Intice 10 Perimeter Bait Review – UPDATED 2020 – Intice Perimeter Bait

Ants and cockroaches making merry at your turf? Or insects have ruined your beautifully planted backyard? As a plant parent, nothing can break your heart as much as the havoc insects create in your attics and garden areas. Thanks to recent scientific developments, using insect repellents and bait-techniques can eliminate creepy crawlies breeding in your precious indoor and outdoor areas.


Intice 10 Perimeter Bait is a popular broad spectrum granular bait infused with a powerful blend of food attractants including 2 effective oils, proteins and carbohydrates. What makes it stand apart is the inclusion of 10% boric acid which kills insects instantly.

Intice Perimeter Bait – What You Should Know?

As an effective insect killer, the Intice Perimeter Bait works magic on broad spectrum areas such as turf, playgrounds and even your plant garden. One pound of this granular bait works for a thousand square feet of area. It smells vaguely like a fish which is loved by ants and cockroaches, making them more prone to falling for its trap.


Most insecticide granules chase insects away and act merely as a repellent. However, the Intice Perimeter granules are designed as a bait. Ants are social beings and it gives ants something to carry back to their nests. Once the entire colony feeds on the bait, they die.


The best part about using Intice as an insect deterrent is to not worry about applying over and over again. It can stay effective on the desired area for 90 days on one application and can control the growth of insects like cockroaches, ants, sow bugs, crickets, mole bugs and even snails and slugs.


It is not only efficient to kill insects but is also resistant to the growth mold and moisture. The ingredients remain intact and do not break down under direct sunlight or heat making the formula long-lasting even in harsh weathers.

Intice Granular Label

Intice Granular Bait comes with a detailed, informative label which contains the following-


  • Instructions on how and where to use the bait.
  • Percentage of every food attractant present in the formula.
  • Guidelines for indoor and outdoor application.


The most effective ingredient of this granular bait is Orthoboric Acid which is present in 10% quantity. The secondary ingredients including the proteins and carbohydrates account for the rest 90% of the formula.


Since the powder contains insect-killing chemicals, it is not safe to be used anywhere near food substances. You can also avoid using in healthcare and hospitality areas as it could cause a health risk to the patients. If at all it has to be applied at such places, one must make sure that they only use it for crack filling and remove the excess.


It is recommended to purchase a hand shaker or a mechanical spreader along with the bait to help spread it evenly and effectively. It is also advised to use it only in the areas that are inaccessible to children and pet animals. Focus on places like in and near the pipes and inside the gaps and cracks which could be the primary breeding ground of insects. This would ensure that the problem is addressed at its primary source and the insects are killed along with their colonies.


It is unsafe to use the bait directly inside electrical boxes. It is also advised that you wear gloves or use a shaker while applying the powder and avoid direct contact with skin. Although PPE kits are not required while you are applying this powder, make sure that you keep it away from your eyes and do not touch it directly.

Is Intice 10 Perimeter Bait Safe For Dogs?

Since the Intice 10 Perimeter contains boric acid and other chemicals that are toxic for insects, the label advises you to keep the bait away from your children and pet animals.


If your dog comes in direct contact with the bait or ends up consuming the powder, it could cause a severe stomach ache or other health related issues.


However, this happens only when your pets consume a concentrated amount of the bait. If you have dusted the bait on the ground or on a wide surface area, it will not harm the safety of your pets even if they happen to consume it in a small amount.


However, it is always advised that you take the necessary precautions and keep the mixture away from the reach of your pets.

Intice 10 Perimeter Bait SDS

In the handy Safety Data Sheet, you will find the necessary precautions before and after applying the bait. There are also emergency contact numbers which you could reach in case of accidental poisoning from the bait.


SDS mentions safety measures including fire-fighting measures, first aid measures and accidental release measures. You can also find a systematic and scientifically grounded data that revolves around the physical and chemical properties of the bait along with its stability and reactivity.


Apart from that, the SDS also contains toxicological information as well as ecological data which advises you to keep the bait away from water and damp places. An important disclaimer claims that the product has no warranty and its usage is solely the responsibility of the users.

Precautionary Measures

Certain precautionary measures include, rinsing eyes with cold water for 15 to 20 minutes in case of irritation. If it comes in contact with your skin, it could be allergic. Rinse with plenty of water thoroughly for 20 minutes. It is also suggested that you call the poison control centre or your doctor in case the irritation persists.


Intice 10 perimeter bait is a green zone labelled product. It is also advised that you do not apply this mixture directly to water or in damp areas where unnecessary contamination may take place. Intice 10 Perimeter is also not meant for intertidal areas where the water is below the average high-water mark.


With a heavier concentration of boric acid than other baits in the market, Intice 10 is quite an affordable bait. The Intice 10 perimeter bait can be used in crawl spaces, attics, closets, ceilings, under and behind household appliances, sinks and tubs, and more.