Bed Bug Spray for Hotels- Top 3 Products for 2020

If you are looking forward to travelling and staying at a luxurious hotel, your fantasy may become a nightmare once you’ve realized that there’s a bed bug infestation in your hotel room. Bed bugs are small multi-legged insects that move fast and bite just as speedily. They are bloodsuckers, and the mark they leave behind are red and itchy. What would be a relaxing vacation can become a stressful experience once these creepy crawlers invade your mattress and your body. Hotels should protect their reputation. The best bed bug spray for hotels ensure weary travellers only get the best pest-free accommodations and restful nights.

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Bed bug spray for hotels—What are bed bugs?

bed bug spray for hotels

Bed bugs scientific name is Cimex lectularius. They got their colloquial name from their habit of staying in beds and sucking on the blood of sleeping humans. Bed bugs must get a daily meal of blood to survive and grow. They do not attack humans exclusively but also other warm-blooded animals, including poultry and birds. These insects have lived in close contact with humans and are present in homes, offices, public transportations, and yes, including hotels.

Bed bugs love to hitchhike so they can cover long distances. They can enter and hide in suitcases, clothes, linens and end up in the final destination of these items. Bed bugs infestation happens because they can latch on and travel with any item. As an added factor, bed bug bites are similar to the bites of other pests making them difficult to identify. Populations can get out of hand unnoticed.

Bed bug spray for hotels–4 tips for bed bug prevention in hotels

Educate Your Staff

A hotel’s staff is the best defense against bed bugs spreading. It is crucial to educate hotel staff on how to identify these bugs and to keep them away from the hotel. The staff must be thorough and attentive and look for the obvious signs:

There will be red or rust-coloured stains that look like the blood that has dried on the mattresses and sheets. These happened because the bed bugs may have been crushed after feeding.

There will be small eggshells in the bedding and skins of growing nymphs. The eggs will be about one millimetre in size and the shedded skins will be a distinct yellow or tan

There will be groups of tiny dark spots when wiped with a wet rag. These marks are bed bud droppings and will have a colour from dark brown to black.

There may be instances where they will see the bed bugs crawling around. These insects are wingless and oval-shaped. The colour ranges from brown to red. They are red-coloured, especially after feeding. Young nymphs are pale and small. Full-grown adults can reach up to five millimetres in size.

Carry out Proper Documentation

Proper documentation is crucial. Reports of customer complaints and inspections and the treatments that follow should all be documented. Treatments should be carried out to get rid of a bed bug infestation. Detection and documentation are vital. Documentations keep a record of previous incidences of infestation as well as areas where they often occur. Identifying a pattern can help you plan a strategy that is effective to eliminate bed bugs.

Take Appropriate Preventive Action

The next step to do is the prevention of bed bug infestation. Bed bugs shouldn’t be ignored since they are hard to get rid of, and they can go to hard to reach areas where they will quickly breed and multiply. Blocking areas that are prone to infestation is crucial. As an example, use mattresses that are sealed. If you get regular bed bug infestations in your hotel, it may be good to partner with professional pest exterminators.

Employ Effective Elimination Methods

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, some methods used are vacuuming and heating. The bed headboards and seams should be thoroughly vacuumed as well as other possible hiding places. I most instances, bed bugs will be hiding five feet from the bed. Once you are done cleaning the bed area, check the interior of the vacuum cleaner such as the rollers to ensure that there are no pests. Seal the vacuum bag and dispose of it properly.

If you put the beddings and pillows in extreme cold for up two to three days, the bed bugs can be eliminated. Carbon dioxide is used by professional exterminators to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs. Another fast method is steam heating. Send all infected bedding material to the steam wash. You not only eliminate bed bugs but other small bugs as well as larvae and pupa.

Bed bug spray for hotels –How to Avoid Hotel Bed Bugs

bed bug spray for hotels

Bed bugs follow people everywhere. They are in homes, apartments, schools, offices, and hotels. They will be found in both the most luxurious accommodations and the cheapest hotels

If you have travel plans, make sure you are not an unwitting host to a hitchhiker, that is, a bed bug. Read on to find out ways to avoid bed bugs in your vacation accommodations.

Pack Properly

Bed bugs are hitchhikers and the biggest threat when staying in a hotel room is not actually getting bitten by them but unintentionally bringing them home. If you bring bed bugs to your home, they will multiply and cause an infestation.

These tips will help you protect your belongings and your home from the attack of bed bugs:

Use luggage that is hard-sided and has no zippers. Bed bugs love cloth and are tiny enough to pass most cracks in zippers though.

All items in your suitcase must be sealed in Ziploc. Keep the bags as airtight as possible while in your hotel room. Airtight means bed bug proof. Travel space bags are also good and roll in easily with your suitcase.

Avoid laying down your luggage on the floor. Use the luggage rack as much as possible, plus points if the rack is metal. Bed bugs are not attracted to metal and instead will likely invade your suitcase if you leave it lying on the floor or bed.

