Cryonite Bed Bug Treatment – UPDATED 2021 – Does It Work?

Has your good night sleep been disrupted due to some blood sucking pests? Are you victimised by bed bugs in your own home which was supposed to be a safe haven for you? It is no surprise that creepy crawlies can make your life a living hell if not properly dealt with.


Considering the nature of bed bugs and how they are susceptible to even extreme temperature conditions, there are many treatments and methods to fight off these notorious little creatures.


One of the most unique developments that is made against bed bugs is the Cryonite Bug Treatment. As opposed to the conventional heating or steaming methods, the Cryonite bed bug treatment is actually quite different.


The idea behind this method is to freeze the bed bugs to death. I can feel the evil smirk on every bed bug victim right now. But trust me, those pesky little creatures deserve this after all the trouble they have caused you while you struggled to sleep.

Cryonite Bed Bug Treatment – Does It Work?

It is obvious when two conflicting ideas meet, there is a fight. Same is the case between steaming and killing the bugs vs freezing them to death. Apart from this conflict, there has also been a lot of skepticism about the Cryonite treatment, it is important for us to know a few details about it and why it is causing such a buzz among the pest control professionals.


Although in the steaming method, the steam can penetrate even in the soft materials and kill the bugs, it is not safe for some surfaces. Cryonite on the other hand, claims to be safe on most surfaces and does not cause damage to the materials on which it is being used. While steam can be damaging to some surfaces like laminated surfaces, hardwood and leather materials, the dry ice in Cryonite is completely risk free.


One issue that could be a bummer for Cryonite is its pressure. The pressure from the pressure hose is sometimes so high that it could blow away the bugs out of their place. Due to this, their chances of survival increase and they could start infecting other places in your house.


To tackle this problem, you could try covering all the other places in your house which could be potential breeding grounds of bed bugs while you are using the Cryonite treatment.

Cryonite Method – How Does It Work?

This method works totally opposite to that of a bug killing steam. It works through a patented pressure hose and it converts liquid carbon dioxide into solid dry ice using the pressure. Solid dry ice is basically powdered snow and it is sprayed on the areas affected by bed bugs.


The Cryonite method has become very popular among pest control professionals because of its uniqueness and efficiency. No matter how much resistant bed bugs and their larvae are, this technique can kill them because the temperature of the dry ice is way below freezing point. It works on an optimal sub-zero temperature and it gives instant results.


As soon as the dry ice is sprayed on the bug infested area, it kills the bugs on the spot. The infested areas could be all the places in your house where bed bugs can be close to you, so don’t let their name fool you.


You also won’t have to worry about the residue that Cryonite leaves behind, because it does not leave any! There are no toxins or harmful chemicals used in this treatment as it is, and the dry ice once sprayed, evaporates as soon as it is sprayed, after killing the bugs.


The best part about using this treatment is that, along with nasty bed bugs, it can also kill other insects and their eggs. Cryonite can also be sprayed off inside electrical sockets and motors as using conventional steam techniques could be harmful in such places.

Cryonite Spray & Freezing For Bed Bugs

In opposition to the typical heat treatments which are really expensive by the way, Cryonite freezing technique is completely cost effective and extremely safe. Steam and heat treatments are also used along with a residual treatment which means unlike Cryonite, they are dependent on other methods.


This dry ice spraying treatment is also safe to use around children, elders and pets. In fact, it is also safe to use this treatment in the presence of foodstuff, although we would suggest you cover the other non-infested areas in case the bugs fly and lodge into new places.


Residual methods like fumigation and other heat treatments are not only expensive but also not suitable for some infested areas like, electrical appliances or sockets or near engines. But Cryonite is, while being super easy to use along with being a cost-effective method.


If you are being bothered by bed bugs and pests in your house and looking for solutions that do not burn a hole in your pocket, Cryonite might be the solution for you. This treatment works on a temperature of -100 degree Farenheit, instantly killing the bugs or insects that have been sucking your blood and energy. It leaves no residue behind and no stains at all. No wonder why this technique is causing a stir among the professionals!

Cryonite Treatment Cost

This treatment is relatively less expensive than the steam technique and fumigation method. If you are looking to buy the entire Cryonite system which looks like a good, one time and completely risk free investment, you could buy it within $4000.


If you think that you are exceeding your budget, you could choose from other Cryonite system options that are available on the site. All the systems come with the applicator, the high pressure hose, safety glasses, gloves, training DVD and a trolley which is optional. You could follow up the link and know more about this system.

Final Thoughts

Although there will always be a conflict between the steam techniques Vs the Freezing techniques of killing insects and both have their sets of pros and cons, you could enquire more before you buy either of them.


We would recommend you use the Cryonite treatment because of its high-efficiency and non-staining, non-damaging property. I have been waiting to say this throughout this guide, and that is – Use Cryonite and cry-not-at-night!