How to Prevent Bed Bug Bites While Sleeping in 6 Various Ways

Bed bugs infestation is more like a curse and it is very hard to determine why they are always coming and biting you especially while you sleep. So, stopping them is the number one thing to keep in mind to get rid of those bites. Fortunately, there are various ways on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping. 

As we go along, we will share to you the best ways of getting rid of those bug bites. Moreover, some helpful tips are also provided here to help not to acquire bug bites in your bed or even anywhere inside your house.  

The Ways on How to Prevent Bed Bug Bites While Sleeping

Generally, it is really important to prevent insect bites especially if you deal with the bed bug infestation inside your bedroom. Maybe, most of you have tried many ways on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping. However, some of them won’t work. Check these basic steps strategies below and let’s find out what really works.

How to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping Tip #1: Sleep with layers of bed sheets and comforters

Basically, bed bugs do not actually bite over fabrics and plastics. What they can bite are patches of the skin that are barely open. A very simple technique is to wrap yourself with fabric sheets or comforters. Doing this is one way on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping.

However, during summer, this might be uncomfortable because of the hot weather. You may try to lower down the air conditioning temperature a little. Or, you may also use fabric sheets that are thinner. The important thing is that you can wrap yourself up.

Moreover, this idea also works the same with a mattress. Once there are more sheets over it, the more difficult it may take the bed bug to get into your skin. Typically, this works better over elasticated sheets.

However, keep in mind that this technique does not usually kill them. Yet, this simple strategy will help to reduce the frequency of getting bug bites during the night. 

How to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping Tip #2: Wash pillows and sheets on a regular basis

Basically, another way on how to prevent bug bites while sleeping is to regularly wash the beddings. Generally, compared to the first tip, this strategy will kill bugs. This means that any bugs confined within your beddings will be killed once washed. Here is a simple guideline in washing your bedding.

  1. Take the beddings out of the bed and secure it inside a plastic bag.
  2. Place the bag that contains the bedding inside the washing machine.
  3. While inside the washing machine, open the plastic bag and shake out the bedding.
  4. Close the plastic tightly and put it inside a garbage can.

Usually, the main objective of this process is to avoid the spreading of bed bugs in other parts of the house. This is one way on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping.

HELPFUL TIPS: Do not carry the bedding while walking through the hall as bed bugs might scatter anywhere within the house and might hide anywhere like rugs and carpets. Moreover, leaving the bedding in a laundry basket might have the possibility of giving the bed bugs a chance to go anywhere.

Basically, the main point here is to change the bedding as much as possible on a regular basis. This way on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping may make the life of the bed bugs uncomfortable. Further, frequent bedding change may force the bugs to scatter.

How to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping Tip #3: Always wear pajamas while sleeping

how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping wearing pajamas

Typically, wearing pajamas while sleeping is also an easy way on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping. Keep in mind that as long as your skin is more exposed, it is easier for bed bugs to have access into it. Generally, this will give them a big opportunity to bite you.

Moreover, when you wear pajamas, it would be hard for the bed bugs to access their feeding areas. Additionally, along with pajamas, it is also better to wear long sleeves and socks. This is a great way to block those bed bugs from getting along the way.


Yet, this could not guarantee that this will completely prevent bed bugs from biting you while you sleep. The point is that you could be bitten less. Moreover, always remember that bed bugs can feed over open skin patches that they can find. Knowing this, be ready to get bites around your neck and nape areas as well as the shoulders.

HELPFUL TIPS: Make sure to tuck the pajama shirt inside the pants through its elastic waist. Additionally, try to apply some sprays or detergents in order to counter the bed bug bites around your open skin.

How to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping Tip #4: Vacuum clean the mattress

Another simple yet easiest way of reducing the number of bed bug bites is to subject your mattress into vacuum cleaning. Basically, this is a better option if you have a massive bed bug infestation. But, again, it will not kill bed bugs completely.

Furthermore, it is also the best way to vacuum the mattress on a regular basis. Generally, the goal here is to suck out all the adult bed bugs because young ones do not have the ability to breed. Moreover, better to vacuum them up before they grow into adult bed bugs.

Additionally, a weekly vacuum cleaning schedule of your mattress can generally stop the bed bugs from reaching their breeding stage. Subsequently, once you are finished the vacuum cleaning, better to empty the vacuum cleaner bag right away.

how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping cleaning

HELPFUL TIPS: A great alternative for vacuum cleaning of the mattress as a way on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping is the use of the steam cleaner. Keep in mind that bed bugs don’t die in the process of vacuuming.

