KM Ant Pro Review – UPDATED 2020 – Best Liquid Ant Bait System

Though ants are not the most devastating infestation in the household, they are certainly one of the most persistent and troubling.

Left unchecked, an ant infestation can spread rapidly, causing irreparable damage in the house. There are many ant killers available in the market to help you get over an ant problem.

Ant killers like sprays kill ants on contact but don’t offer long-lasting effects. Others are available in the form of ant baits and gels that work differently. One of the most effective liquid ant bait systems, KM Ant Pro is a go-to-solution for homeowners and professional pest control specialists looking for a no-fail method to get rid of pesky ants.

In this post, we review KM Ant Pro and take a closer look at its features and advantages to help you learn more about this liquid ant bait system.

KM Ant Pro Review – UPDATED 2020

Approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the KM Ant Pro is an effective and patented liquid ant feeding system that eliminates various species of ants including Carpenter, White footed, Ghost, Argentine, Crazy, Pharaoh and other invasive ants easily. It works by dispensing a liquid ant bait that provides a sweet nectar-like food to ants. This food resembles nectar found on plants and flowers and attracts ants for feeding.

The liquid bait is also constituted of a mild toxin that ants can carry to their colonies. This system continues giving an unlimited supply of ant bait when used outdoors. The dispenser can be placed around home to have a natural defense against ants while eliminating the need to use ant sprays.

KM Ant Pro is safe for the surrounding and works effectively on target insects. It is tested, approved and recommended by various research agencies to the general public.

KM Ant Pro System – What You Should Know?

KM Ant Pro system is designed to protect your property from ants 24 hours a day. It works differently from other insecticides that kill ants roaming around the yard and house. As the bait contains borate salts in small amounts, the ants can easily carry the material to the colony and spread to the queen and other ants.

The ants visible on the surface are generally a part of the big colony. It is important to transport the bait to the colony and the queen to eliminate the problem completely.

The main advantages of KM Ant Pro are low toxicity and efficacy. Unlike some insect sprays that affect beneficial organisms, the KM Ant Pro system when used with gourmet liquid ant bait does not endanger the good creatures but kills common pests including cockroaches, crickets, earwigs and other unpleasant pests.

This system targets ants commonly seen in gardens as well as other invasive ant species like fire ants, white footed and Caribbean crazy. It helps families suffering from invasive ant colonies and fire ant allergies.

This bait feeding system is resistant to wind, rain and other adverse weather conditions. The dispensers have a green-colored body to blend easily with the landscape and are compact to fit anywhere.

Each of the sentinels can hold 19 ounces of bait liquid. This system achieves desired results with minimal amounts of liquids delivered as required. As the material does not come in contact with the ground, there is no danger to the environment.

KM Ant Pro Instructions – Getting Started

KM Ant Pro bait system can be used to get rid of ants and other insects from the premises of the house, in yards and gardens and other pesticide sensitive areas. It works effectively to destroy ant colonies and provide a barrier to reinfestation. KM Ant Pro liquid ant bait stations are highly durable and can be refilled to use for a long period of time.

The KM Ant Pro bait dispenser can be used with liquid ant bait to keep a check on ant colonies. The system is designed to replace natural food sources of ants to effectively kill them. Ants typically feed on insects, honeydew and plant juices outdoors. This bait station would mimic sources of sweet honey of aphids to drive ants crazy and provide you long-term ant control.

You can place the KM Ant Pro stations wherever needed, near plants and along crops to let it control infestations. You should get at least one station per side of your building or one station per 2500 square feet of space. For houses under 2000 square feet, 4 KM Ant Pro stations should be used while 6 stations would be required for homes up to 4000 square feet with 1 additional station every 1000 square feet area.

Ants are quite easy to target with the KM Ant Pro system and you will see results within a week of use. However, some invasive insects can take up to one month to eradicate completely. It eliminates the entire colony of ants in hours of application and keeps protecting the property from future infestations.

Best Liquid Ant Bait – UPDATED 2020

The KM Ant Pro system can be used with any powerful liquid ant bait designed to work on a variety of ant species. Here are some of the best options for liquid ant bait.

TERRO T300 Liquid Ant Baits

Constituted using Borax and other powerful ingredients, this liquid ant bait comes pre-filled and is easy to use.

These baits are quite effective but take some time to show visible results. Most users report TERRO eliminated their problem to a great extent.

TERRO Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits

These baits come with small stakes to be easily used in bait systems around the house or in the yard where ant activity is seen.

These baits are weather-proof and would work in wind, rain and other conditions. They take a few weeks to kill an entire colony of ants.

Gourmet Green Way Liquid Ant Bait

This liquid ant bait contains a honeydew formula proven to be accepted by a variety of ants as well as other pests like roaches.

Ants feed on this bait until they die and also return to their colonies to feed the queen and their young ones to destroy the entire colony. It is ideal to be used with the KM Ant Pro dispenser system for eliminating most common household ants and protecting yards and crops.