Fruit Fly BarPro Review – UPDATED 2021 – Safety, Instructions & More

Fruit flies are one of the most annoying bugs you would find in your household. They are attracted to fruits and vegetables in the house and thrive on ripe and fermenting high-fructose products. These nasty creatures can increase in number in no time and it is therefore important to take action as soon as you spot an infestation.

While there are many ways you can get rid of fruit flies, having a long-term solution is desirable. Fruit Fly BarPro is one of the most effective products for the control and prevention of these bugs. In this review, we take a look at its effectiveness, usage and safety to help users make the most out of it.

Fruit Fly BarPro Review – UPDATED 2021

One of the best options for those who have spotted a fruit fly infestation in their home or business, Fruit Fly BarPro is an effective solution that guarantees the elimination of a large number of pests. This control and prevention product employs a powerful time-controlled vapor technology that ensures effective removal of fruit flies, spider mites, mosquitos, earwigs, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, moths and beetles.

Fruit Fly BarPro uses special time-release technology to formulate plastic strips that get activated upon exposure to air. The strips diffuse gradually for up to 4 months and provide 24×7 protection and elimination of these creatures. As compared to bug killers like sprays, liquids and traps that leave behind odors and residue, the Fruit Fly BarPro is much more convenient to use because it involves no mess. You can use it anywhere in the house including garbage, drains and mop sinks.

Fruit Fly Strips For Restaurants – What You Should Know?

Fruit Fly BarPro comes as a solid solution to get rid of fruit flies in the home, office or restaurants and helps control and prevent the infestation. Each strip delivers an effective and powerful treatment of up to 200 cubic feet of breeding or feeding site. You just need to open the foil pouch and put the strip on the site and the vapors start acting on the cracks and crevices to kill fruit flies.

Fruit flies can breed from hard-to-reach areas in restaurants and appear without any signs and warnings. They are one of the most common concerns among restaurant owners. Fruit Fly strips are small and hard plastic strips that work for 24 hours a day for up to 120 days to deliver long-term results by eliminating the current infestation and preventing future infestation occurring from left-behind eggs.

Fruit Fly strips offer a proven way to terminate fruit fly infestation in restaurants without having to try other DIY remedies. Fruit Fly BarPro strips work like an air freshener and release a clean and odorless vapor that eliminates infestations at the feeding and breeding spots. They are different from traps and completely remove the flies over a course of four months after which it should be reapplied within the restaurant area. The convenience of use and effectiveness is what makes these strips an ideal option for treating fruit flies in restaurant settings.

Fruit Fly Bar Pro Instructions – Getting Started

To use Fruit Fly Bar Pro for the elimination and prevention of fruit flies, locate the breeding and feeding sites of the bugs. Identifying the food source of the insect helps eliminate both the adult flies and their larvae. Fruit flies feed on the yeast growing from soda, fruits, juice, rotten foods and starches. Identifying these sites facilitates guaranteed elimination. The most prominent sites include garbage areas, mop sinks and drains.

Once you have located the sites, open the foil pouch of the strip and place it above the breeding or feeding site. As soon as the product is opened, the time-controlled vapors get activated and fill the 5x5x8 feet area, getting into every crack and crevice. The closer the strips are placed to the sites, the more effectively they work. If you want to treat larger areas, you should use multiple strips.

After you have applied the strip, vapors start filling the infested space and eliminate the insects that come in contact with it. You can watch the fruit flies and other insects getting eliminated within the area. The vapors are released in a time-controlled manner and continue killing and preventing these bugs for up to four months. To get the best results and effective protection, you should replace the strips after 3-4 months.

Fruit Fly Bar Pro Safety

Ideal for hard-to-reach areas, Fruit Fly BarPro releases a deep penetrating vapor to kill and prevent fruit flies for up to 120 days. It also works on spiders, flies, gnats, cockroaches, moths, silverfish and mosquitos. The strips can be used conveniently in homes, kitchens, restaurants, garbage rooms, drains, dumpster areas, bathrooms, storage rooms, mop closets and other areas.

The Fruit Fly BarPro is designed to be used in non-food areas and places where humans and pets are not present for extended hours. It can also be used to treat fruit flies in food areas but should be used overnight and taken away when people reenter the area. The product is safe to be used around humans and pets but can cause hazards if inhaled, swallowed or brought in direct contact with skin. It is likely to cause allergic skin conditions and irritation of the skin and eyes. It should not be used around open food items.

According to the safety data sheet of the product, Fruit Fly Bar Pro is known to be hazardous to aquatic animals and should be kept away from them. It is advisable to remove aquariums and tanks from the spaces you want to treat for fruit flies. Though this product can be used without any professional aid, it is recommended to take proper safety precautions. You should wash the hands thoroughly after handling it and avoid eating, drinking and smoking while using it.