Best Pesticide for Bed Bugs to Buy 2020

In most cases, controlling or getting rid of bed bugs are hard, especially if the infestation is worse. While you can just easily buy pesticides at the store, not all of those are effective in killing bed bugs. More often than not, the bed bugs will try their best to hide until the solution is completely dry. After that, they will just go back to their favorite spot. In addition to that, some bed bugs will already sense that you are about to apply pesticides on the surface, so they will move quickly. That being said, it is very important to look for the best pesticide for bed bugs. It is not enough to pick whatever product you see in the store. You should also make sure that it is safe and effective.

Since there are hundreds of pesticides that are being sold in the market, it might be difficult to look for the best pesticide that will instantly kill bed bugs and prevent them from coming back.

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Best Pesticide for Bed Bugs: When to Call the Pros?

If you decided to use chemicals in treating bed bug-infested areas, we recommend hiring a professional to the job because these chemicals are harmful to humans. Professionals have complete gears and knowledgeable on the right method of applying chemical pesticides.

In addition to that, if you have pets and kids at home the pest control may even require to permanently go somewhere else while they are doing the treatment. Kids and pets must not ingest or touch these kinds of products.

On the other hand, on the off chance you discover that there are bed bugs in your house before infestation, it would be best to use commercial products that are odorless, non-staining, and registered by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). Aside from that, it would also be best to use products that will get rid of bed bugs in matter of minutes. This is so that you do not need to evacuate your family members.

If you decide to use the best pesticide for bed bugs

If you think that there is no need to hire a pest control professional and you can do the job, take note of the following:

  • When looking for the best bed bugs pesticide, make sure that it is suitable for indoors. Ther are plenty of pesticides that can only be used outdoor. And the number of indoor pesticides are very few. That being said, you should look carefully and read every label of the product. Aside from making sure that the product is for indoor use, it must also be odor-free and stain-free. Pesticides that are not odorless are more harmful for humans.
  • Not all pesticides are effective in killing bed bugs. Some are only suitable for certain crawling insects. Do not just grab any products that have pesticides on its label. Make sure that it also kills bed bugs. While it is more practical to buy pesticides that kill different kinds of pests, it would still be best to buy pesticides that are made specifically for bed bugs. This will ensure that the bed bugs will get killed.
  • Do not think like an expert and make sure to follow the instructions indicated on the label. Not all pesticides are made of similar components. There are no standard method of applying pesticides. To achieve the best results, you must follow the instructions and read the label carefully.
  • Never ever overuse the product. Only apply the appropriate amount of pesticide indicated in the instructions.  If it does not kill bed bugs after the first use, do not apply more. It might just need more time to take effect. Overusing the product will not do any good. In fact, it can delay the effectiveness.
  • Careful not to use pesticides on the mattress unless the label says it is safe to use on such areas. If you applied unsafe pesticides on the mattress, it is harmful to humans especially when ingested.

The Different Types of Pesticides

*Contact Insecticides

There are different types of pesticides. The first one is contact insecticides. Contact insecticides come in several types such as spray, liquid, and aerosol. From the term itself, it kills bed bugs in contact. What is great about this product is that you will instantly kill the bed bug. The downside is that the insecticide must be in contact with the bug when applying it. It is in this kind of method wherein the bed bug will get killed.

If you think that there are bed bugs hiding in your house, this one will not be effective. It is not effective in killing hidden bed bugs and even their eggs.

*Other Sprays

One of the most commonly used types of bed bug pesticide is those that come in spray bottles. What is great about this type of pesticide easy applicant and it can cover large surfaces. On the other hand, the bed bugs will not easily get killed by just passing by the sprayed surface. They have to at least stay on it for several days to completely get rid of them.

This type of pesticide is best used in cracks, seams, and other smaller areas or any areas where bed bugs love to stay for a long time.

*Products that are composed of pyrethroid

This is probably the most popular type of pesticide primarily because of the pyrethroid. If you are looking for a bed bug pesticide for indoor use, you must look for this type. These are safe for indoor use. The downside of using this product is that you have to mix it with other products to achieve the best results. The reason for this is that bed bugs are resistant to pyrethroid and the only way to completely get rid of them is by using other products.

In most cases. pyrethroids are combined with other products such as the above-mentioned type of pesticides. The resulting solution can be very effective in killing bed bugs.

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: SAFER 51703 Pesticide for Bed Bugs
best pesticide for bed bugs

Product Name: SAFER Pesticide for Bed Bugs

Product Description: For the best pesticide for bed bugs and other crawling insects, we highly recommend the SAFER 51703 Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Killer. Made of earth-based powder, this 4 pound pesticide highly effective in getting rid of insects in your house. It is stain-free and will kill bed bugs instantly. Furthermore, this product is made with diatomaceous earth, this component instantly kills any crawling insect once ingested or touched. What is best about this pesticide is that it is registered under the Environmental Protection Agency. Moreover, even if you use it, there will be no harmful effects on humans.

Availability: InStock

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Value for money


This bed bug pesticide is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  To use, just simply sprinkle the earth based and non-staining product on the surface that you believe is infested by bed bugs. Make sure that you cover the crack and holes. Sprinkle the SAFER bed bug pesticides on the areas in your kitchen, attic, mattress, exteriors, patios, and more.


