VBS Bug Spray Review – UPDATED 2020 – Vanilla Bug Spray

Outdoors are fun and enjoyable and nothing should get in the way of quality time spent outdoors. Pesky gnats and mosquitoes can sometimes be troublesome. This is where bug repellents come to help. These sprays smell great but repel bugs.

Vanilla Bug Spray is one such natural product that works on bugs and insects. It is a great bug repellent that does not contain harsh chemicals and is actually safe for the family. If your family members are sensitive to DEET, VBS Bug Spray is an excellent way to stay protected from outdoor insects without compromising on safety.

Today, we review the VBS Bug Spray and see how effective and safe it is. We also learn how to make vanilla bug spray by yourself.

VBS Bug Spray Review – UPDATED 2020

Developed to be a perfect addition to any outdoor adventure or activity, the VBS Bug Spray is a gentle product formulated to work for the entire family including small children. The original Vanilla Bug Spray was first introduced and a few additional formulas in different scents were later developed all of which smell nice and work on bugs.

The natural product was developed by a single person to save the kids from bug bites while playing outside. It started gaining popularity through word of mouth and grew up to a big company selling this bug spray at local stores, golf courses, bait stores and restaurants. With the advent of the internet, the product has attained a nationwide status and sells in over 20 states.

VBD Bug Spray is formulated to work effectively on biting insects including buffalo gnats, mosquitoes, fleas, noseeums, spiders, chiggers and biting flies. It is extremely easy to use and just needs spraying it on the body. It is more of a mist and does not spit, shoot or sputter. It covers the body rather than the air around. It is not sticky or messy and does not even stain the clothes.

The first product was original vanilla which works as an effective repellent after which the Cedar Wood was added to the offerings which gives a manly woody scent. It comes with an added benefit as Cedar is a natural tick repellent. The third version of the bug spray is Eucalyptus which proves to be highly beneficial when you have bad mosquitoes to deal with.


  • Non-toxic, safe and chemical-free
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Pleasant smell
  • Easy to use
  • Available in three scents
  • Repels most outdoor biting insects
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Doesn’t stain clothes


  • May be effective only for a few hours and need reapplication
  • Can show inconsistent effectiveness at times

Vanilla Bug Spray – What You Should Know?

The vanilla bug spray smells amazing with a mild scent and not too strong. It contains no harsh chemicals and is safe for kids and pets. It is also paraben and phthalate free as well as free of alcohol. All the ingredients contained in the repellent are safe for skin and hair. Being a natural bug spray, it can be used with small children and pets to let them move outside without worrying about bug bites.

Vanilla Bug Spray is a natural bug repellent formulated using essential oils and is DEET free. Vanilla Bug Spray comes in a small 4 oz. bottle which fits easily in your hand. It can be carried in your bag, pocket or purse wherever you go. It is suitable for outdoor activities, camping, hiking and fishing as it saves you from insect and bug bites. The product leaves fresh and pleasant odor unlike other harsh repellents that stink.

Vanilla Extract Mosquito Repellent Recipe – A Complete Guide

Vanilla extract is not only a great baking ingredient and popular across the world for its flavour, but it can also work as a natural mosquito repellent. It is quite simple to make an insect repellent at home with vanilla extract as the main component. It is a powerful repellent and works effectively against insects like gnats, flies and mosquitoes.

You can get started by purchasing a pure vanilla extract from a food store. You can find them in small bottles. See that you don’t buy a product containing additives like alcohol and sugar. This type of extract won’t work as a repellent. Next, you can place about one tablespoon of vanilla in a small container and mix it with a tablespoon of water.

Vanilla extract proves to be quite effective when mixed with ingredients like peppermint oil, lemongrass oil and citronella oil. These are also known to be natural insect repellents. Once your solution is ready, you can apply it to your skin with the help of cotton balls. You can store this mixture in a bottle or container to carry along and use whenever required.

Just like a natural mosquito repellent, vanilla extract is active for about half an hour. So, you may need to apply a larger quantity if you are staying outdoors for longer. Moreover, you should consider applying frequently if you are exposed to high temperatures or rain. Vanilla extract can be used as a powerful mosquito repellent and is quite cheaper and safer compared to chemical repellents. It can be easily prepared in minutes.

Most insect sprays contain harmful chemicals which can cause adverse effects if used on a regular basis. These effects can be particularly serious for children and pets. Vanilla extract does not irritate your skin and has a pleasant scent. It is better to use natural mosquito repellent instead of chemical sprays that contain DEET and other harmful components.