Hex Pro Termite Bait System Review | Hexaflumuron Termite Bait

Termites cause huge economic losses around the world every year. This is why it is really important to detect these pests on time and exterminate them. Otherwise these wood eating creatures can lead to serious structural damage.

A number of treatments are currently available in the market to eliminate and control termites. These include chemical methods like liquid sprays, foams and bait stations. However, you should choose the most appropriate method to avoid worsening the situation and dealing with more damage.

Bait systems are considered to be one of the most effective methods to keep termites away as they help detect as well as exterminate these nasty pests. Over the years, the Hex Pro Termite Bait System has remained a top choice for termite control. It is highly effective against subterranean termites and destroys entire colonies with its powerful formula.

In this review, we discuss how the Hex Pro termite bait system works, how effective it is and what you can expect from this solution.

Hex Pro Termite Bait System Review – UPDATED 2020

Designed to function as a complete termite baiting system, Hex Pro combines a monitoring system with bait liquid to eliminate termites and their colonies effectively. It is a standalone system which means it can cure as well as prevent infestation. It is introduced by a reputed American company that makes pest control products.

The Hex Pro Termite Bait System continuously monitors the area to detect the presence of termites under the ground. Along with this monitoring system, it uses Shatter Termite Bait Cartridges filled with bait toxicants to eliminate termites and their colonies. This product makes use of Hexaflumuron as the active component. It is a powerful insect growth regulator and eliminates termite infestation effectively.

Using the Hex Pro Termite Bait System is quite simple. Firstly, it monitors the site for the presence of termites under or around. Next, a slow-action insect growth regulator is delivered where the termite activity is detected. Once the control is achieved, the system resumes monitoring for any presence, thereby preventing future infestation.

As soon as termites enter the system and start feeding on termite bait, control can be achieved. Termites carry the bait to their colonies and spread to others, eliminating colonies in about four weeks.

To eliminate subterranean termites and prevent any infestation, one can install the Hex Pro system every 8-10 feet around the perimeter of the building. The system should be checked at regular intervals of about 30 days to replace any used cartridge. You should also replace the wood monitor detector as and when required.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Controls subterranean termites
  • Baits don’t need frequent replacement
  • Controls as well as prevents termite infestation


Hexaflumuron termite baiting system is designed by Dow AgroSciences to ensure a safe, effective, non-invasive and environment-friendly treatment for these pests. The active ingredient in the Hex Pro Termite bait system is Hexaflumuron that belongs to a class of chemicals called Chitin inhibitors. They work by preventing the termites from molting, thereby causing their death at an immature stage.

This insecticide has a gradual effect on the entire colony and the older termites dying in the colony are not replaced. The death of the worker termites affects the entire colony because they are responsible for food and nourishment. Without them, the colony will not be able to survive.

Hexaflumuron termite baits stop the formation of chitin hormone in the termites to stop their molting. They also disturb their social behaviour and turn them chalky white in appearance. Only the worker termites are affected by Hexaflumuron but their death leads to the destruction of the entire colonies. The time taken to destroy the entire colony depends on how much bait is applied. As little as a tube of bait can suppress an entire average-sized colony.

Hexaflumuron Vs Noviflumuron

Both hexaflumuron and Noviflumuron are chemicals that work as active ingredients in termite baits. These bait systems are recently gaining a lot of popularity in the pest control industry due to their safety and efficacy.

These chemicals are aimed at reducing the use of insecticides and their adverse effects on humans, animals and environment. Hexaflumuron and Noviflumuron are both slow-acting reduced-risk pesticides used for termite control and prevention.

Hexaflumuron, upon ingestion, prevents termites from molting, in turn killing them when trying to shed their skin. As the chemical takes some time to take effect, it spreads throughout the colony of termites. Noviflumuron also works to control and prevent termite by passing from first termites to the rest of the colony, resulting in the death of the entire colony. The difference between these two insecticides is that Noviflumuron offers an always-active, above-ground effect while Hexaflumuron does not work above ground.

Hexaflumuron Vs Fipronil

Most modern termite bait systems use chemicals like Hexaflumuron to control and prevent infestations. It is a slow-acting insecticide that interferes with the hormones of termites to lead to death. Fipronil, on the other hand, is a soil-applied barrier treatment for treating termite infestations.

The products containing Fipronil are generally applied directly into the soil around the perimeter of the building. It is often used as a pre-construction termite treatment. Fipronil acts as a continuous barrier against termites to protect the property for years to come. While both Hexaflumuron and Fipronil are reliable termite control insecticides, the right choice depends on the infestation and requirement.