neem oil. You can spray this oil on these bugs to kill them on contact. You can also make neem oil traps and use them around suspected areas.

Essential oils are also effective at killing lantern flies on contact. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil, peppermint essential oil or lavender oil to water and spray the solution directly on the flies to repel and kill them instantly. The strong smell emitted by these oils makes it difficult for lanternflies and other insects to survive. Dish soaps are also powerful enough to kill these bugs when sprayed directly.

Lantern Fly Spray Dawn Dish Soap – How It Works?

Lanternfly bugs can be easily killed using a mixture of dish soap. Dawn dish soap is effective at controlling these bugs though any brand of dish soap works. Though it is not a completely natural method to get rid of lanternflies, it is much safer for children, pets and even adults. A lot of people prefer using Dawn dish soap to kill lanternflies as it kills them on contact.

You can make homemade lantern fly spray by mixing equal amounts of Dawn dish soap and water in a spray bottle. Spraying this mixture directly on the bugs kills them. The mixture is sticky and drowns the lanternflies coming in contact. You can even use this mixture to destroy lanternfly eggs. Make sure you clean the dead bugs and their eggs after using this spray or they leave a mold that damages the area. This solution can be easily sprayed over plants, trees, shrubs and other places you spot these bugs. They will be instantly killed by this powerful solution.

How To Kill Lanternflies With Dawn Dish Soap?

One of the easiest ways to get rid of lanternflies is to use a homemade lanternfly trap using Dawn dish soap. You can leave the trap on the suspected area for a long time and it continues killing bugs. To make this trap, mix dish soap with apple cider vinegar in a mason jar and stir properly. Next, you can place this jar wherever you spot the bugs. You can place it on the ground, hang on the trees or use anywhere you want. You can use multiple jars to target a bigger area.

Apart from these natural lanternfly traps, Dawn dish soap can be used in several other ways to get rid of these pests safely. You can directly use the dish soap on the bugs where you spot them to kill them instantly. You can also mix other natural repellents with the dish soap and make a spray that you can easily use outdoors on plants and trees.

What Attracts Spotted Lanternflies?

Spotted lanternflies are attracted to a wide variety of host plants and trees and their preferences keep changing with their lifecycle. Nymphs, for example, feed on almost any host plant while adult bugs target specific trees. There are more than 65 species of plants that spotted lanternflies can feed on, including fruit trees like blueberries, vines like grapes, vegetables and even ornamental trees such as lilac.

Nymphs of spotted lanternflies are attracted to Tree of heaven, maple, willow, apple, grapevine, pine, cherries, plums and other fruit trees and others. Adults are typically attracted to the Tree of Heaven and willow. Spotted lanternflies are also attracted to common Milkweed so planting more of these trees can help keep them at bay. These insects don’t know that it is poisonous so they feed on them and get killed. The poisonous sap also slows them down so that they are easier to destroy.

Spotted lanternflies are a real nuisance for garden and yard owners. However, there are some natural, safe and effective methods to get rid of them without using harsh chemicals. We hope this guide helps you make homemade spotted lanternfly spray with ease to keep these bugs at bay.