No harmful effects on human


Kills bed bugs and other insects instantly



None so far

Runners Up

HARRIS Pesticide for Bed Bugs

Product description:

Aside from the SAFER Pesticide for bed bugs, we have also found out that the Harris 5 minute bed bug killer is effective on instantly killing bed bugs in your house. What’s great about this pesticide is that it does not stain and is odorless.

best pesticide for bed bugs

Upon applying the product on the infested areas, the bed bugs will instantly get killed in just few minutes. Unlike other products, you need not wait for several hours or a day just to get rid of the bed bugs. The patent for this technology has already been applied and just waiting for the grant. Moreover, this best pesticide for bed bugs uses metofluthrin, clothianidin, and piperonyl butoxide.

Apart from that, the product is proven safe to use as it is registered under the environmental protection agency for use in homes. To use the pesticide, just cover the surface that you believe is infested by the product. When applying, make sure that you cover all the areas so you need to repeat the process again.

Also, this bed bug spray is exclusive on the retail market. For maximum results, you might want to use this with their bed bug fogger, bed bug traps, bed bug interceptor, bed bug powder, and other products.

The dimensions of this product are 13 x 6 x 8 inches. It weighs 8.88 pounds. For easy application, it comes in a spray bottle.


✔️Registered under the Environmental Protection Act

✔️Kills bed bugs instantly in just 5 minutes

✔️Odorless and non-staining

✔️Comes in a spray bottle


❌None so far.





RAID MAX Pesticide for Bed Bugs

Product description:

Last but definitely not the last on our least is the Raid Max Bed Bug crack and crevice extended protection foaming spray. This powerful bed bug spray will kill bed bugs for up to 8 weeks.

best pesticide for bed bugs


Apart from that, the Raid Max targets not only the bed bugs but also their eggs. This will the act as protection against infestation. Best of all, once you applied this product, it will keep on getting rid of bed bugs for 8 weeks. Unlike other best pesticide for bed bugs, you need not reapply every week just make sure that there are no bed bugs left. On the other hand, this is most effective when applied on laminated wood.

In addition to that, the Raid Max bed bug killer will dry on its own and will not leave any residue. Its foaming texture will help you reach even the hardest to reach areas. If you have been looking for the best pesticide for bed bugs that is suitable for spot treatment or getting into crevices and cracks, the Raid Max Bed Bug cracks will help you achieve all those with its precision nozzle.

The Raid Max Foaming Crack and Crevice Bed Bug Killer is specifically made to get rid of bed bugs even before they lay eggs. Best of all, the formula of this product will consistently kill and prevent bed bugs for up to 8 weeks without reapplying the solution. In addition to that, it features a foam texture to reach certain areas.

The dimensions of this product are 2.7 x 3 x 9.9 inches and it weighs 1.19 pounds. Get this product and be amazed at how it will prevent bed bugs for at most 2 months.


✔️Registered under the Environmental Protection Act

✔️Kills bed bugs consistently for 8 weeks

✔️Dries clear and does not leave residue

✔️Comes precision nozzle for spot treatment


❌Only suitable for crack and crevices




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does pesticide take to get rid of bed bugs?

A: This depends on the pesticide that you will use. Some lasts for over a year while there are pesticides that only keeps on getting rid of bed bugs for months. Aside from the pesticides, other factors include where it was used and the time from exposure. Also, some pesticides can get rid of bed bugs in a matter of minutes once the bug ingested the product.

Q: Are Bed Bugs Pesticide Harmful?

A:  Unfortunately yes. According to studies, even if a product is registered under the US Environment Protection Agency it is still not safe. These products may still cause acute poisoning, asthma, cancer, damage of the organ, and a lot more.

Q: What do bed bugs hate?

A: Similar to other insects, bed bugs are not also fond of certain smells. For instance, they do not like the smell of peppermint, lavender, and tea tree oil. That being said, if you do not want to use commercialized products that are harmful, you can apply these essential oils on surfaces that might be infested by bed bugs. Pure essential oil are expensive, so make sure to dilute them in water.

Q: How do I permanently get rid of bed bugs at home?

A: It might be hard to permanently get rid of bed bugs at home because they always come back no matter what you do, unless you use strong pesticides. However, you can try checking all your properties or areas in your house for possible bed bugs, wash bed sheets, and pillowcases in high heat, high heat steam the linens and sheets. Also, you can use the best pesticide for bed bugs that is suitable for spot treatment. Also, these pesticides will help you reach certain areas. Regularly vacuum all properties in your house.

Q: Is it really possible to completely eradicate bed bugs?

A:  Yes, it is possible to completely get rid of them provided that you are able to detect even before they try to invade a certain area or surface. In this situation, you need not use strong pesticides. On the other hand, if you think it is too late, you might need to get professional service to totally get rid of them.


Final Words

Completely getting rid of the bed bug with these products is possible especially if you are able to discover the infestation earlier. These top 3 products are registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, they are also proven effective in getting rid of bed bugs instantly. Whatever product you choose, your money will not definitely go to waste.