Home Remedies To Kill Mice And Rats

If you’re stumbling over rats and mice at home, you know that you’re going to panic. If you see them, it’s a problem, and you don’t know where they may be cached in your house, then it’s a bigger problem. Rat and mice can make your life miserable. You need the best home remedies to kill mice and rats.

In addition, these animals are also at risk of infectious diseases. You don’t want to, okay? So it’s best to try to get rid of these pests soon. There are many ways to get rid of these pests from home, but you can also try some simple and efficient home remedies.

Signs Of Rodents In Your Home

home remedies to kill mice and rats

When a mouse or rat visits, it is often invisible — at least at the beginning. Signs that rats or mice are present usually include small dark droppings (feces), which look like tiny rice grains found along the walls or places where food is found. You may also notice further destruction, such as chewed holes in the pantry boxes and dry goods bags, in the pet food bags, or the garage bags of grass seed.

Close inspection along floorboards or near any floor holes, such as the passage of radiator pipes, could show rubber marks or rubbery areas where the rodents had chewed to gain free access. In hidden areas below cabinets, small nest areas filled with shredded paper or wood ribbons may be found.

If you have pets, your dog or cat may be alert to a rodent’s presence. And even on the walls or floors, you can hear sounds of hiss or scratches, especially at night, when the house is silent and dark.

Home Remedies To Kill Mice And Rats

Different signs can understand the presence of rats and mice. Often they leave a few droppings in the house. They even chew your clothes and boxes or eat food when they are left open. It is, therefore, crucial to identify and expel these pests. Follow these few home remedies to kill mice and rats.

rodents inside the house


Mothballs are effective repellents, and rats will be able to keep you away. They can easily be found in the markets. Just place some of them in your kitchen, the dungeon, or anywhere you are afraid that rats will be present, and they will fend them off and kill them.

When you deal with mothballs, especially indoors, you need to be extra careful because they are toxic, and their smell is harmful to human beings. Always touch them with gloves and keep them away from their portfolio if you have children or pets at home.


Ammonia is a powerful and practical repellent for rats because the smell of ammonia can not stand and thus leave the place. Make a mixture of ammonia in water for this. Into a bowl, pour a quarter of water, combine two tsp of detergent with 2 cups of ammonia. Place this bowl then in the rat-infested area and let the job happen.

Peppermint Oil

Although we like the refreshing smell of peppermint oil, it does not prove to be a bitter smell for rats. Take a few peppermint oil cotton balls and spread them to your house, kitchen, attic, or any region prone to rats.

These home remedies to kill mice and rats will undoubtedly dissuade the rats from home. Not only does this grow peppermint plants around the border of your house and protect your place against these irritating rodents. Citronella and beaver oil can also be used as an effective alternative to peppermint oil.

Owl Feather

It may be an unusual remedy, but the fact is that owls feathers frighten rats, and they run away from the presence of the owls. Put owl’s feathers in the hideouts of rats, forcing them out. It’s not very easy to find owl feathers, so you can also use plastic snakes. Place them in your garden, your courtyard, your kitchen, and elsewhere.

Bay Leaves

The bay leaves’ aroma attracts rats and tends to consider it their food. However, they choke themselves and eventually die when they try to feed on it. Place a few bay leaves around the corners of your house and kill the annoying plagues.

Control Crevice

Tips are relatively more significant, while mice can fit into cracks as small as one inch wide. It is, therefore, crucial that these tiny openings are located and all sealed. Leave no cranny and no nook unsealed. It is an excellent way to prevent the invasion from checking that all cracks are blocked.


Pepper Flakes

Rat is sensitive to smells, and any smooth smell is sufficient to remove them. The spicy smell is not only unbearable for them, but it also makes breathing difficult for them. Sprinkle the pepper on the entrances, corners and hiding places of rats. Check its effectiveness and, if necessary, sprinkle it again within a few days.

Onions and Garlic

People don’t just disdain the smell of onions and garlic, and they are also one of the significant home remedies to get rid of rats. Put the sliced onion outside its holes or entrances. This is enough to prevent them from infesting your home.

But you have to be extra careful when using onions because they’re going to rot in two days and replace them with fresh onions. Remove rotten onions as toxic to children and pets. You can easily place garlic cloves at the rodents’ entry points with garlic or mix garlic in water.

Potato Powder

Spread the potato powder instantly into and around the area. Potato powder is readily available on the market, and if rats eat it, it is inflamed and kills their intestines.

Rat Traps

Trapping is the most efficient and most straightforward home remedies to kill mice and rats. There are several types of rat traps on the market; you can choose one according to comfort or style, but it’s better to pick a human trap that captures only but doesn’t kill it.

Clear the Clutter 

Pests, insects, and bacteria are likely to be produced and attracted to dirty and dusty areas. Mice and rats must sneak in and steadily multiply in storage areas or areas with many bags and boxes clumped together. Clear the clutter, therefore. Keep your house clean and clean, leaving no room for infestation of any kind.

Why You Need To Remove Mice And Rats From Your Home

You want the nasty intruder from your house, of course, but removing the rodent is a good idea for more than the obvious reasons. Removing a rat or mouse can help you prevent household problems and ultimately save your home by preventing serious health risks.

Set up a secure perimeter.

Experts conduct an inspection on the outside perimeter of your home during professional rodent removals. You will seek any cracks, holes, or cracks that rats and mice could use as a point of entry. Whether you are using a professional team or yourself, you must keep your home tightly sealed to avoid rodent infestations in the future.

Isolation of the attic.

The attic is an essential part of your attic and can be very costly. Save the cost to replace it by sending rodents like the roof rat, which will try to destroy it.

Efficiency in energy.

Your attic space plays an essential role in the heating and cooling operation of your home. A house mouse invades the attic looking for food, water, and shelter. If a house mouse damages your home, your energy efficiency is also affected. In your monthly energy bill, you will see a significant spike!

Car protection. 

Cold weather is going to drive house mice into the garage and your cars! They will try to nest in your leather seats and warm up in your engine.

Clean air conditioning.

Rats and mice are famous for being nested in places that are difficult to reach, including in walls and ducts! The result is an ungodly foul smell, which is transported and spread all over your home.

Food is uncompromised.

Often rodents spread the disease by accessing your food in the kitchen and cupboard. You must store food with sturdy Tupperware, as Norway’s rats quickly pass through plastic bags and cartons. Careful food contaminated can cause more than food poisoning!

mice and rats

Electrical cables can be safe.

All rodents have a habit of continually gnawing, partly because their teeth are ever-growing. As they scatter between walls, electrical wiring will be chewed along the way. This can endanger you by electric fire!

Safety of child & pets.

Rodents can not safely coexist with pets and children because they contaminate food and spread disease. A dog or cat’s instinct may be hunting down and killing the rodent, but your animal can harmful bacteria during this process. 

Environmentally friendly rodent control services are a must for pet and children’s homes. A rodent trap could easily hurt a curious boy.

Safe storage.

For a reason, you saved it! Often, a warehouse contains many sentimental and heirloom items. Unfortunately, storage spaces are isolated, and the rodent infestation is a prime location.

Shed care.

Wherever winter strikes, a roof rat is going to seek shelter-including your shed! You don’t just have common infestations in your house; you have to protect your shed too!

Final Words

All the above home remedies to kill mice and rats are useful home remedies for riding rats. Keep your house and garden clean for better results and to prevent future invasions of vermin. 

Don’t pour food and drink, cover the remaining food, squeeze possible entry points and rats hideouts, clear waste and stagnant water. Furthermore, clean your floor with a bleach and water solution to protect your family against diseases that rodents may have.