Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs in Your Hair? Tips 2020

Surprisingly, many people found bed bugs on their hair which may be a sign of pest infestation. However, bed bugs may be interchangeably confused with lice because of their similarities in some aspects. With this, many people are thinking can bed bugs lay eggs in your hair? 

As we go along, we will share to you some helpful details about bed bugs and how it infests your hair.

What is a bed bug?

Generally, bed bugs or Cimex lectularius totally irritates human. However, the good thing about bed bugs is that they are not a carrier of any disease like other pests. Moreover, due to their minute size and ability to hide into crevices, finding out if bed bugs can lay eggs in your hair may be hard to identify.

Helpful Tip: Once you notice insect bites or brown-colored bugs in your hair, definitely it is not bed bugs. Ideally, it could be fleas, lice, or another insect. Moreover, this may give a little comfort because these insects are easier to prevent and get rid. Additionally, the “ick” sound is still very prominent.

Where do bed bugs usually hide?

Basically, bed bugs emerge deep down their hiding spot the very moment they are not feeding. Initially, they’ll seclude themselves in spots around your bed. Bed bugs may hide on headboard cracks, within bed frames or mattress crevices. 

Aside from that, these pests are explorers and they want to roam around the house. They usually cling on furniture, chairs, drawers, and closets. Generally, this may worsen if left untreated. Keep in mind that cracks and crevices are good deals for bed bugs to hide into.

Understanding the behaviour of bed bugs

Usually, it is important to know the behaviour of bed bugs because of the following reasons:

  1. To take preventive measures prior to the establishment of bed bug infestation.
  2. To track the outcomes of bed bug infestation treatment.

Primarily, cleanliness of the environment doesn’t matter for bed bugs. A clean or dirty surrounding is not a concern for these pests. However, the only issue for them is the source of warm-blooded food.

Generally, the mature bed bug has the ability to live for around 1 year. Additionally, they can also survive in as cold as 46deg Fahrenheit. Once the body temperature of the bed bug reaches 113deg Fahrenheit, they will slowly begin to die.

Furthermore, they can able to hatch eggs between 6 to 10 days. Their eggs will develop into nymphs and subsequently grow through the shedding of the exoskeleton. 

Generally, the frequency of shedding is about 5 times prior to its maturity. Normally, the eggs will have an average of 37 days for its development into an adult bed bug.

Can bed bugs stay into your hair?

Basically, sticking to your personal hygiene regimen along with the use of pesticides may keep the bed bugs away. However, the thing is that these pests have the ability to come back. Because of this, no one is really sure on the proper way to handle them. 

Generally, bed bugs do not have the ability to live on human’s hair. Moreover, they are not a carrier of the certain disease so they can spread illnesses which is a good thing. But, the question is can bed bugs lay eggs in your hair? Let’s find it out as we go along.

Capabilities of the bed bugs to attach to the hair

Basically, linking to the idea of bed bugs can lay eggs in your hair, remember that it is not true. Actually, bed bugs do not really live on human’s hair. Moreover, they want to live in places that are dark and secluded. Examples of these areas are beneath the bed, behind furniture, inside cracks and crevices.

Additionally, bed bugs penetrate deep down their hiding place in order to feed. Mostly, they do this throughout the night. Aside from that, bed bugs prefer a host that is not moving. Knowing this, you would assume that bed bugs do not live in your hair. But, the question can bed bugs lay eggs in your hair still remains. 

Primarily, these insects may walk through your hair and other body parts like the skin and even the ears. Furthermore, they are not capable of crawling deep down your hair. 

Anatomy of bed bugs

Basically, bed bugs can get into human hair. But, if bed bugs can lay eggs in your hair lies behind their anatomy. Compared to head lice, these pests do not have the appropriate anatomy to let themselves cling into the human hair, animal fur or feathers.

can bed bugs lay eggs in your hair

Moreover, bed bugs tend to sit on the hair until the time the hair is shaken or brushed out. Additionally, these pests may also take out of the head the moment they decide to leave it.

Furthermore, bed bugs do not also like to be in a hot area. Generally, the human’s body heat at a long span of time may be too hot for them. Compared to lice or ticks, bed bugs are not seeing your head as a delicious meal to feed on. 

Due to this, bed bug eggs are not that sticky so they cannot stay longer into the hair as well. Moreover, based on studies, they reveal the two main reasons why longer hair hinders insects from attaching into it:

  1. Initially, longer hairs make the insect to slowly find the open skin for them to feed in.
  2. Scientifically speaking, hairs serve as a signal for the host. Generally, it is composed of nerves that can detect any slight movements happening into it.

How bed bug migrates and gets into your hair?

Most of the time, bed bugs love to wander and they are not contented on just sitting down on the mattress. Basically, they try to find their hiding spot between the clothes in your closet, handbags, shoes, furniture, and bedsheets. Moreover, these pests truly enjoy staying on sofas and on other home furniture in which they may find comfort.

