Packtite Review – UPDATED 2020 – Suitcase Heater For Bed Bugs

Use of heat to get rid of bed bugs is a recent trend in the pest control industry. Heat is quite an effective way to kill bed bugs without having to use pesticides. While it is possible to use driers, washers, steam cleaners and vacuums at their highest temperatures, the most efficient way is the use of a professional quality heat treatment machine.

A bed bug heater is a worthy investment because it saves and protects your valuable belongings from bed bug infestation and eliminates the need to buy and use chemical solutions. Travel is one of the most common ways to get bed bug infestations and this is where a suitcase heater can help. Packtite is a popular bed bug heater known to help eliminate bed bugs conveniently.

In this review, we take a closer look at this product and try to understand whether it really works and how you can use it to eliminate and prevent bed bug infestation.

Packtite Review – UPDATED 2020 – Does It Work?

Bed bugs can enter your house through your luggage if you travelled to a place where they were present. It is possible to save your belongings and home from getting infested with the Packtite portable heating system. It is a must have for those who are looking for a non-chemical method to treat and prevent bed bug infestation.

With Packtite, one can treat the luggage on a regular basis to kill any bed bugs that may have entered the suitcase or contents. This would not only minimize the chances of infestation in your home but give you complete peace of mind. This easy to use suitcase heater has a patented heating technology that thoroughly heats up your items to a temperature known to kill bedbugs in all their life stages.

The heater measures 36 x 24 x 18 inches when uninflated and can be stored conveniently. Once turned on, it increases to 40 x 36 x 30 inches and offers a large volume for accommodating any size of luggage. The closet features a bottom shelf and clothes hanging rack. You can treat your suitcase as well as other items like shoes, clothes, CDs, books and other items to save the cost of replacing them after infestation.

Using Packtite is really simple. You just need to place your items in the closet and turn it on until you see a green light. The heater lets you check the inside temperature and a built-in timer and alarm will tell you when the job is done. The solid portable heater ensures all adults, nymphs and eggs are killed and your items are free of the risk of bedbug infestation.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Soft-sided and collapsible for easy storage
  • Lightweight and can be carried easily
  • Features automatic turn-off timer
  • Versatile enough to debug other smaller items
  • Less expensive as compared to other products
  • Environment-friendly


  • Can take several hours to treat the goods
  • Uses a lot of electricity

Packtite Bed Bug Heater – A Complete Guide

The Packtite bed bug heater offers a safe and effective way to treat your belongings for bed bugs without using chemicals. You can not only use it for luggage after travel but treat your clothes, shoes, linens, pillows, sleeping bags, purses and backpacks, craft items and tools you think might have got infested. It works with most standard suitcases and can be used with or without contents.

Using the Packtite bed bug heater is really simple. You just need to place your suitcase or any other item you want to treat on the rack inside this heater and place the thermometer at the center of the stuff. Then, close the zipper and plug the heater in. Next, set the timer for the treatment and monitor the temperature to make sure it reaches 120 degrees F. Keep the temperature for an hour and then turn it off.

The Packtite bed bug heater is really easy to assemble and use and involves only a few steps to get started. It can get ready to kill bed bugs in no time. It also comes with a built-in timer that allows setting desired time of operation. When the process is complete, orange light is seen. It also has a temperature sensor to make sure proper heating is available to the contents being treated. The outer cover of the heater is washable so you can clean it whenever you want.

Best Suitcase Heaters For Bed Bugs

Suitcase heaters are a great way to ensure any bed bugs that have managed to make their way into your luggage die. These heaters let you place the suitcase inside them along with the contents and heat everything up to a high temperature to kill any bed bugs or eggs. It is a good idea to get larger heaters that can accommodate your luggage and other items and treat them efficiently.

Thermalstrike Heated Luggage

This is a new kind of luggage heater that comes as a polycarbonate suitcase to let you carry your belongings during travel. It includes infrared panels into the rear body and can be heated up by plugging into an electrical outlet. A sensor checks the temperature to 140 degrees to kill any bed bugs hiding inside.

Dr. Infrared Heater

Specially designed to treat suitcases, this heater reaches up to 155 degrees and leaves no cold spots for any egg or bed bug to survive. It operates quietly and includes a thermometer and shut-off timer. It comes with two racks to place different items and can be collapsed for easy storage.

Packtite Vs Zappbug

Both Packtite and Zappbug are reputed brands offering bed bug heat treatment methods. Both these brands offer portable heaters that provide simple, convenient, environment-friendly ways to kill bed bugs without any risk to humans and pets. While Packtite is an old brand trusted by many, Zappbug introduces affordable heaters that work efficiently.

Packtite offers a large closet system that boasts zero cold spots to guarantee effective bed bug control. However, it is more expensive as compared to Zappbug’s similar volume heater. While both products function almost similarly, Zappbug is an ideal choice for those who don’t want to spend much. If you are looking for a trustworthy brand that guarantees no cold spots, Packtite is the right pick!