Common House Spiders In California & How To Deal With Them

Most people in California don’t know that North America is home to more than 3400 species of spiders. They are insects similar to ticks, mites and scorpions and can make way into our homes. Spotting a spider activity in the home can be freaky, particularly if you fear these creepy crawlers.

It is good to know that the most common types of house spiders found in California homes cause no harm. They, in fact, prey on pests and keep the place free of flies, roaches and millipedes. However, there are exceptions and some species of spiders can be more problematic than others.

In this post, we learn about the most common house spiders you might encounter in California, their characteristics and the ways to deal with each of them.

Common House Spiders In California & How To Deal With Them

A house spider gets its name from the fact that it is generally found indoors. It causes nuisance because of its webs more than itself. The house spiders are highly common throughout the United States. You can spot a house spider infestation by either noticing the spider or its webs. They are more common in bathrooms, attic, basement and living areas.

Common house spiders in California can be a nuisance but they pose no dangers to humans. These insects select their sites randomly and start creating a tangled web. If a web does not get a prey, they select another site and build a new web. They are more likely to be seen in places like sheds, warehouses, barns and garages as they find it difficult to survive in modern homes with fewer insects and low humidity.

Black Spiders In California

Famous for being nasty, black spiders are found in households across the continent. In California, you can find black widow spiders popular for their hourglass shaped mark on the abdomen of the females. They are shiny black and 3-10mm in length. Males don’t have such markings and are smaller in size.

Black widow spiders generally build webs in garages, under the rocks, debris and plants, stone walls, railings and outdoor furniture as well as dark places. Indoors, they prefer barns, basements, garages, sheds and crawl spaces.

One of the most venomous spiders in North America, black widow spiders can bite to defend themselves and can cause pain, swelling and redness. You should seek medical attention if you get bitten by a female black widow spider.

To avoid a black spider infestation, make sure you get rid of clutter in unused indoor and outdoor areas to minimize hiding spaces for this spider. If you notice any spiderwebs, be cautious before approaching the area. Call a professional pest control service immediately if you suspect black widow spider.

Deadly & Dangerous Spiders In California

Though a lot of house spiders in California cause no harm to residents, there are some deadly and dangerous species as well. There are several species of venomous house spiders that can bite and cause serious effects including pain and swelling. Some bites can sometimes result in more serious symptoms like chills, fever, blood pressure, vomiting, nausea, headache and more.

Deadly spiders found in California are sometimes so poisonous that a bite can cause a blister and the tissue becomes hard, developing a lesion. In some cases, the person can get an open wound which can be large enough to take days or weeks to recover. This is why it is important to be aware of dangerous species of spiders found in California homes.

Hobo Spider

An aggressive spider found in California, Hobo Spider can be often confused with other house spiders because of its brownish color. However, they have V-shaped chevron stripes on their abdomens and are larger between 11-14 mm. This spider weaves funnel shaped webs to catch prey. They are also known as funnel weavers and commonly found in dark, dry and warm areas like basements, closets, attics and behind furniture.

Hobo spiders can give a painful bite that can cause pain, redness and swelling. However, they are not known to produce necrotic lesions. The person can experience some symptoms but can be handled with painkillers. Funnel-shaped webs and the spider itself can give you the indication of an infestation.

If you find any signs of a hobo spider infestation, you should take help from a local pest control professional.

Brown House Spider

A common house spider found in California is Brown Recluse which is a dangerous species. This type of spider can be identified by noticing the violin shaped marking on the back. They have only six eyes in a semicircular fashion instead of eight. They can be 6-11 inches in length and range from light to dark brown in appearance with fine hairs covering the abdomen.

Brown house spiders are nocturnal and prefer to avoid humans, creating their webs in secluded areas like basements, cellars and sheds. This spider is known to be found in California and they are venomous. They can bite if they are hiding under sheets, folded clothes, towels and shoes. Its bite can affect the tissue and it is advisable to consult a doctor if you think you have been bitten.

To control the infestation of Brown Recluse Spider, make sure you don’t leave clothes and shoes on the floor. If you notice one spider, seek a professional exterminator at the earliest because it can be a sign of an infestation.