Generally, steam cleaners or machines work through the utilization of both moisture and high heat. These factors generally kill and repel bed bugs. Moreover, in order one way on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping is to use the steam machine effectively through the following steps.

  1. Place the furniture outside your house to prevent the bed bugs from scattering inside it.
  2. Check and inspect your furniture in an upside-down manner to verify what’s underneath. Bed bugs might be hiding in that furniture location.
  3. Pass the steam machine over the furniture several times. Basically, focus on cracks and crevices where bed bugs might hide.

How to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping Tip #5: Try the mattress encasement and box spring encasement

Actually, mattress encasement is a bag that is big enough to contain and zip in the mattress. Moreover, the good thing about this bag is its airtight feature once zipped up. Basically, enclosing your mattress inside this bag can’t help to contain the bed bugs from going anywhere inside the house.

Yet, we all know that this process can’t actually make the bed bugs to die. However, always keep the zipper of the mattress bag closed at all times. Moreover, this mattress bag can also be helpful in starting a new bed bug infestation.

Generally, bed bugs can hide anywhere most likely under furniture. And, using this mattress bag, having a trap on the bed feet may help to prevent the climbing up of bed bugs into it. This is one way on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping.

Additionally, another great idea is to purchase a box spring encasement. Basically, the box spring is the frame made out of wood below the mattress. Usually, it has wheels and is covered on top by a cloth sheet. Moreover, if the bed bug infestation already gets into this area, it is advisable to buy box spring encasement as well.

How to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping Tip #6: Do not sleep on the sofa

Basically, when the bed bug infestation inside your bedroom is already in a critical stage, chances are bed bugs might scatter on the sofa. Once they already penetrate the sofa, then it means that you can be bitten in any possible way. Moreover, a clear sofa without any signs of bed bug infestation is a good indication that you might not sleep there.

Remember, you are sleeping on a bed with a bad bed bug infestation, thus, sleeping on a bug-free sofa means you are going to scatter bugs there. Moreover, bed bugs can explore in as many ways as they can. In fact, they can penetrate into the ceilings, walls, hallways, or under the doors. In addition, bringing a single or a couple of bed bugs in the sofa means that they can start a breeding population over that area.

Natural Ways to Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Generally, natural insecticides are the number one public enemy of bed bugs. One best example of this is tea tree oil. In fact, this oil has natural properties of being antifungal, antiseptic, and insecticidal. So, one way on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping in a natural way is to spray some amount of the oil into your body before bedtime.

Basically, spraying tea tree oil is best most particular on those open areas of the skin when you wear pajamas. This includes the neck, hands, and face. Moreover, below is a process of making a homemade bed bug repellent.

how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping spray

  1. Initially, select a spray bottle where you could store the homemade bed bug repellent. Better to prefer for a finer mist when choosing a spray bottle.
  2. Moreover, dilute the oil in water or in another oil. Do not spray the pure oil directly on the skin as it may be harsh into it. 
  3. Basically, if you mix the oil with water, it is usually advisable to shake the bottle prior to each use. 

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Use Vicks VapoRub

Typically, the main components of Vicks VapoRub are oils like eucalyptus oil, cedar leaf oil, turpentine oil, camphor, menthol, nutmeg, and thymol. Primarily, the scent of the Vicks VapoRub is credited to the contents of the different oils that it has.

Basically, the primary function of this product is the suppression of cough through the opening of the airways. Moreover, Vicks VapoRub can also be helpful in reducing the pain in the designated location. Aside from that, it also has anti-repellent action.

However, its effect on repelling insects is not yet clear. So, to be able to test its effectiveness on this action, rub a little amount of this product over your open skin.

Always clean the room

Basically, bed bugs love to linger on rooms that are messy and dirty. Once there are lots of mess over the floor, the more fun it is for bed bugs. Keep in mind that bed bugs love to hide on things anywhere in the house.

So, knowing this, be very aware once you leave clothes scattered on the floor close to your bed. Basically, bed bugs can hide below those clothes especially when they are not feeding. Here are the two bad ideas when you do this thing.

  1. You are opening places for the bed bugs to hide. 
  2. Once bed bugs hide inside your clothes, chances are high for them to spread out over the house. Moreover, you can also spread them over the car, workplace, or gym.

Final Thoughts

Actually, there are many ways on how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping. It is very essential to follow the above steps and tips so that you could lessen the incidence of being bitten by a bed bug. Additionally, natural ways of preventing bed bugs from biting you are also present like spraying natural oils prior to bed. You just have to keep in mind the major goal of doing all these processes: the prevention of spreading bed bugs.