Additionally, since bed bugs love to roam around, they might also find your scalp as a relaxing vehicle to roam into. To add with this is the fact that, for some time, you sit or lay down on sofas in which is also a relaxing spot for bed bugs. This way, they can get away to come into your hair. But can bed bugs lay eggs in your hair too?

Bed bugs on human hair

Basically, bed bugs prefer to feed on the skin that is easily accessible. Examples of these are the face, arms, neck, and legs. Mostly, they generally feed on body areas that have little or no hair. 

In case you are bald, you may experience bed bugs to bite your head. However, the scalp is their least target or any other body parts that are hairy. Primarily, this is because those body parts are really difficult to bite. 

How to determine if your hair is infested with bed bugs?

Typically, if you have bed bugs in your hair, you will automatically notice eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs. Below are some of the characteristics of each bed bug stages. It may help you to identify if bed bugs can lay eggs in your hair.

🐞 Bed Bug Eggs
  • White in colour
  • The size is as small as a pinhead
  • Eyespot is visible for those that are more than 5 days old
🐞 Nymphs
  • Basically, the colour is either whitish-yellow or translucent
  • Generally smaller in size which makes it hard to notice especially when they are not yet fed.
🐞 Adult bed bugs
  • Typically, their size is similar to a seed of an apple.
  • Once fed, their colour is reddish-brown and their appearance is elongated like with a balloon.
  • If unfed, they are usually brown, flat, and oval in shape.
  • They smell like a musty-sweet. 

Signs and symptoms of bed bug infestation

Generally, being aware of the signs of bed bug infestation in your hair can help you determine the appropriate actions to make to get rid of them. Moreover, to address this issue, it is also essential to ensure that what you are seeing is really bed bugs. Here are the signs and symptoms of bed bug infestation:

✔ Marks of bites that usually itch but painless and often within a hairline

✔ Spots that is rust or blood-colored within sheets or mattresses

✔ Have a sweet and musty odor

✔ Presence of eggs, dead bugs, and exoskeleton

✔ Noticeable small specks excrement filled with blood

However, in some other cases, bed bugs can lead to more serious symptoms. Below are the more severe symptoms of bed bug infestation. 

✔ Serious swelling

✔ Difficulty of breathing

✔ Allergic reactions

Fortunately, this type of insects does not stay longer on the hair. Moreover, it is one of the reasons why it is not possible for the bed bugs to lay eggs in your hair. Additionally, the presence of bite marks close to your hair can be credited to another type of pest.

The presence of bed bug eggs in your hair

Basically, the eggs of the bed bugs are typically so small. Yet, as we say, they cannot stay in your hair. So, can bed bugs lay eggs in your hair?

Usually, it is good to know that bed bugs can lay eggs not in your hair but within cracks and crevices. Generally, they like to lay eggs on these areas because it is where they find safety against the harmful environment. 

Primarily, the hair and scalp is not a safe and comfortable place for bed bugs to lay their eggs. The reason for this is that humans are moving host who can get up and roam around.

Moreover, just like with the way bed bugs do not have sufficient hooks to cling into the hair, bed bug eggs may also not stay and stick on the hair.

Expert tip: Basically, it is not probable to acquire bed bugs in your, but it is really possible that these insects may get into it. Generally, if you might find eggs in your hair, most likely, it is lice or ticks. 

can bed bugs lay eggs in your hair

If not on hair, where do bed bugs lay eggs?

Generally, adult female bed bugs lay eggs in the same location where older bed bugs are typically found. Moreover, they can be found to lay eggs about one to twelve times per day. Additionally, these bed bug eggs may also be produced along with some amount of fecal matter which is coloured reddish-black.

Basically, the most common location in which bed bugs may lay eggs in the crevices or other places that are really tight. Furthermore, it is better to check for a mattress, bed frames, and box springs. Keep in mind that bed bugs prefer woods and fabrics rather than plastic and metal.

In addition, in case bed bug infestation is not yet managed, there is a high probability that female bed bugs lay eggs in places far from their primary egg-laying location. Yet, this is difficult to find scenario especially when you are looking for bed bugs deposits. 

Getting rid of bed bug eggs

Primarily, the most practical and the most beneficial way to eliminate bugs is to seek help from professionals. This is due to the fact that it is hard to locate them and their eggs. Actually, one-bed bug eggs missed means recurrence of infestation. 

Basically, vacuuming is least effective in bed bug removal because these insects emerge into the surfaces. However, if you try to do the vacuum, it is better to clear out the vacuum every time of use. Additionally, ensure to dispose of the trash bag outside your home. 

Moreover, a basic hot water washing of clothing, bedsheets, and curtains may kill bed bugs. Aside from that, drying up non-washable items on a dryer that has a temperature of 140deg Fahrenheit may kill bed bugs in all of their life stages. 

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Final Words

Bed bugs might have a higher chance to get into the hair. However, they might not stay longer in that body area because of the lack of body anatomy that makes them attach to the human hair. Along with this, they cannot also lay eggs in your hair because, like the bugs, their eggs do not have the ability to stick into that body part.