Bora Care Termite Treatment Review – UPDATED 2020 – Does It Work?

Termites can be difficult to spot until they have caused a lot of damage. The very first indication is seeing tiny flying creatures in the house which are swarmers. You can notice them flying near the windows and they often leave their wings behind. Once you have spotted signs of their presence, it is vital to eliminate them at the earliest.

While there are numerous products and methods available to get you rid of these pests, it is often difficult to find a safe and effective solution. It is often desirable to find an insecticide that you can spray onto wood rather than pouring into the ground.

One such product is offered by Nisus brand that has a line of pest management products. Bora Care is one of their most popular products used extensively in the pest control industry. In this review, we take a closer look at this unique product and try to find out how effective it is at termite control.

Bora Care Termite Treatment Review – UPDATED 2020

Bora Care is a sustainable termite control solution effective at eliminating wood eating termites. It uses a patented formula to keep your home free of these nasty creatures. It is not only ideal for pre-treatments but also works efficiently to eliminate termites indoors and outdoors. It can control a wide variety of pests including drywood termites, Formosan termites, subterranean termites, decay fungi, carpenter ants and beetles.

Bora Care spray works great for homeowners who are building properties using wood. It can not only pre-treat the house for termites but also eliminate infestations from wooden decks and sheds. Bora Care is different from other termite control products because it is applied to the wooden structure. The active ingredient delivers effective results which other methods may not give.

Bora Care is an easy to use termite treatment method. It saves you from all the problems that other insecticides poured into the soil cause. This application method can be used regardless of the weather conditions and it penetrates wood and stays inside. It does not need to be poured into the soil and does not harm the environment.

Borate salt proves to be effective at eradicating termites. When the termites eat treated wood, a special process takes place inside their body which stops their ability to feed. They ultimately die of starvation. Subterranean termites don’t eat wood but they die when they start creating their channels through treated wood.

Bora Care Termite Spray

Bora Care termite control generally comes in the form of a concentrate that you can dilute with water to use it as a spray. You can mix water and solution in a clean container and then pour the mixture into sprayers for treating wood. A 1-gallon jug of Bora Care termite spray can treat 200-500 square feet of surface.

Bora Care termite spray has various concentrations depending on the purpose and type of termite. These can range from 1:1 to up to 1:5. A concentration of 1:1 of Bora Care and water is the most common and suits a wide range of termites. 2:1 is less common and is ideal for drywood and subterranean termites. A concentration of 3:1 is suitable for treating algae and fungi inside the wood.

Bigger the size of the termites, higher should be the Bora Care concentration. This means a ratio of 5:1 can be used for prevention. Bora Care termite spray can be used on wood surfaces, concrete, foundations and more. The active ingredient present in this spray is Borate mineral salt that works by entering the body of the termites. When ingested, termites lose their ability to extract nutrition from the food and die. This also means they never develop resistance to this product.

Boracare Vs Termidor

Both Termidor and Bora Care are effective termite control solutions preferred by home owners and pest control companies. These products work efficiently in different conditions depending on the place and application. However, the main difference between the two options is that Termidor is not intended to be used on wood whereas Bora Care is a wood treatment solution.

To use Termidor for termite control, one has to drill holes in the areas where the infestation is. It is also important to ensure that there is a contact between the product and the termites for effectiveness. If you miss any spot, Termidor will fail to work there. Moreover, Termidor does not leave residue in the wood. So, when the product dries after treatment, the wood gets exposed to infestation again.

Bora Care is a better option between the two, particularly when it comes to pre-treatment. You can easily spray the liquid evenly over the wooden surface and it penetrates. This not only eliminates the termites but also protects the wood from future infestations.

Boracare Vs Timbor

Bora Care and Timbor are two popular termite control products used to treat wood. They are borate based and come in the form of powder. Timbor can be mixed with water and used for termite infestation. It is cheaper as compared to Bora Care and effective at protecting new wood from any future problem.

Timbor penetrates only the outer layer of the wood and is therefore good at treating fungus on the wood’s surface. This means if there is an active termite infestation, wood-boring beetles or other pests deep inside the wood, Timbor will not penetrate deep and kill them.

On the other hand, Bora Care comes in the form of an easy to use termite spray that effectively kills termites and other pests. Its active component is known to be less toxic and dangerous. When you use Bora Care, you don’t have to pour gallons of hazardous chemical into the soil. You rather spray it on the wooden structure itself thus protecting the environment while controlling the termite infestation.