Inspect Your Hotel Room

Perform a thorough inspection of your hotel room before bringing in your luggage. Visually inspect the mattress headboards and dressers. Look for telltale signs of bed bugs in these areas including the nightstand. Do this before bringing in your personal stuff. If you want to be really thorough, you can even use a flashlight to inspect seams on the mattress and corners of nightstand drawers. If you must bring in your belongings immediately, place them in the bathtub first as you do your inspection.

Look for the following when doing your inspection:

  • Black spots on white linens which are bed bug excrement
  • Shed skin that are translucent yellow or tan
  • Actual bed bugs crawling around

If you found out that your room has bed bugs, ask for a room change or book with a new hotel entirely. Do the same inspection in your new hotel

Don’t Forget the Bed Bug Spray!

You should pack some bed bug spray with you. This is vital in case you see a bed bug in your travels. These travel sprays are not made to eliminate an infestation. They are simply designed to kill a bug or two that have crawled near you.

Checking Out and Arriving Home

When you arrive, home do some checkups of your luggage and possessions to ensure you have no vermin. Make sure that the only thing you are carrying with you are the souvenir and mementos.

When Checking Out

bed bug spray for hotels

When you check out from your hotel, observe your items for traces of bed bugs. Do this check before putting your items back on the suitcase. If you have time, apply some hot water on your clothing in the laundry and dry it with a hot dryer. Place your clean clothing back in Ziploc bags and arrange them in your suitcase. The heat applied to your belongings will kill any bed bugs

Upon Arriving Home

Scan your luggage in the yard or your garage before bringing it inside. Inspect items individually as you remove it from your suitcase one last time. Deposit your clothing directly on the washing machine and launder it using hot water and dry it on high heat once again. Spray your entire suitcase with a bed bug spray for hotels as a precautionary measure.

Top 3-Bed bug spray for hotels

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Product Name: HARRIS Black Label Bed Bug Killer, Liquid Spray

Product Description: HARRIS Black Label Bed Bug Killer bed bug spray for hotels is handy and easy to pack. It is a highly potent formula that is created to eliminate even the hardiest bed bugs that have become pesticide-resistant. This bed bug spray for a hotel is unique since it gives protection for up to sixteen weeks after spraying. This product is available by the gallon and also in convenient to carry 32-ounce bottles. You can spray bed bugs the moment you see them. Like with most bed bug products this spray is most effective when used together with cleaning and other treatment options.

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This bed bug spray for hotels is handy and kills pesticide-resistant bed bugs and their eggs. When sprayed directly on bed bugs, it knocks them down immediately. It is approved to be used in homes and is EPA certified. It gives long protection of up to sixteen weeks after spraying. It also has an odourless and non-staining formula.


  • Kills pesticide-resistant bed bugs
  • Long residual protection of up to sixteen weeks
  • Odourless formula


  • Quite costly

Runners Up

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, Natural Organic Formula

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, Natural Organic Formula

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer bed bug spray for hotels is the perfect solution if you want to avoid harsh chemicals and are looking for a more natural formula. The formula used in this bed bug spray for hotels is organic, non-toxic, and non-staining. There are no harsh chemicals in this bottle, and it is safe to use around pets and children. The all-natural formula makes it odourless, so there won’t be any noxious fumes emitted.

Although Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is effective, it only kills bugs on close contact, and there is no residual protection after application. If your bed bug infestation is serious, it is crucial to use this product together with other treatments for maximum results.


Eradicate bed bugs without the use of harsh chemicals with this bed bug spray for hotels. A blend of natural organic and non-toxic ingredients makes this spray your first defense against bed bugs. Eco Defense effectively eradicates bugs, including their eggs and larvae while keeping your pets and your children safe.


  • Kills bed bugs on contact
  • Will not leave residue on surfaces or mattress
  • Easy to use


  • No negative reviews so far


Bedlam Plus

Bedlam Plus

Bed bugs that have invaded your mattress need to be treated with an effective bed bug spray for hotels fast. Although there are countless bed bug sprays on the market, Bedlam Plus gets a lot of good reviews. The formula used in Bedlam Plus is water-based, so it is safe for most surfaces as well as your mattress. Bedlam Plus is non-staining. This bed bug spray for hotels will kill bugs on close contact and also provides two weeks of protection after application.

You can safely use Bedlam plus on your entire mattress without it having adverse effects on your health. However, it is recommended that you spray this bed bug spray for hotels in the seams and crevices of your bed since bed bugs love to hide in enclosed spaces rather than crawl in the open.


The aerosol action of Bedlam plus kills pesticide-resistant bugs fast. It has the dual effect of instant kill and residual protection. This bed bug spray for hotels kills bed bugs and their eggs for two weeks continuously after application.


  • Kills bed bugs instantly where they hide
  • Non-staining formula
  • Protection lasts up to two weeks after application


  • No negative reviews so far



Final Thoughts

Hotels are places of relaxation and luxury. When you book a hotel, you want to be as far from pests as possible. However, there is still the possibility that pests can make their ay especially in a busy place like a hotel. Bed bugs are especially clever and can go through nooks and crannies and make hotels their habitat. Protect yourself from vermin and carry with you the best bed bug spray for hotels. Kill bed bugs on sight to make sure your body and your possessions are safely secured.